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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Myanmar Vacation

The mystic and the orient experience is what await you on a Myanmar Vacation. Known as the land of the Golden Pagodas, Myanmar has so much history and culture to share. You will learn and enjoy immensely when you explore and travel throughout the country. From the capital Yangon to Mandalay, and from Myaing to Kalaw, a magnificent Myanmar Vacation is on the cards for you. Get ready to be amazed by the ancient temples, shrines, mighty rivers, archaeological sites and quaint villages, and of course the food which is unique in itself. You will also have plenty to do between the various excursions and activities, so it is sure to be quite the experience.

We recommend a variety of Myanmar Vacation ideas which last nine days or about 15 days. You can travel with partners, groups, family members or even alone with other travelers. Seniors can also find some great vacations which suit them perfectly. To keep your Myanmar Vacation active and interesting, we suggest many themes like hiking, wildlife, adventure, trekking, cultural excursions, boating and cycling, among others. Whether you choose vacations with few days or several more days, pick those that offer different themes.

What better place to commence a Myanmar Vacation than from Yangon the capital of the country? Now that you are in Yangon, you will have plenty of things to do. Visit the Bogyoke Market and interact with the locals. You can also take a look at the Sule Pagoda and go to the Myanmar Gems Museum & Gem Market. You will be amazed to see the beautiful collection. The urban adventure, Shwedagon Pagoda Kandawgyi Lake, and a walking tour are some of Yangon’s other interesting activities on a Myanmar Vacation.

Bagan is the next destination in your Myanmar Vacation. At this place, you will have the chance to experience local and cultural stuff like the Dandaree Culture Show and the Puppet Show. Eat tasty local cuisine while there. You can also explore the various temple sites on a bike. Getting to the top of the temples will let you enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding areas. The archaeological museum in Bagan is also an exciting place that you should visit.

Make way to Myaing from Bagan for a lot of cultural and community activities on your Myanmar Vacation. Take a stroll down the village and get some insight into seasonal farming and harvests. You can carry on to the nearby village and enjoy a simple but healthy breakfast. In the next village, help the villagers to cook lunch. You will learn how they prepare Thanaka to apply and protect from the sun. You can enjoy dinner and some traditional performances.

Go to Mandalay from Myaing and check out the Sagaing temples, U Bein Bridge (longest teakwood bridge), Mandalay Hill, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, and the boat trip to Mingun are some of the highlights of this place. Kalaw and Inle Lake are two more destinations that you can check out before heading back to Yangon. There are of course plenty more places that you can visit when you are on a Myanmar Trip. Browse through all the Myanmar Tours and select your favorites.




Myanmar Vacation Packages

You have several choices when it is about Myanmar Vacation Packages. Some Myanmar Vacation Packages are only about nine days while some others are about fifteen days long. So, whether you travel alone or with others, select suitable packages after considering all the details. Yangon, Bagan, Myaing, Mandalay, Kalaw and Inle Lake are some of the best destinations that you should see included in the Myanmar Vacation Packages. You will also have the opportunity to participate in various activities including cultural, community and adventure. So, every day, you will have a different thing to do and see. Hence, you will not feel bored as you go on with your journey. At the same time, you will also learn many new things that you might not have seen or heard before. When you select the ideal Myanmar Vacation Packages, you become eligible to hold up in cozy surroundings and taste new and various delicacies. So, what is the point of wasting time any longer? Give a call now to make spots for your next Myanmar vacation.




Vacation In Myanmar

Deciding to go on a Vacation in Myanmar will bring you to the next stage which is to arrange various things such as hotels, inns, tickets, mode of transport, vacations, and travel agency to deal with. You have to plan accurately, or the Vacation in Myanmar will not be successful. You have to find the right and the best. Hence, what do you say if someone makes your arrangements? You only need to make your choices like places and dates. After that, relax and think about what you can do once you get to the destination. If you are wondering who will handle your problems, here is the answer. Expedition Wild is here to arrange every aspect regarding the Vacation in Myanmar. So, leave your worry aside and pack your items.

Arrangement for your Vacation in Myanmar is complete now, and so you will be having the time of your life in a short while. Participate in different events and stay active. When you arrive home, you will have wonderful experiences to share with your family and friends.