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Easter Island Tours

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Easter Island Tours

Best known for its mysteries and the Moai Statues, Easter Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean that has been intriguing people for quite a long time. If you want to go on Easter Island Tours, prepare to be inspired by the scenic landscapes and unique monuments of this place! View one of the three Easter Island Tours offered to find the Easter Island Tours you’d want to join. 
We recommend Easter Island Tours that last for four days. These tours are suitable for seniors, solo travelers, and groups of almost all sizes. So don’t fret that you wouldn’t be able to visit this gorgeous, mysterious island. There are Easter Island Tours for everyone! Easter Island is located in Chile.

Easter Island might be famous worldwide for its Moai statues, but the island has a lot more to offer if you are interested in exploring it. Besides the famous Ahu Tongariki and it’s capital Hanga Roa, you can also visit the Ahu Vinapu, the Crater Lake, and the Anakena Beach. Your Easter Island Tours will be adventurous as they include a lot of digging into the island’s history and exploring ancient sites. 
You will see the Moais in several places on your Easter Island Tours. Some might not be as big and properly arranged as the others. But to get a proper glimpse of these highly-famous statues, Ahu Tongariki is the place to be. It is located near Rano Raraku volcano, where you will see about fifteen of these statues side by side. It is a really marvellous sight and will leave you in awe.
Easter Island’s main town, Hanga Roa might not be the biggest one you’ve visited, but there is so much to explore in this place if you have the time. Visit the Sebastian Englebert Museum of Anthropology to learn more about the island’s story. Another great view to enjoy when you are on Easter Island Tours is to witness the enchantingly beautiful dusks and dawns.
Get the chance to see an archaeological site from 1200 AD as you visit Ahu Vinapu. Although you might find only two or three Moais here, the remnants of its monolithic platform will keep you occupied. This platform is similar to the remains of Incas in Bolivia, according to experts. It is thought that the Ahu Vinapu was a site for holding ceremonies. It is definitely a place worth seeing when you go to Easter Island Tours.

If you think that the Pacific Ocean surrounding Easter Island is enough water, you can opt for the Crater Lake and Rano Raraku quarry during your Easter Island Tours! Despite the fact that this place was where most of the statues of the island were constructed, you wouldn’t find as many of them today. Discover the Crater Lake to enjoy a picturesque moment as the site indulges you in its natural beauty.
You can enjoy all these tour spots while you are on Easter Island Tours. However, they are just a few examples from the Easter Island Tours we recommend. You might also want to check out trips to Easter Island and Easter Island vacations.




Tour Easter Island

Bike all through your way to the famous landmarks or go on hikes to the volcano hills as you Tour Easter Island. You can also opt for a traditional dancing show when you are in Vaitemiki or visit some of the caves of the island. Don’t let the size of the island fool you as there is so much to do when you Tour Easter Island. Be sure to include the sites mentioned above in your itinerary if you want to explore all the interesting things the island offers to its visitors.
If you want to have a perfect time, accommodation, schedule, and an overall awesome experience when you Tour Easter Island, consider one of our recommended tours. You will be able to conveniently book your tours and access some of the top attractions of the island, making it a memorable tour for you and your family as you Tour Easter Island. 



Tour of Easter Island

If anyone is wondering how many days you should spend on your Tour of Easter Island, you might not be able to decide that on your own as the beauty of this place is addicting. However, our recommendations for your Tour of Easter Island are very carefully designed and perfected for you to have the most amazing tour experience. Therefore, you would have just enough time to enjoy exploring the island and immerse in its serene, natural beauty. 

Tour of Easter Island would be a really unique experience for travelers as there is no place like it. The statues, archaeological ruins, and breath-taking landscapes are things you wouldn’t find anywhere else. So, we ask you to enjoy as much as you can while you are on your Tour of Easter Island, and be sure to bring stamps of Easter Island so that you can show off your friends!



Easter Island Tour Packages

If you are ready to take on a new adventure and explore this island of the Pacific Ocean, we have great Easter Island Tour Packages for you to check out. These exciting Easter Island Tour Packages include trips to various interesting places on the island where you can enjoy a range of activities. Hiking, walking, biking, and tasting the exotic delicacies of Easter Island are things that will make you fall in love with the place. 

There are many Easter Island Tour Packages with varying tour stops, amenities, and other factors. You can look at them now and choose the Easter Island Tour Packages you would like to book. There is no need to look for tour packages for travelling to Easter Island anywhere else as you have your best options here. Simply have a look, select the number of people going along with you, and you will find the best packages.



Easter Island Escorted Tours

Safety and convenience is a major concern and a top priority for us when it comes to tours. That is why most of our tours are Easter Island Escorted Tours, meaning there will be an escort to guide you throughout the tour. When you opt for Easter Island Escorted Tours, you are guaranteed safety, comfort, convenience, and most importantly, full enjoyment! Planning Easter Island Escorted Tours for you also makes our work easier to help you get the most out of your tour. Now you don’t have to worry about a thing and have fun like you are supposed to!



Easter Island Group Tours

Easter Island Group Tours are great touring options for those planning on travelling with their folks. All you have to do is select the number of people joining the tour and see the available accommodations. Easter Island Group Tours are amazing packages when you want to travel in a group as it can save you money and increase the fun too.
Special group tours are also available for groups of up to eighteen people, which you can book to experience tours like never before. Select one of the tour options that we offer to find the best Easter Island Group Tours for you.



Best Easter Island Tours

We have to say that determining the Best Easter Island Tours is going to be difficult. There are loads of options for the Best Easter Island Tours that you can choose according to the number of people, group or solo tours, and other preferences. The ideal tour for you would be the package that suits you the most.