South Korea Tours

South Korea Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

South Korea Tours

Have you ever thought of visiting South Korea? The beautiful land that is both modern and traditional has so many things to offer to visitors. Take a look at the several South Korea tours and prepare to experience the best east and west in the world. We suggest a variety of South Korea tours that last few days or many days. You will come across different kinds of tour themes which will be suitable for everyone. Different people prefer different things so everybody can find something which they like.

South Korea is famous for its cuisine, traditional temples, beautiful landscape (natural and artificial), and natural parks. Hence, any visitor would be awed when they go back home.

South Korea tours are ideal for groups, families, solo travelers, and senior citizens. You will find various tour themes, including trekking, wildlife, cultural events, adventure, and cruises. Some tours may also include National Geographic Journeys, which can be an exceptional, exciting, and unique experience.

You can find several South Korea tours that include Seoul, Busan, Jeju-si Island, the DMZ, and Pyeongchang. All these locations have plenty of attractions that you would love to visit when traveling to the country.

Seoul is massive and mesmerizing in both size and appearance. It is the world’s third-biggest city and is fantastic and cool in every way. Hence, almost all South Korea tours have Seoul on their list. When you arrive there, you will have plenty of things to do. You can walk the streets of the city and taste different varieties of Korean food. You should also visit the Bukchon Hanok Village and enjoy Korean architecture. If you are keen on history and culture, you should visit the museums and the two magnificent palaces, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace.

Many South Korea Tours also include Busan as a destination. Busan is the second-largest Korean city, and it also has many beautiful and exciting locations that you would like to visit. At Busan, you can relax on the beach and go to the Beomeosa Temple, Jagalchi fish market, and the Jokbal Golmok or the International Market to taste street food.

While in Busan, you should also go to the Oedo Botania, a botanical garden on an island. It is nearer to Busan than from Seoul. Hence, you must go and see the various plant and flower species. You must also view the lovely European-style architecture.

The DMZ is another place that you should visit on one of the South Korea tours. Check out the somber military personnel on both sides and visit the Imjingak Nuri Peace Park and view the Korean Peninsula from the Mount Odu Observatory.

Your visit to South Korea will not be complete without visiting Jeju-si Island. It is a beautiful island with a Biosphere Reserve, a Geopark, and Cultural Heritage Sites. You can enjoy the different sights and go hiking on top of Mount Hallasan, a dormant volcano.

If you are fond of anything related to snow, choose South Korea Tours that include Pyeongchang. This place held the Winter Olympics in 2018 and is a great place to ski. However, it is best to visit in the winter months since it is only during these times that the snowfall is heavy.

The places mentioned above are only some attractions we recommend from the South Korea tours our partners offer. You can take a look at some more South Korea Vacations if you are keen to go on a South Korea Trip.



Tour South Korea

If you are considering where to go on your next trip, you can plan to tour South Korea. A country with both traditions and modernity existing side-by-side is a unique and lovely place. You can immerse in the country’s culture and enjoy the food, festivals and visit locations with historical and cultural significance. At the same time, you can also explore nature and wildlife.

It will not be difficult for you to decide to tour South Korea because there are many things to do and see. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy it so much that you will want to go back for a holiday again and again. As there are so many tours to select from, you can decide what kind of tour you wish to embark on. Since the country has such a diverse landscape and so many exciting adventures, you can examine all the available vacations and see where you want to go when you tour South Korea. You can select tours that have some of the attractions mentioned above. You can visit and explore those places when you tour South Korea.



Tour of South Korea

You have so many exciting and splendid destinations like Jeju-si Island, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Pyeongchang to explore on any tour of South Korea. Hence, you will have to make a list of all the wonderful places you wish to visit. South Korea is a fantastic place where you can experience various things. So, whether you are a gourmet food lover, a history buff, or a nature lover, you will find everything on any tour of South Korea. You should also try to select tours that consist of visits to Jokbal Golmok, Oedo Botanica, and the DMZ.

Whether you plan to holiday for a long time or only a few days, go through all the tours and see how many days each tour of South Korea has. Some holidays may include only three-four days while others may be as long as ten-fifteen days. It is also likely that some longer holidays may consist of some other countries too. So choose a tour of South Korea after considering all the aspects.



South Korea Tour Packages

There are several South Korea tour packages that you can choose from. The packages include visits to cities like Seoul and Busan and nature paradises like Jeju-si Island and Oedo Botanica. You will also notice South Korea tour packages that include traditional temples and palaces in the itinerary. You also have tours to beaches, waterfalls and the mountains, not to mention places where you can try different Korean dishes. As there are so many tours on the list, you are sure to locate your favorites that we recommend for you.

When so many agencies provide so many tours, it can be quite challenging to find and select the ideal tour package.

But of course, each one is different from the other. All the South Korea tour packages are separate regarding destinations, amenities, food, accommodation, and stoppage. Therefore, you will know that you are picking the best package when you buy the South Korea tour packages we suggest.



South Korea Escorted Tours

The majority of the available South Korea tours are guided or escorted tours. It is rather convenient because it is simpler to plan and you can enjoy a perfectly designed tour. When you select South Korea escorted tours, there is no obligation to join at the start. You can arrive and join the tour and get started. As there are plenty of South Korea escorted tours, you will locate suitable tours that are ideal for you. It can be a little intimidating going to a strange place even if it is safe. Hence, choosing South Korea escorted tours will allow you to enjoy the holiday and experience unusual and exciting events as you travel.



South Korea Group Tours

When you select South Korea group tours, you have two great choices. You can join other travelers who are going to the same places as you or bring your group comprising of family and friends. On private tours, you can travel with up to eighteen people, so it is quite convenient. All you have to do is mention the fact when you purchase South Korea group tours. We are aware of people wanting to travel in groups. So, we make it a point to create tours for groups that will be suitable for you. Since you can find so many tours, you can pick the ideal South Korea group tours from the choices available. With the right tour being chosen, prepare to enjoy, relax and reactivate your senses when you go to South Korea.



Best South Korea Tours

Since there are many tours on offer, it is not easy to pick the best South Korea tours. It is certainly not simple to select just one tour also. Hence, to make your vacation an ideal holiday, you can select some of the best South Korea tours and see how many days they last. Then you can consider how many days you have and choose the tour that also has the same number of days.