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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Belgium Vacation

A Belgium vacation is an excellent choice if you plan on visiting Europe. So if you have Europe in mind, consider having a look at Belgium. It is a beautiful place with renaissance art, architecture, and medieval towns.
Here is what you can expect from a Belgium vacation; stunning architecture, historical sites, world-class cuisines, diamond shops, romantic canal tours, and excellent local cuisines
There are so many places for you to visit during a Belgium vacation. You can start your Belgium vacation by visiting Brussels, which is the capital city of Belgium. It represents Belgium’s culture, and you can see the many museums, art galleries, opera houses, experience classical music, and fine restaurants. And it is also home to one of the finest preserved markets in Europe called the ‘Grand Place.’ It is also the place that houses the historic Battle of Waterloo site where Napoleon was defeated.

The moment you visit Belgium, you will notice some of the finest Gothic architectural churches. So you can also make your Belgium vacation a spiritual experience by visiting famous churches like the Notre-Dame du Sablon. These churches are architectural marvels from the renaissance period.

Ghent is another beautiful place to visit during your Belgium vacation. It is another medieval town that boasts some of the finest architectural buildings and the famous medieval trio towers. The three famous towers are St. Nicholas’ Church, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, and Het Belfort van Gent (the tallest in Belgium).

If you love art and culture, a Belgium vacation is the perfect option for you because it has some of the world’s finest museums. You can visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which exhibits Flemish and Belgian artists’ work, and for some traditional costumes, you can see the Costume and Lace Museum.

Belgium is also the perfect place for music lovers. You can visit the Musical Instruments Museum during your Belgium vacation and look at some historical and traditional musical instruments. The museum exhibits one of the oldest saxophones in the world.

Belgium vacation is also the ideal destination for food lovers because it offers some of the best food in Europe. The place is famous for its Moules (mussels) and Frites. And the Belgian waffles are a treat, so you should try them. The cuisines can either be French or Flemish-styled.
If you love chocolate, then it is worth mentioning that Belgium is famous for its chocolate. You can find different varieties of pralines with different flavors and fillings like nuts and caraque. So you can even make your Belgium vacation exclusively for chocolate as well.

These are just a few of the fantastic places that Belgium vacation has to offer. It is an ideal vacation destination for lovers, married couples, solo travelers, family, and friends. And there are about four to eighteen packages for trips and tours for Belgium vacation that you can choose from. So take this opportunity to visit one of the finest places in Europe and experience the marvelous art, architecture, food, and romantic sites. You may also like trips to Belgium or Belgium tours.



Belgium Vacation Packages

There are many options when it comes to Belgium vacation packages. Typically, people visit the place for a one week vacation, but the duration of your stay can be anywhere within a week to more than two weeks. And because there are so many beautiful places to visit, you can pick a few destinations or make it a one destination vacation.
Belgium vacation packages offer some excellent accommodation and travel deals. The city is not as cheap as other destinations, but it is still affordable for a great vacation. It has world-class hotels and cottage-style lodges with beautiful scenic views.

Some of the Belgium vacation packages available are the Fabulous Belgium tour package, Amsterdam Brussels Bruges, Amsterdam Brussels Bruges Tulip special, and many others.
It is worth mentioning that all the Belgium vacation packages vary from one another. So we recommend that you choose the best according to your budget and preferences.




Vacation In Belgium

Vacation in Belgium is a magical experience. And with so many medieval buildings and sites, it takes you back to the romantic era. The beautiful art galleries, the fairy-tale-like scenic beauty, and the people’s rich culture make your vacation a memorable one.

People that have gone on vacation in Belgium talk fondly about the experience they have had. And the food is an integral part of the whole experience, which leaves you wanting to come back for more. The romantic canal tours, the architectural masterpieces in Ghent, the famous Manneken Pis, and the Belgian beers are some fantastic experiences that travelers often talk about after their vacation in Belgium.
Therefore, if you plan for a vacation in Belgium for the first time, you need not worry about the bookings and the entire trip. There are some great deals which include everything from your accommodation, food, travel tips and the recommended places to visit first.