Guides And Staff

Guides and Staff


Meet and learn more about our dedicated Expedition Wild team members here. We are lucky to have leaders that have spent years traveling all over the globe to some of the most exciting and far away locations. We want our combined knowledge to help our fellow nature lovers have an experience they won’t soon forget, one where they can learn, have fun, and make memories all at the same time.


Read on to get to know us a little better. We hope you’ll consider joining us on a future trip!

Folks that have traveled with us at Expedition Wild previously can tell you that our expedition leaders and local guides truly can make the difference between a fun trip and an adventure full of excitement and discovery, where you truly make unforgettable memories. When it really comes down to it, our guides are easily the best in the business. And for good reason – they have proven experience and knowledge in the field.

Through a rigorous and thoughtful process, guides are hand-picked and recruited. With all of their years of experience, these professionals truly possess traits that can create wonderful travel experiences. Excited and passionate about the locations they share with you, they seek to inspire those who travel with them.


Many of our guides are biologists, naturalists, and environmental educators. They have knowledge and wisdom that empowers our guests, inspiring them and enriching their trip. Many of our expedition guides and leaders hold multiple degrees, but it wasn’t their academics that they were chosen for, but their enthusiasm passion and all local knowledge that set them apart.


We have all kinds of different guests at Expedition Wild. Some are travel veterans who have trekked all around the world and others may embarking on their first adventure. They choose us because they know the expertise of our expedition leaders and guides will lead to the most rewarding experiences. When you’re in the business of nature travel, one thing that is sure to set you apart is great guides who love what they do.



Jorel Cuomo


I've spent thousands of hours in the field trying to capture the moments I hold most dear to me. From the blistering heat of the Kalahari Desert, the relentless humidity of the Terai lowlands of Nepal, to the constant rain of the mountains of Madagascar each experience is unique in its own right. Wildlife and habitat worldwide is under threat from massive deforestation, poaching and from overwhelming human activity. Join me as we take a journey to the last remaining wild places. My work has been featured/ awarded in: BBC, Natures Best, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Scholastic Books, Bauer Media, Welt der Wunder, iD Magazine, Travel Guide Magazine, Shutterbug, Mercury Press, Caters News, Sanctuary Asia, NBC News, among many others.

Lance Carter


Co-founder, explorer, and photographer. Well known for having an adventurous spirit and drive to explore all parts of the world with six of the continents traveled including over 35 countries. He loves to explore the natural world and is an avid promoter of admiring the wonders that mother natural allows us to glimpse while helping them survive. Lance grew up on a farm with animals and a countryside setting creating an unbreakable attachment to nature. He is a master photographer and winner of numerous competitions with the honour of having his work in the Smithsonian on three different occasions and loves to share his knowledge.