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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Madagascar Vacation

A vacation in an Island country is always refreshing and delightful. So, what better than a Madagascar Vacation this season? Get set and be prepared to enjoy a unique holiday alone or with loved ones. From the capital Antananarivo to the Great Tsingy, and from Morondava to the Andasibe National Park, you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the country’s splendor and magnificence on your Madagascar Vacation. You will also experience the hospitality of the inhabitants and their culture, history and food. You can visit the country at any time of the year because each season has something spectacular.

We have plenty of recommendations for a Madagascar Vacation lasting about eleven days or up to twenty-four days. Lone travelers, couples, groups, families and sometimes senior citizens can find suitable vacations which they like. The country has a diverse ecosystem and a lot of hotspots for adventure and fun. So, we suggest different themes to make the holiday more exciting and fresh. We recommend cruises, cultural activities, wildlife, adventure, trekking, hiking and others. With various things to do, everyone in the group will have a blast.

Your Madagascar Vacation starts at Antananarivo, the beautiful capital of the country. If you are not tired after your arrival, head out to the streets and check out some areas like the Analakely street market. You will then be heading towards Miandrivazo the next day from where the real Madagascar Vacation will start.

Get ready for an adventure on the Tsiribihina River during your Madagascar Vacation. You will be cruising along the river and witness various fauna and flora on the banks. Also, check out some waterfalls and visit local villages along the way. Take a dip at some beautiful spots if you get a chance.

Bekopaka is the next item in the itinerary for your Madagascar Vacation. You can head towards the Small Tsingy which is located in the Bemaraha National Park. The limestone formations are unique and even mysterious. So, walk through them and experience the grandeur of nature. Next up is canoeing along the Manabolo River and cave exploration of stalagmites and stalactites. The Great Tsingy is the next item for your Madagascar Vacation. Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes else you could injure your feet. In this area, you will get to see plenty of wildlife including iguana, and Antsingy leaf Chameleon and a variety of birds and lemurs.

If you have not seen Baobab trees in real life before, now is the chance because you are going to Morondava next on your Madagascar vacation. These majestic trees are native to the country, and some are about eight hundred years old.

Andasibe National Park is another item for your Madagascar Vacation. Visit the Pereyras Private Reserve to get a glimpse of various reptiles, amphibians and other wildlife. Then take a guided tour during the day time and get a chance to see numerous birds and animals in the Park. Nature lovers are sure to love this excursion, and it will rejuvenate you.

Ranomafana National Park, Fianarantsoa town, Isalo National Park, and Anakao are other places you should visit during your Madagascar vacation. Writing about all of the fantastic places is impossible, but you can check out more for your Madagascar Trip. Go through the Madagascar Tours details, and you will find all the information for places not mentioned here.




Madagascar Vacation Packages

You will find a lot of Madagascar Vacation Packages of different durations, as mentioned earlier. Some are short with about eleven days while some are longer with about twenty-four days. So, take a look and select the Madagascar vacation Packages which suit your preference, budget and convenience. Whether you love nature, cruises, wildlife, history or swimming, there is everything. Hence, you will love all the Madagascar Vacation Packages. The Small Tsingy, The Big Tsingy, Tsiribihina river cruise, and the baobabs at Morondava and Andasibe National Park are fantastic places that you will enjoy visiting. Apart from that, do little offbeat things like shopping, sunbathing and tasting local food. Your vacation will be more enjoyable when you do various activities. By selecting the right Madagascar Vacation Packages, you will also have the chance to rest and sleep in spacious rooms and eat tasty delicacies. Therefore, wait no longer and book right away!




Vacation in Madagascar

With you deciding to Vacation in Madagascar, you need to plan a few things for your holiday. You have to consider transport, travel tickets, accommodation, themes, and a travel agency. It is a lot of headaches but something that you have to do. So, will you be willing to let someone handle the arrangements for you? What do you say if someone does everything and only have to imagine going for a Vacation in Madagascar? If you are nodding in affirmation then here is excellent news. Expedition Wild will make the arrangements after you choose your dates and locations. You only have to prepare for a Vacation in Madagascar and await the confirmation.

As your arrangements are being taken care of, your Vacation in Madagascar will be wonderful and fulfilling. You will have the time to explore the country, enjoy nature, mingle with locals and taste delicious food. At the same time, you will feel healthier, and everything will be reactivated. Hence, start packing for an incredible vacation alone or with your companions.