Canadian Rockies Tours

Canadian Rockies Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Canadian Rockies Tours

As one of the top tourist destinations, there is no shortage of people who undertake Canadian Rockies tours each year. Canadian Rockies tours will treat you to many worthy attractions, world-class national parks, scenic landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and various activities. There are many types of Canadian Rockies tours, and they may usually consist of groups with an average of 11 people.

As a land naturally endowed with plenty of picturesque mountains, cobalt-blue lakes, thundering waterfalls, clean glaciers, and others, you will be impressed with Canadian Rockies tours.

The Canadian Rockies is an adventure hub. When you go on Canadian Rockies tours, you can easily find plenty of locations to go biking, hiking, climbing, river rafting, and many more exciting opportunities for solo travellers. Or you could spend a peaceful and relaxing vacation as a senior on National Geographic Journeys or explore the rich culture of the city with your family on the popular Canadian Rockies tours.

You might find great pleasure and satisfaction visiting and exploring the region’s finest attractions, including the Banff National Park, the Icefield Parkway, Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, and the beautiful town of Fernie, during your Canadian Rockies tours.

Banff National Park is one of the top must-visit places during Canadian Rockies tours. The park is blessed with so many natural wonders like the Bow River, where you can walk along its shores in blissful tranquillity and a grand gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain. You may also want to visit the Upper Hot Springs for a hot spring or explore the beautiful town of Banff that lies in the heart of the park.

Next on our list is the impressive Icefields Parkway that connects Banff and Jasper National Parks on a highway stretch of 144 miles. This is a great place for National Geographic Journeys. During Canadian Rockies tours on this stretch, it isn’t uncommon for visitors to want to stop and enjoy the sight of the beautiful valleys and lakes where you may spot various types of wildlife.

If you’re up for exciting hiking adventures, Canadian Rockies tours to Lake Louise is a great idea. Besides being a picturesque spot for photography, you’ll find various hiking destinations that’ll fake you to grand places like the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House and Lake Agnes Tea House, where you can relax in between hiking and horseback riding. Hike your way up to the top of the prominent Mount Saint Piran and feast your eyes on the amazing view of Lake Louise from above.

Located in the Valley of Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is another iconic tourist destination where you can find plenty of things to invest your time in. With a spectacular view of the cobalt blue Moraine Lake, lofty gorgeous mountains, impressive rock piles, and stunning waterfalls, it is not surprising why many tourists choose this place to visit during Canadian Rockies tours.

Next, we welcome you to the small yet adventure-packed town of Fernie in British Columbia. This is another must-visit spot that is abundant in mountains, waterfalls, forest trails, and mystifying caves to explore. You can enjoy awesome biking trails and luxurious ski resorts in this good old little town. The best places to visit in this town during Canadian Rockies tours are Mount Fernie Provincial Park, Island Lake Lodge, Goldilocks Trail, Bisaro Cave, and Elk River, among others.



Tour Canadian Rockies

Have you made up your mind to tour Canadian Rockies? If that’s the case, you might appreciate some assistance on what to expect when you tour Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies, also known as the Rocky Mountains, is a blend of both the British Columbia and Alberta Rockies. Geographically, it lies at the Canada-United States border, while geologically, it is located at Marias Pass in northern Montana.

The sights and attractions in this region are endless. That’s why many people opt to tour Canadian Rockies and explore the diverse landscapes and wonders of the Rocky Mountains. You can also expect to see some of the attractions along the Prairies to the Pacific Coast when you tour Canadian Rockies since they are part of the eastern North American Cordillera. Make sure you don’t delay a wonderful experience waiting for you in the lapse of nature in the Canadian Rockies.



Tour Of Canadian Rockies

An exciting tour of Canadian Rockies is very popular; after all, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site itself! No matter where in the Rockies you are, you will find an abundance of amazing sights and engaging activities to keep you entertained throughout your tour of Canadian Rockies. From revelling in the arms of nature in the famous Banff National Park to exploring the quiet and mysterious Kootenay National Park, a tour of Canadian Rockies is everything but boring. And once you’ve tasted the freedom and adventure in this place, you will always want to come back for more.

If gorgeous sceneries and stunning landscapes intrigue you, be sure to take your tour of Canadian Rockies to British Columbia and Alberta province for an amazing view of how beautiful nature can be. Find the full list of all the tour types and get ready to celebrate the glory of the famous Canadian Rockies.



Canadian Rockies Tour Packages

One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to tours is choosing suitable Canadian Rockies tour packages. Since all these packages are unique and differ from each other, you may have a hard time trying to pick an ideal one. Our Canadian Rockies tour packages may vary in locations and tour stops, activities, amenities, and food, and accommodation. Therefore, it is best that you go through them carefully and see if you can keep up before you book Canadian Rockies tour packages.

The Canadian Rockies serve as a beautiful natural playground with rich and vibrant culture. It is the whole package! Our Canadian Rockies tour packages include various tours ranging from nature exploration and wildlife viewing in incredible sites like Lake Louise, Whistler, and Banff to walking the bustling streets of Vancouver as you make your way to some of the major attractions in the city and breathing in the rich culture of the citizens.



Canadian Rockies Escorted Tours

There are several dense forest areas to explore in the Canadian Rockies. Therefore, Canadian Rockies escorted tours are highly recommended when you tour this diverse mountain region. The region is home to several parks that are home to some of the most spectacular sights and natural wonders. When you tour prominent parks like the Yoho National Park and Water Lakes National Park, Canadian Rockies escorted tours may enhance your experience and learning while keeping you safe at all times. Enjoy our reliable service and treat yourself to a wonderful experience by booking the Canadian Rockies escorted tours.



Canadian Rockies Group Tours

Sometimes, it is best to travel in a group of like-minded people where you can visit and explore the same wonders together and share the same experience and amazement. That is why we recommend Canadian Rockies group tours. No matter what your choices and interests are, you will find a lot of exciting Canadian Rockies group tours to choose from. We encourage group travels as communication and bonds are as sexy as dares and solo tours. So even if you have a group of up to 18 people, we provide special private Canadian Rockies group tours.



Best Canadian Rockies Tours

Are you ready for the best Canadian Rockies tours? If you want to find more exciting tours of the Canadian Rockies, head over to our Canadian Rockies vacations and Canadian Rockies trips section and discover more ways and possibilities to embark on some of the best Canadian Rockies tours.