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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country situated in the isthmus of Central America. This culturally and geographically diverse country has a vibrant population with a fascinating history. Trips to Nicaragua must encompass visits to its most spectacular highlights. These include the lovely Corn Islands and awe-inspiring Masaya Volcano. Also, there’s the picturesque city of Granada and San Juan del Sur.
Set-off your trips to Nicaragua by visiting the lovely Corn Islands. It is a couple of two charming islands, namely, the Big and Small Corn. Land at Big Corn and bike across the island’s sunny expanse. Take a 40-minute boat ride to Little Corn and enjoy the pristine turquoise waters. Walk the soft beaches lined with cool green palm trees. Take a refreshing swim or dive and unwind at the Corn Islands on trips to Nicaragua. 

Nicaragua’s natural abundance makes it an open field for a ton of fun activities. Take laid-back strolls by the beaches, explore Nicaragua’s local markets and beautiful towns and cities. Go hiking, boating, diving. Trek, trail, and camp through the rich forests. Try Volcanic surfing and explore mysterious caves. Enjoy wildlife watching and explore the diverse fauna. There’s so much to do on trips to Nicaragua. Whether kids or adults, traveling in a group or solo, trips to Nicaragua are sure to be a blast.

Now you must visit the incredible Masaya Volcano on trips to Nicaragua. This mighty volcano is located in Nicaragua’s largest national park, the Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya. It is an active volcano with fiery molten lava visible approaching the lip of the crater—a fantastic sight to behold. The park has an on-site museum and provides picnic facilities. Take a day trip from Granada to the Masaya Volcano on trips to Nicaragua.  

Granada is where you ought to be if you want to marvel at Nicaraguan architecture and lifestyle on trips to Nicaragua. Visit the Convento San Francisco with its iconic blue façade and numerous other beautiful buildings and structures built in the Spanish colonial style. Explore the museums, markets, restaurants, and cafes. And on the outskirts of Granada is the magnificent Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in the Central Americas with marine life. Now you definitely can’t miss that on trips to Nicaragua. 

Next on trips to Nicaragua should be the San Juan del Sur. Located on the Emerald Coast bordering Costa Rica, San Juan is an idyllic coastal city with an infectious vibrancy. You can spot numerous colorful murals and buildings in the locale and quaint establishments. Get to the hill where the Christ of Mercy statue stands and take in the mesmerizing view. Tread the Playa Maderas beach, grab a drink or snack and enjoy your retreat on trips to Nicaragua.  

Get around the listed destinations with ease on trips to Nicaragua. You’ll find a good number of locals who understand and speak English pretty well. 
Visit great destinations close by on trips to Nicaragua. Visit Copan Ruinas or Roatan in Honduras or take a detour to Chauita or Puerta Viejo in Costa Rica. 
And if you still want to explore Nicaragua further, think about taking a Nicaragua vacation or Nicaragua tour. The experience is going to be fantastic.




Planning A trip To Nicaragua

Traveling is an amazing way to unwind while also exploring new places. However, getting things set for a trip can be a hassle. Are you planning a trip to Nicaragua but find it challenging to make all arrangements? Do not worry. We’re are here to make planning a trip to Nicaragua as delightful as the trip itself. All you’ve got to do is choose a trip that suits you best and get packing. We’ve got around 15-20 invigorating Nicaragua trips to get you excited about travelling. Trip durations and budgets vary. Each trip is unique with attractive and comfy travel styles. There really is no wrong choice. We do, however, recommend you check out our Nothing like Nicaragua and Gems of Nicaragua trips from our Magical Nicaragua Collection. Planning a trip to Nicaragua hasn’t been this easy or exciting. Get packing and leave planning a trip to Nicaragua to us. 




Nicaragua Trips

Nicaragua has been known as the land of volcanoes and lakes. The country is profuse with natural wonders and stunning destinations for adventure lovers. Nicaragua trips must include visits to its excellent highlights. This includes the Corn Islands, Masaya Volcano, Granada, and San Juan del Sur. Other phenomenal highlights on Nicaragua trips include trips to Managua, Leon, and Popoyo.
Do take a look at the unique Nicaragua trips we’ve carefully designed for you. Each trip has something exciting to offer with their own style and vary in duration and expense. Whether you want to go all out or save a little fuel, you’re going to find something that suits you just perfectly. Be it food and lodging, travel arrangements, we’ve got everything covered. Expect exceptional service throughout. It’s only a few days before you’re hiking that impressive volcano, ziplining through that lush green on Nicaragua trips, or strolling that tranquil beach, listening to soft Nicaraguan music playing in the distance.