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Lebanon Tours

Are you planning to go on Lebanon tours? Lebanon is located in the Mediterranean. This country is very diverse. The good thing about Lebanon tours is that they are truly unforgettable. Lebanese are very accommodating and hospitable people. Have a look at one of our Lebanon tours, and explore one of the more interesting and diverse countries on the planet. We recommend Lebanon tours ranging from few days to up to a month in length. We think that you will feel at home on these Lebanon tours.
The languages ​​spoken in the area are Arabic, French, and English, so tourists will have no difficulty communicating with locals and other means. Lebanese cities are millennia old and retain the atmosphere of the past. Lebanon tours will take you to attractions in the urban centers of Beirut, Beiteddine, and Anjar. Beirut is often referred to as “Paris with the East.” Anjar is famous for its “Umayyad” collection, although Beiteddine attracts travelers for its Moorish architecture and historical monuments.
Baalbek is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. There is a huge temple complex built on the site of the Phoenician temple in Roman times. Some parts are in almost pristine condition, including a large altar, two towers, the Temple of Bacchus, the Acropolis, the Pantheon, and the temple of Jupiter. Baalbek is perhaps the most famous monument in the Republic of Lebanon. This place is a must-see on Lebanon tours.

During Lebanon tours, some of the favorite places of tourists are Biblos or Jabil, an ancient city in Lebanon, the Kadisha Valley, or the Sacred Valley. The sacred valley is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ruins of Anger, Byblos, Baalbek, and Tire. People of different religions consider this valley a peaceful sanctuary and is a must-visit on your Lebanon tours.
The Rock is a good place, especially in the afternoon. Along the beach, you reach a rocky place where two impressive rocks rise out of the sea. During Lebanon tours, some adventurers can go swimming or climb the rocks and dive into the sea.

Sunday Flea Market is where locals and traders sell the products that they no longer need or their cheap products. You can find old gadgets, old magazines, old cameras, as well as very cheap cotton utensils and Chinese products. You can also find some works of art, and this is perfect to shop on your Lebanon tours.
The White Sand Beach is a single public beach in Beirut, 3 miles on the same line going south from the Rock, a place to go, especially if you are on a budget and love to swim on the beach on a sunny day. Do not miss this place if you are on budget Lebanon tours.
“Gemmayze” street is not far from the city you can visit the most popular street of restaurants and bars in Beirut. Although it has become a nightly gathering place, a visit during the day is significant due to the old Ottoman-style buildings that still mark the place.



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Byblos is a must-visit when you tour Lebanon. It is the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth, and this is where the Phoenician alphabet originated and is a must-visit when you tour Lebanon. In such a small land, there are traces of many civilizations exposed in many historical monuments. Ruins of ancient sites, the castle of the 12th century, remains of the Bronze Age, the church of St. John the Baptist, and the Phoenician tombs of the kings are now extensively excavated by archaeologists.
Walking around the old Beirut City Center is a pleasure in itself. You can sit on the pavement around Star Square, watch people coming and going, and see the time surrounded by beautiful old buildings.
Coming back to tour Lebanon should come as no surprise if you have tasted and experienced this great country’s history and culture. When thinking about where you want to go for your next trip, you may consider to tour Lebanon. A small reason is all a history enthusiast needs to tour Lebanon.



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The Zahle region is famous for its monasteries and religious sites since the 18th century. Zahle can offer its guests a rich heritage with the state dating back to the Bronze Age. Here you can find many restaurants that can give you a taste of Lebanese cuisine on your tour of Lebanon. The style of Arabic cooking strongly influences Lebanese food. Their dishes, including salads, stews, and vegetarian options, are delicious with a mix of spices and herbs.
There is not a single problem when considering transport while on your tour of Lebanon. You can look for taxis and private cars that can be hired to travel the country. As a traveler, you can find that there are some hotels that tourists can choose from. Here you will find luxury and budget hotels that suit different holiday needs and options. Make sure you pack light on your tour of Lebanon, as it is going to be a hectic schedule if you want to enjoy the country to the fullest.



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Another tourist destination in Lebanon is Tripoli. When you visit this place, you will remember the famous holidays of a thousand and one nights. The location preserves many mosques, and the most popular is probably the “Fort of St. Giles.”
These are just some of the sites and destinations offered on our Lebanon tour packages. Check the duration and destinations on such tours and decide. All Lebanon tour packages are unique, and many offer different locations, tour stops, amenities, and quality accommodations and food options. That is why when you purchase a Lebanon tour packages recommended by us that you know you are getting a great tour package. 

It can be challenging to find a good tour package that fits your profile and schedule. This is where we come in, as we have listed our best Lebanon tour packages offered by our partners. These tour packages offer different facilities, destinations, and amenities. There will surely be one perfect package for you, so take your time and search thoroughly.



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Almost all the tours offered by our partners have escorted tours. Lebanon escorted tours offered ensures the tourists a great tour by taking them to the major attractions, regional activities, best hotels, and award-winning restaurants depending on your requirements and budget. You can choose any one of the Lebanon escorted tours according to your personal preferences. Safety is of utmost importance, and with our Lebanon escorted tours, you are guaranteed a safe and wonderful time in Lebanon. The primary objective of choosing an escorted or guided tour is to ensure that you enjoy the place to the fullest without being insecure, and all these bases are covered with our tours.



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The main reason to pick group tours is to save time and money, as almost everything is preplanned beforehand. With our Lebanon group tours, you will undoubtedly reap the full advantages of group tours to the fullest. Our Lebanon group tours are organized so that the traveler’s convenience is achieved to the fullest. The itinerary of Lebanon group tours includes everything from arrival to departure. The group sizes of such tours generally range between 8 to 12 people. You can meet different people and make new friends, as you will be traveling with people with the same interests and purposes for visiting the destination.



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Finding the best Lebanon tours can be difficult as many travel companies offer different tour packages. This is where we come in to recommend you the best tours available for different destinations. Check out the tours offered by our partners to find the best Lebanon tours. You can find solo, escorted, or group tours that best fit your interests.