Belgium Tours

Belgium Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Belgium Tours

Are you ready to embark on exciting Belgium tours? This north western European nation is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Europe. So, make sure you check out Belgium tours and secure yourself a chance to enjoy the famous chocolates, medieval architecture, and natural wonders. If you visit cities like Brussels and Bruges, you will find that Belgium tours are a perfect blend of both the ancient and modern world.

Belgium tours will take you to explore all the old and modern wonders that decorate the nation in a modest stretch of land that will leave you awestruck and excited.

We offer Belgium tours that are suitable for the majority of travellers ranging from seniors, family, and solo tourists. Our Belgium tours include tours to the most prominent castles, mansions, museums, churches, and parks, among others, where you can enjoy various activities like hiking, trekking, cycling, and more.

When you tour the nation, we recommend Belgium tours that take you places like the Grand Place in Brussels, the Canals of Bruges, Gravensteen, Waterloo, and Meuse Valley.

One of the top attractions in Belgium that every tourist goes to visit during Belgium tours is the Grand Place in the capital city of Brussels. Also called Grote Markt, this 11th-century central square has a modest size and is the most popular landmark of the city. You will be in for an exotic and flowery treat if you are lucky enough to witness the grand “flower carpet” that is held every two years in August.

Belgium tours aren’t complete without getting the chance to marvel at the impressive Canals of Bruges. These canals earned the city the nickname “The Venice of the North.” The “Reie” River makes up these canals that provide a means to trade at the Market. A boat ride in these canals will offer remarkable views of gorgeous and interesting sites.

If you visit the 12th-century Gravensteen Castle during Belgium tours, you will almost feel like you’ve entered a medieval age where kingdoms, knights, and wars are regulars. This castle has a long history, from being a castle to a prison and a factory to what we know today as a popular tourist destination. Don’t forget to check out the intriguing museum of torture that lay inside the castle.

Do you remember studying about the famous battle of Waterloo during history classes? Now you can see for yourself this epic and gorgeous countryside that used to be a bloody and grim battlefield where Napoleon was defeated. Make sure to include Belgium tours to this iconic site. Today, you will see a gorgeous landscape of fields that is a feast to the eyes. You will also be captivated by the artificial hill that rises from the nearby flatlands, which features a memorial lion sculpture.

If you want to explore the beautiful attractions in the plentiful nature of Belgium, you might be interested in Belgium tours to Meuse Valley. Located south of Brussels, this valley is one of the most popular tourist hubs for people who love nature. From river trips in the Meuse River to cycling and hiking through the engaging trails, the Meuse Valley is a must-visit if you need some adventure.



Tour Belgium

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to tour Belgium and enjoy the spectacular sights in one of the top tourist spots in the world? If you’ve heard about this beautiful Western European country, then you’d be excited to tour Belgium. The country is popular for its medieval towns, colonial architecture, and headquarters of NATO and the European Union. Belgium borders the North Sea to the northwest, France to the southwest, Luxembourg to the southeast, Germany to the east, and the Netherlands to the north.

When you tour Belgium, you have to visit the gorgeous capital city Brussels to feast your eyes on the intricate guild halls and elegant modern buildings that are some of the city’s top attractions. Did you know that aside from all the amazing sights and wonders it offers the visitors, Belgium also ranks as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world? Who doesn’t want to be assured that you are in safe hands when you tour Belgium?



Tour Of Belgium

If you take a tour of Belgium, you will be intrigued by the myriad of attractions and rich culture and history this modest stretch of land offers its visitors. A tour of Belgium will be an eye-opener to history fans. This is one of the places in the world that made the most important histories, including knights on crusades, Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo, and effects of World War I and II, among others.

One of the main reasons why many people like to take a tour of Belgium is because of the proximity of the top attractions in this small land, among other reasons. If you’ve eaten Belgian waffles without knowing that it comes from Belgium, you may be surprised. From experiencing the medieval setting in Mechelen Old Town, where you can find plenty of ancient and impressive buildings and architecture, to the gorgeous Semois Valley that serves as a perfect escape into the arms of nature, a tour of Belgium is a highly thrilling adventure, and you should not hesitate to embark on.



Belgium Tour Packages

Belgium is an interesting destination to explore, given so many world-class attractions and activities to keep you entertained throughout the tour. There are various Belgium tour packages to fit the various needs and preferences of each type of traveller. However, you should keep in mind that Belgium tour packages all differ in terms of locations, activities, stops, attractions, food, lodging, and more.

If you’re more interested in exploring the rich culture and the old and modern towns and cities, Belgium tour packages that include tours to Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Arlon, and Antwerp, among others, will enrich your senses and knowledge. But if the blue waters and the green mountains and covers intrigue you, you will be excited about Belgium tour packages that include exciting tours to Ardennes where you can explore the hills and forests for adventures, Dinant for caves and wildlife, and Hoge Kempen National Park.


Belgium Escorted Tours

If you want your tours to be guided by a professional tour guide or ranger, you will be interested in checking out our Belgium escorted tours. Our Belgium escorted tours take you to places and attractions that have been carefully planned, so you can expect the best experience embarking on this type of tour. There are several Belgium escorted tours that you can count on to take you to the top attractions in a smooth and seamless way and, above all, to keep you safe. So are you ready for an exciting guided tour of Belgium?


Belgium Group Tours

Traveling together may enhance and improve your experience in the city. That’s why Belgium group tours are becoming increasingly popular because everyone wants to experience the full potential of exciting group travels where you may find higher satisfaction as you share your excitement with your fun group. Visitors who are looking for Belgium group tours may find great tours to join with us. You can always find an exciting tour to join. If you want to create your own Belgium group tours, you can do so. For groups that consist of up to 18 members, you may access our special private tours.

Best Belgium Tours

Belgium is a country that harmoniously blends the old world charm and urban culture, and modern trends. While it is very exciting to embark on a thrilling tour, finding the best Belgium tours may not be easy. So get the best Belgium tours from us along with the best Belgium vacations and Belgium trips to have a wonderful experience.