Mauritius Vacation

Mauritius Vacation

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Mauritius Vacation

Mauritius is an East African island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is a land with a diverse ecosystem and a stunning landscape. Hence, it is no surprise to see people worldwide, visiting the island nation to spend their holidays. If you alone or along with loved ones are planning a holiday, a Mauritius Vacation should be the right choice. You can do a variety of things in different places. From the capital Port Louis to Le Morne Brabant and from Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens to Chamarel, you can explore all the unique places and make your Mauritius Vacation a holiday for the ages.

We have several recommendations regarding a Mauritius Vacation. You can select short vacations that last only a few days, or you can also choose vacations that last for several days. Most holidays are suitable for lone travelers, couples, groups, families and senior citizens too. Hence, whether you plan to travel alone or with loved ones, you can find ideal Mauritius Vacation. Naturally, everyone prefers separate things. We recommend different vacation ideas, such as hiking, trekking, wildlife, cycling, adventure, cruises, water sports, and cultural items. When you have separate things to do, you will not feel bored but become even more active.

You can start your Mauritius Vacation from the capital Port Louis. Even if you are not familiar with the country or people, you can learn a lot by visiting museums and the local streets and markets. So, what can be better than starting your Mauritius Vacation with the visit to the Blue Penny Museum? You will get to know about Mauritian culture, art and architecture. You can also check out the most famous items there; the red penny and the blue penny stamps.

The Central Market at Port Louis is also another place you must go to during your Mauritius Vacation. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, Chinese herbs. Le Caudan Waterfront Casino, Yuzu restaurant, and Keg & Marlin are some of the other places you can check out while at Port Louis.

The Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, which lies in the Northern part of Mauritius, is one of the most beautiful places. It is only a short drive from the capital. So, you can arrive there fast and take a look at all the plants growing there. You will be amazed to see the variety there.

Next stop in your Mauritius Vacation is Le Morne Brabant, a majestic hill/mountain that rises about 550 meters. Its location is on the southwest side of Mauritius. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a historical significance.

If you are a nature lover, you will surely love Chamarel. Your Mauritius Vacation will not be complete if you do not visit this place. It is one of the most beautiful and unique landscape you will see anywhere. First of all, you can go and see the 7 Coloured Earth Geopark. The place got its name due to the earth which you can see in seven shades. You can also visit the Chamarel waterfall and the giant tortoise park at the same time.

Swimming, boating, quad biking, submarine experience, and sub-scooter diving are adventurous activities that you can do without fail on your Mauritius Vacation.

The constraint for space makes it impossible to describe all the things you can do and see on a Mauritius Vacation. But there are so many more, and they are all simply incredible. Hence, for your next Mauritius Trip, look at some more Mauritius Tours and see what they include.




Mauritius Vacation Packages

A lot of Mauritius Vacation Packages are available for you to choose from. Some have only a few days in total, while others have many days. You can, therefore compare and go through the items and select the right Mauritius Vacation Packages. With Port Louis, the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, Le Morne Brabant and Chamarel are all spectacular places. Hence, you must obtain Mauritius Vacation Packages that contain at least some names mentioned here. In between, don’t forget to participate in other activities because there is a lot more for you to have fun with. See that any package which you choose has a variety in the activities and places. Or at least some free time so that you can do some less touristy things but more interesting. We guarantee that your holiday will be the most wonderful and brilliant in all aspects. By choosing the ideal Mauritius Packages, you shall indulge in fine dining and wining and live, rest and sleep in home-like locations. It is, therefore, no use pondering any more. Press the numbers or write an email to book your places for a splendid holiday.




Vacation in Mauritius

Choosing to Vacation in Mauritius is an excellent idea as you get a chance to spend your free time doing all the things you love. But past that, there is also a headache and tension because you have to consider so many things. You have to think of accommodation, transport, vacations, tickets, company to deal with and other matters. All can take you on a stretch, and you are sure to find it tiresome. Thus, here is an idea that will help you get rid of your tension. Would you be willing to let somebody arrange everything? What would you say if the burden is lifted off your hands? If you are wondering who then Expedition Wild is ready to organize things and release you from the trouble. You only have to start packing and imagine how you will spend your Vacation in Mauritius soon. Pick suitable dates and the places and leave the rest to those that are ready to take over. You will just have to travel and experience the hospitality and awesomeness of Mauritius.

Since someone is handling the arrangements, your Vacation in Mauritius will be smooth, brilliant and enjoyable. You will also have plenty to be happy about when you go back home to the same old boring routine. So, be excited and just prepare to spend a fantastic Vacation in Mauritius that you will remember for a long time.