Oman Tours

Oman Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Oman Tours

Who’s excited about Oman Tours? This south-eastern Arabian country presents its majestic forts, rugged mountains, massive sand dunes, and picturesque beaches along the Arabian Sea that would be the perfect place for your next tour. Check out the various Oman Tours to find out the ways you can explore this diverse country. We recommend Oman Tours that last for around eight days to make the most out of your tour and also enjoy every major tourist location in the country!

Solo travellers, those in groups, and even seniors can find Oman Tours very comfortable as they are suitable for almost all ages and number of people. Oman Tours consist of walking, hiking, 4×4 rides, and lots of adventures exploring the beaches and markets. Oman Tours are offered in many countries so we are sure you would be able to enjoy them wherever you are from.
Some of the Oman Tours we recommend may include tours to Muscat, Ras Al Jinz, Wahiba Sands Desert, and Nizwa, which are must-visit places when you are on Oman Tours.
Home to numerous forts, museums, palaces, and markets, there is something to explore for everyone of different interests in Muscat. While it might not be possible to go inside the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, you would be able to get a good view of the admirable structure by heading to the harbor. Visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, boating in the bustling harbor of Muttrah, exploring the silver and spice shops at the local bazaar are a must when you are in Muscat during your Oman Tours.

During your Oman Tours, make sure to head to the country’s easternmost tip, Ras Al Jinz, and visit the turtle reserve. You will be able to see up close the green turtle, which is an endangered species in its nesting site. If you are feeling educational, you can explore the Research Centre to learn more about the reptile.

If you are looking for a traditional Oman tour experience, you are not going to want to miss the Wahiba Sands. Stretching out for miles, these desert dunes are a popular tourist destination and where you will find the Bedu people. You can experience a short nomadic life by riding on a camel’s back and camping under the open sky in the desert.
Known for serving as Oman’s capital in the 6th and 7th centuries, Nizwa has some incredible places you should visit. Check out the Nizwa Fort and Bahla Fort to let the explorer in you come out! Some more interesting things to see include the cattle market where you can witness locals trade goats, cattle, and other livestock; the Al Hamra town where you can visit the stone houses; and a spectacular view of the Wadi Nakhr, also known as Oman’s Grand Canyon.

These tour stops are some of the highlights of our recommended Oman Tours. You will find several other places to explore when you tour Oman. If interested, you can also check out the trips to Oman and Oman vacations.



Tour Oman

The Sultanate of Oman might be a place often overlooked; however, you will get to see the beauty of it and experience how exciting it can be to Tour Oman only when you visit it. So if you are planning to go on an adventure, consider to Tour Oman. It is an exotic destination where you can enjoy the landscapes, warm beaches, gorgeous forts, and great mountain ranges all year round. When you choose the tours recommended by us to Tour Oman, you will get amazing accommodation, great food, and comfortable traveling. These tours also come at great prices, so you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Finding great Oman tours elsewhere may be difficult, so consider going for the ones we recommend. You will be able to visit some of the most famous places in Oman, including the ones mentioned here. So don’t wait too long and get ready to Tour Oman.



Tour of Oman

If you are concerned about comfortable rides, hassle-free booking, and travel expenses, you would be thrilled to see some of our recommended packages for your Tour of Oman. As the recommended tours last for eight days, you will have enough time to explore this exotic land without needing to hurry. Make sure to check your schedule as you plan for your Tour of Oman, as you are not going to want to miss a day in this country!

With picturesque landscapes and beaches, dense date plantations, a variety of markets, and emerald pools, Oman is a great place to spend your days off of work and enjoy with your loved ones. Among several others, Muscat, Hawiyat Najim Park, and Wadi Tiwi are some incredible spots you would want to include in your itinerary for your Tour of Oman. Ensure that your Tour of Oman include visiting the places you wouldn’t want to miss exploring.



Oman Tour Packages

There are many Oman Tour Packages for you to choose from if you are looking for one. Our recommended Oman Tour Packages include tours to Muscat, Ras al Jinz, Wahiba Sands, Niswa, and Jebel Shams. There is an activity for every person of different fitness levels, whether it is walking for short distances, hiking up the mountains, swimming on the beaches, or going on camel rides.
Find the best Oman Tour Packages here at great deals, as you might have a hard time finding such attractive ones elsewhere! Although many other companies claim to offer great Oman Tour Packages, you might want to consider choosing the ones we recommend to enjoy the best of Oman. You will get the best of everything this place has to offer, including the best travel experiences, best views, and the best food! So choose your favorite Oman Tour Packages now to explore Oman.



Oman Escorted Tours

If you want to tour Oman, we have some great Oman Escorted Tours for you to join. These tours will have guides to help you explore the country in the best way and also prevent you from missing out on any interesting spots. Choosing Oman Escorted Tours makes it easier for us to design and tailor the best tour experience when you tour with us. With our recommended Oman Escorted Tours, all you have to do is join the tour and enjoy every minute of the experience! With so many options for our escorted tours, you will surely find the one perfect for you.



Oman Group Tours

If you are opting for Oman Group Tours, you will be able to travel with your own group and double the fun on your tour. Don’t worry if you are alone and still want to travel in a group. You can join any group that is going to the same place as you are. While booking your Oman Group Tours, all you need to do is select the number of people joining the tour with you, for which accommodation will most likely be available. You can also opt for special private tours if your group consists of up to 18 people.



Best Oman Tours

Choosing the Best Oman Tours will be difficult as there are many to choose from our recommended tours. If you are looking for the Best Oman Tours, we recommend you to check out the available tour options and then select the one that suits your interests best.