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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Nepal

Nepal is an enchanting, geographically diverse country located on the slopes of the Himalayas. It is landlocked between the countries of India and China and is home to a fascinating culture and landscape. Embarking on trips to Nepal ought to include visits to its most exciting highlights. These include the quaint capital Kathmandu, the Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Region, and Lumbini.
If you want to know what the Nepalese in modern times are all about on trips to Nepal, Kathmandu is the place to be. It is the country’s capital and among its largest cities. One of the three royal cities of Nepal, Kathmandu houses areas designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the magnificent Durbar Square and admire the ornate temples and monuments. Walk through the vibrant streets of Kathmandu and get to know the culture of the Nepalese on trips to Nepal.

Nepal is a real respite for travelers and adventure lovers. There are a ton of fun activities for all ages, groups, or solo on trips to Nepal. You could go shopping, sightseeing, explore historical sites and monuments. Visit Nepal’s monasteries and temples, the local settlements. Go hiking, bungee jumping, river rafting, ziplining, paragliding, and paramotoring. Camp at the base or take a helicopter ride along the Himalayas, play elephant polo. The options for fun are almost endless on trips to Nepal. 

Now, you must visit the Chitwan National Park on trips to Nepal. Take a safari trip and explore Nepal’s natural abundance. Chitwan is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is located close to the Indian border. Experience temperate climate whilst spotting some phenomenal wildlife in Chitwan on trips to Nepal. The park is home to rhinos, leopards, tigers, deer, freshwater dolphins, among many other animals and more than 500 species of birds.  

Next on your list on trips to Nepal ought to be the picturesque Annapurna Region. It is arguably one of the favorite destinations for trekking. The region has a number of exciting routes you can explore and trail. There’s the fantastic Annapurna Circuit or Apple Pie Circuit. Get to Poon Hill and witness a stunning sunrise kiss the hills and peaks. Also, visit the Annapurna Sanctuary, a base camp with lodges to accommodate adventurers. A definite must-visit on trips to Nepal.

Trips to Nepal cannot do without a visit to Lumbini. It is a pilgrimage town claimed to be the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the divine Buddha. Visit the Maya Devi Temple, a homage to Buddha’s mother. Look for the stone relief depicting Buddha’s birth in the 2nd Century AD. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is located around 250 km away from Kathmandu. Do not miss out on Lumbini on trips to Nepal.

There are excellent guides to take you around the country and give you a memorable experience. You could learn a few Hindi or Nepali words to get along with the locals. 
If you’ve enjoyed trips to Nepal and want to do some more exploring, you could take other memorable trips nearby. Visit Rajasthan and Kerala in India.
And if you want to have a more profound experience of Nepal, its people, and culture, consider taking a Nepal vacation or Nepal tour.




Planning A Trip To Nepal

Are you thinking of planning a trip to Nepal but don’t know where to start? It can be challenging to get everything arranged from accommodations to transport and visits to the best destinations. But don’t worry! We’re here to make planning a trip to Nepal a rewarding and fun experience. Just head on to our website and pick from among the 15-20 amazing trips we’ve sorted out for you. There are trips of different durations and expenses, all prearranged. You don’t have to worry about planning a trip to Nepal. We’ve got everything covered for you with travel styles you’ll adore. We recommend the Hiking Nepal and Nepal’s treasures Trip from our Beautiful Nepal collection. Regardless, whatever trip you choose is going to be worth your while. From comfy lodgings and delicious food to efficient transportation; you’ll thank us for planning a trip to Nepal for you. So, get packing! 




Nepal Trips

Nepal is a Asian gem with a profound historical significance. Its serene landscape, married with the loveliness of the people, is a breath of fresh air. Nepal trips must include visits to notable highlights like the capital Kathmandu, the Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Region, and Lumbini. Other amazing Nepal trips include destinations like

Do have a look at the exciting Nepal trips we’ve carefully designed for you and get one step closer to your Nepal dreams. We’ve got everything from the properly posh to the charming budget. Have your pick and get packing for an unforgettable escapade. Look forward to cozy accommodations, yum food, and trips to the best highlights. In no time, you’ll be breathing in the serene air of this hilly haven, exploring the rich culture and heritage of the wonder that is Nepal. Expect a genuinely invigorating and rejuvenating experience on Nepal trips. Nepal awaits your arrival.