South Africa Safari

South Africa Safari

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

South Africa Safari


If a safari trip is on top of your bucket list, you’re on the right track! With the number of options available for a safari vacation, choosing one particular place can be tedious. Of course, you can go visiting one place to another. But if you’d like to stick to one particular country, you can always opt for a South Africa Safari!


Officially known as the Republic of South Africa, this country is the 24th most populated nation in the world. And when it comes to wildlife, you can bet that it is bountiful! It’s no wonder that it has been adjudged as the sixth megadiverse country in the world among seventeen others! With widespread ecotourism in recent years, South Africa Safari has become one of the top safari trips among adventure and nature lovers!


Wondering what to do during your South Africa Safari? To start off, you can opt for game drives, the most popular thing to do during a safari! Make sure that you make a quick stop at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, where you will find exceptional game views and accommodations as well. While here, you are likely to encounter animals like leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, zebras, and antelopes. The best thing about your South Africa Safari here is that you get to see these animals up close!


Another of the must-visit places in South Africa is the Kruger National Park. This iconic safari destination shares its borders with many other smaller private reserves, including two transfrontier national parks. This way, you can get to visit several places in a day! This park, attracts millions of visitors every single year. The self-drive safari is also another of the main attractions here for your South Africa Safari, which makes it the most visited park among the rest!


If you want to take things up a notch and don’t mind shelling out extra money, then you can opt for luxury lodges where you will also get to experience activities luxuriously! You can take a lovely downer cruise along the famous Zambezi River during your South Africa Safari. You could also go for game drives, where you are likely to encounter the Big Five animals. This park is also known to be the place where the world’s largest elephant population is located!


Cape Town is the place you have to visit if you’re traveling solo or with your romantic partner! Your South Africa Safari here will include activities like exploring Garden’s Route’s flora and fauna, going for game drives, and coming face to face with meerkats and ostriches!


During your South Africa Safari, you will encounter an all-inclusive journey through most of this country’s gems! Brimming with friendly people and natural beauty, you can go ahead curate your South Africa Safari experience and leave the rest to us! Rest assured, the above-mentioned places are only some of the destinations that our partners offer. Don’t forget to check out what other places are in store so that you can make your South Africa Safari a memorable journey!




Safari South Africa


Embarking on a Safari in South Africa will always be special, considering the fact that this country has a lot to offer. If you are travelling with your folks, some of the activities might get exhausting for them. With this in mind, you can opt for a seniors Safari in South Africa at the Kruger National Park. From special accommodations to picturesque landscapes, your folks will get to enjoy the most of these places they rightly deserve during Safari in South Africa!




South African Safari


Another place to visit during your South African Safari is the Pilanesberg National Park in three hours from Johannesburg. This 550 square kilometre area offers you a lot of fun activities like night drives, game drives, hot air ballooning, and walking safaris as well! With a number of animals to spot here during your South African Safari, you might also get lucky to spot the Big Five! The night drive in this park will allow you to have an incredible experience where you can listen to the night sounds and spot eyes that shine in the spotlights! During your walking safari, you get to see the animal tracks and listen to the insects singing and birds chirping! Your South African Safari experience couldn’t get any more awesome than this!




Safari in South Africa


With a Safari in South Africa, there are plenty of trips to choose from. Ranging from one day to fifty-five days, there are as many as forty-one trips available. Bearing this in mind, make sure that you plan your Safari in South Africa accordingly, lest you miss out on the best of this amazing country!


The accommodation for your Safari in South Africa is also always special. From tented camps to private lodges, you get to choose your own special way of spending the night. Whichever form of accommodation you choose, one thing’s for sure: you get to experience a breath-taking landscape along with the feeling of being amidst wildlife during your Safari in South Africa!




South Africa Safari Holidays


There a lot of South Africa Safari Holidays packages that you can choose from. Depending on the duration and your budget, you can take the best pick so that you will remember this vacation your whole life! Your South Africa Safari Holidays are sure to be packed with thrill, excitement, and adventure. You will also get to experience the true South Africa, which is nothing but breath-taking and awe-inspiring! From solo travelers to family holidays and National Geographic journeys, your South Africa Safari Holidays will certainly be worth it all!




Best Safari in South Africa


The Best Safari in South Africa is the one where you get to experience an adrenaline rush! Whether it’s Cape Town, Johannesburg or the bush there is no dearth of activities to experience the Best Safari in South Africa! So, if you have a list of things to do during your safari journey, make sure that the places you visit fulfill them! You can also check out the other South Africa tours and South Africa trips that our partners offer so that you can proudly say that you were part of the Best Safari in South Africa!