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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Belgium

Belgium is a picturesque Western European country known for its stunning architecture, historical sites, good beer, chocolates, waffles, and French fries. Trips to Belgium require a visit to some of its most fabulous highlights, which include the canals of Bruges, Napoleon’s Waterloo, the Manneken Pis, and Dinant Citadel. Soak in Belgium’s treasures as you walk its cobbled streets and sail its magnificent canals. 

When on trips to Belgium, you can’t do without paying Bruges a visit. The Flemish city’s center has been listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage. Get to one of the five landing stages along Bruges’ canals and take a half hour’s ride through the idyllic city. You could also visit Bruges Square, the Groeningemuseum, Magdalena Church, or the uber-romantic Minnewater. 

Trips to Belgium encompass a number of fun activities for travelers of all age-groups and sizes. On trips to Belgium, explore its delicious eateries and bars. Visit its ornate historical sites with cathedrals, castles, palaces, and citadels. Take a boat ride through its canals, and visit its museums and market squares. Trips to Belgium will give you a one-of-a-kind medieval or renaissance/ modern experience you won’t forget. 

Another must-visit site on trips to Belgium is Napoleon’s Waterloo. It houses the Wellington Museum, the historic Waterloo Battlefield, and the breath-taking Waterloo monument- ‘Lion’s Mound.’ Almost the entire stretch of Waterloo’s municipality stands as a magnificent monument to one of the most significant events in European history. Surely visit Napoleon’s Waterloo on trips to Belgium. 
Trips to Belgium are incomplete without visiting the famous Manneken Pis in Brussels. This iconic bronze fountain statue of a little boy peeing is the emblem of Brussels’ rebellious spirit. It is renowned for its costume changes throughout the year. While in Brussels, get to visit the Grote Markt, Royal Palace, Atomium, and Mini-Europe on trips to Belgium. Each of these sites is located in Brussels and will adequately quench your thirst for an excellent experience of Western Europe and its incredibly rich culture.

The Dinant Citadel is a fairy-tale-like fortress overlooking the Meuse Valley. You can access the citadel either by steps or by plying a cable car. The quaint city of Dinant, with its gorgeous location, is a breath-taking sight in itself. Explore the workings of early medieval fortresses and cities by visiting Dinant on trips to Belgium.

Communicating is no issue in Belgium, with almost 55% of its population speaking English. Explore with confidence and enthusiasm on a one-of-a-kind trip to gorgeous Belgium.
The great thing about trips to Belgium is that you can add other trips to nearby European countries. You could visit the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France. Each of these trips is going to be as good and as exciting.

If you like the idea of trips to Belgium, you might want to try out more extensive Belgium tours and Belgium Vacations. They’re certainly going to be worth your while with tons of other sites to explore and enjoy. Get packing for a great Belgium trip.



Planning A Trip to Belgium

Times have changed, and planning a trip to Belgium is no longer as hard as you might think. Are you worried about booking tickets, finding the best places to see, the best place to lodge? Do not worry about a thing. We’re here to make planning a trip to Belgium as simple and easy as possible for you. All you have to do is visit our website and find the best trip package that suits all your travel needs, and you’re good to go. Planning a trip to Belgium is just a few clicks away. Choose the trip for you and get packing. We provide seven trip packages with varied budgets and durations. We recommend you take a look at our Best of Belgium trip package of the Enchanting Europe Collection, which has stops at all major highlights. Planning a trip to Belgium has never been this easy or exciting. 



Belgium Trips

If you’re looking for great Belgium Trips, you cannot miss out on visits to the canals of Bruges, Napoleon’s Waterloo, the Manneken Pis, and Dinant Citadel. They are among the most popular highlights on Belgium trips and one you would not want to miss out on. You may also find Belgium trips with other locations like the Gravensteen Castle at Ghent, Flander’s Fields, Ypres Cloth Hall, and Leuven Town Hall. Each of these locations is a splendid way to experience Belgium.

Scroll through our Belgium trips and take a look at the variety of exciting trip types you can choose from. No matter the duration you choose, we assure you that you’re going to get your time’s worth of unforgettable experiences. Picture yourself in Belgium with a mug of the best beer in town or some delightful chocolate and waffles. Envisage excellent accommodations with equally excellent food and sights that will leave you mesmerized with their otherworldly beauty.