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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Nepal Vacation

Sandwiched between two giant nations and lying under the shadow of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal beckons thrill-seekers worldwide. If you are an adventure seeker and are a fan of mysterious folklores, you need to have a Nepal Vacation. You can explore the whole country and also hike to the base of different mountains. If you are not up for an extreme adventure like climbing mountains, do not worry. There are plenty more that you can do like rafting, hiking, driving and visiting various locations. From Katmandu to Bhaktapur and from Namobuddha to Trisuli river, get ready to experience the thrill of your life.

It may be noted that there are different types of Nepal Vacation ideas that you can select. You will notice some vacations have only ten days duration while others are about fifteen days long. But the thrill and fun are the same. The only difference will be the short ones include fewer events than the longer ones. So, compare the details and select what you prefer most. Single travelers, couples, families and groups can all go on a Nepal Vacation. We suggest separate themes to make a vacation more active and exciting. We recommend hiking, trekking, wildlife, adventure, cultural events, water sports and others. You will see how interesting they are when you mix the ideas.

So your Nepal Vacation begins in Kathmandu, the capital city. On your arrival, go out and explore the city and eat local food. You can also shop for some souvenirs. You can visit the Pashupatinath temple and Bodhnath stupa if you want to attain peace of mind and check out the architecture. You can also take part in the urban adventure and night explorer urban adventure. Everest scenic flight is another thrilling event that you have to see.

Bhaktapur is the next stop on your Nepal Vacation. Talk a walking excursion throughout the area and enjoy some meals. Panauti-Balthali comes next on your Nepal Vacation. You will first arrive in Panauti, an ancient town. Once you reach Khopasi, hike to Balthali, a hill-top village. Enjoy the view and mix with the locals.

Namobuddha is your following destination on your Nepal Vacation. You will hike along the way and arrive at the much respected Buddhist pilgrimage location. Take in the splendid view of Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery and Stupa and explore the area. Dhulikhel and Pataleban are the next areas that you will be going to. You can walk around the bazaar in Dhulikhel and also visit the biggest Shiva temple in Nepal. Enjoy the view and get ready for the next event, which will be even more thrilling.

Trisuli River is the location that you will be rafting in. Wear proper gear and follow the instructions carefully. You will enjoy and experience two days of rafting. Since this is what you have been waiting for your Nepal Vacation, get started and have endless fun. You can then enjoy camping under the stars.

You will find many more amazing things to do on a Nepal Vacation once you begin your adventure. So, keep looking and see what is there for your upcoming Nepal trip. Go through all the details and select the right Nepal Tours for an endless and magnificent holiday.




Nepal Vacation Packages

Since there are plenty of Nepal Vacation Packages, we suggest the most exciting ones so that you can have a great time. Whether you travel alone or with loved ones, select the ones that offer plenty of variety of actions and events. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Namobuddha, and Trisuli River are all full of adventure. So, try to take part in different activities and events, whether slow or energetic. Get Nepal Vacation Packages that include a bit of everything, and you will see how delightful and refreshing it is. Also, if you have plenty of time, choose Nepal Vacation Packages that include more days and events, however, if you have only a handful of days, select packages that last only some days. Along with the main events, you should also make time to do little things. Visit the back streets, markets and see what the locals live like. Learn some words and taste their food and just enjoy the place. When you buy or take the best Nepal Vacation Packages, you will also stay in lovely places and taste local and international delicacies. Therefore, it is useless to wait for anything else. Instead, contact those in charge and get your spots.




Vacation in Nepal

After having decided to Vacation in Nepal, you now have to make crucial decisions. You have to find and choose vacations, tickets, transportation, and accommodation and select a reliable company. However, it is certainly not easy as it can take a lot of time and you may choose wrong. Therefore, instead of worrying about these things, do you wish someone else to solve your problem? Will you feel satisfied if there is somebody to arrange things for you? If yes, then here is some excellent news. Just be prepared to spend a splendid Vacation in Nepal and travel the country. Expedition Wild will provide the arrangements and release you from the trouble. Choose when and where you want to go, and everything will be taken care of. Think of the good times that you will be spending when you go on holiday.

Your Vacation in Nepal has been taken care of now, and so there is no need to feel stressed now. Indeed, everything will be perfect, and you will feel incredible in every way. Make your Vacation in Nepal a pleasant holiday and take back lots of memories when you go back home.