Travel Insurance


At Expedition Wild, we recommend Travel Protection Plans offering serious and valuable coverage for the money. This is definitely a feature we like to think is pretty important since we routinely go to the most out of the way corners of the world.


Minor accidents can be handled just fine by local doctors in the areas you may visit, but if anything seriously major happened, they’d have to perform a medical evacuation.

In a medical evacuation, you would be moved in stages. You’d first make your way to the closest hospital for quick and immediate treatment. After that you can go to an international hospital in Singapore. Then, you’d finally be on your way back to the United States or Europe.


Most of the time, we see coverage limits around $500,000, and that’s quite a robust level. We would even say that more than $500,000 of Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage is actually not even needed, as it is so tough to imagine any scenario that would see spending that amount of money be a requirement.



Protection Plan: This is a full comprehensive plan that includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, as well as any added post departure benefits while on your trip incase of delays or changes.


Evacuation Plan/Emergency Assistance: This emergency medical evacuation plan will cover your evacuation expenses to the closest medical facilities.


We recommend Aadvark insurance in order to give you easy access to insurance quotes for your trip. We recommend all people in tour groups to have trip cancellation or interruption service, along with any emergency medical insurance.


It is the responsibility of guests to be able to cover any costs in case you experience a travel delay, or end up dealing with inclement weather or something else. Please ensure your trip cancellation or interruption insurance includes these possibilities.



We recommend Aardvark Insurance for all your insurance needs.