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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Japan Vacation

If you want to experience the Orient like no other, a Japan vacation should be on your cards. Everything about the country is incredible, whether it is food, manners, culture, history, place or people; Japan is a country that has everything for any travel enthusiast. It is steeped in ancient traditions but has also embraced modern times. Hence, it becomes more exciting and intriguing. From the hustle-bustle of Tokyo to the serene beauty of Kanazawa, you will not have a dull moment during your Japan Vacation. You should also go to Osaka and taste Japanese delicacies. Kyoto is a great place to see temples and palaces. You must definitely not miss Yudanaka, the small and lesser-known town that transforms into a fairytale land during snowfall.

We have plenty of recommendations regarding a Japan Vacation. You can opt for a shorter Japan Vacation, which lasts about seven days. Or, you can also choose a longer one which lasts about thirteen days. The vacations are available for solo travelers, couples, families, groups and senior citizens. Hence, whether you plan to travel alone or with family and companions, you will find suitable vacations. If you want to keep your Japan Vacation exciting and unique, we suggest various themes such as adventure, hiking, wildlife, trekking, cruises, and cultural activities. You can also look for National Geographic Journeys if you want to explore the wildlife of any place.

As usual, Tokyo being the capital is a great location to begin your Japan Vacation. Once you arrive, you will be amazed to see how modern the city is. But at the same time, several areas are traditional and even ancient up to some extent. You can do plenty of things in Tokyo. As always, it is vital to know the history and culture of any place. The Tokyo National Museum is, therefore, a great place to start your Japan Vacation. You can also go and see the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Sumida Hokusai Museum, Ueno Park and Hama Rikyu Garden. While you are there, you should explore the backstreets and taste the delicacies there.

Kanazawa is another wonderful location that you must go on a Japan Vacation. A seventeenth-century gardens Kenroku-en is the main attraction of this place, and it is worth visiting. You may also visit Kanazawa Castle Park, Omicho Market and take a hike in the Higashi Chaya District.

How can your Japan Vacation be complete without visiting Kyoto? So, Kyoto is the next stop for you. It has more than two thousand shrines, temples and gardens. Hence, it makes for an interesting place to spend your free time. Walk to different locations like Nijo Castle and Kinkaku-Ji, (Golden Pavilion) and enjoy the architecture view. If you are outdoor enthusiasts, the walk to Fushimi Inari-Taisha will refresh you.

Don’t forget to visit Hiroshima during your Japan Vacation. A city with a tragic history but which has also embraced modernity fully. You must visit the Peace Museum and also the Peace Park & A-Bomb Dome. While there, taste some local delicacies like the Okonomiyaki, a type of pancake made with cabbage, seafood or meat. You should also go to Miyajima Island and take a hike up the hill to catch a splendid view of the sea below.

If you are a food enthusiast, Osaka is the place you should visit on your Japan Vacation. There are several places where you can eat different types of Japanese food. If you have time, visit the Osaka Castle and take a walking tour of Dotombori District.

Mentioning all the exciting activities and places for Japan Vacation is impossible here. Those mentioned are only a handful. But you will definitely find many more opportunities. So, find all the details of a Japan trip and see what is available. With many Japan tours being available, you can pick your favorites.




Japan Vacation Packages

You will notice plenty of Japan Vacation Packages lasting a few days or several days. So pick vacations which you like after discussing with your companions. You can select Japan Vacation Packages that offer a bit of everything. Look for holidays that have Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka in the items. If possible, also see if Yudanaka is included in any of the Japan Vacation Packages. There are numerous more areas that you can visit in between stops too. Mix with the locals, taste the food, walk the unknown alleys and enjoy the views. Whether you choose small or big Japan vacation Packages, you will have plenty to enjoy. Also, make it a point to select vacations that contain a variety of themes. When you choose the perfect Japan Vacation Packages, get ready to enjoy cozy rooms and beds and delicious food and drinks. So, it is certainly a waste of time to wait any longer. You should go ahead and start booking places.




Vacation In Japan

After you decide to have a Vacation in Japan, the next step is to plan many things. You have to worry about transport, accommodation, travel tickets, vacations and the company you have to deal with. While it is fun to plan, it can also be very stressful as you have to consider many such things. So, we have thought of a way to take off the burden from you. Would you be happy if someone takes care of the arrangements and you only have to go on the vacation? You only need selecting your preferred dates and the places of your choices. Expedition Wild is here to solve your problems. So, pack all the things you need and wait for the information. Just imagine how wonderful your Vacation in Japan will be whether alone with companions.

With the arrangements being made by someone else, your Vacation in Japan will be pleasant and refreshing at the same time. So, wait for the news and prepare for the adventure which your Vacation in Japan will provide. Enjoy every moment and have plenty of fun and make memories when you go home.