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Trips to Amalfi Coast

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips to Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is an impressive stretch of coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located in the Gulf of Salerno, Southern Italy.  
You can make the most of trips to Amalfi Coast by visiting its uber gorgeous and enchanting hilltops. Also, its vineyards, lemon groves, seaside towns, and beaches are exquisite. Explore the streets of Amalfi, and relish the view of sun-kissed pastel houses from up on Positano and Ravello. And to top it all, take a stroll on the beaches of Maiori and Minori. Experience the richness of blues and soft sand.
Trips to Amalfi Coast must include a visit to its namesake town Amalfi. A popular tourist spot, Amalfi is one of the largest communes in the region. It houses the spectacular Amalfi Cathedral, a true architectural gem. You could also visit the Museum of Paper and take a hike to the Path of Lemons- a heaven for the senses. And do visit the ancient Roman ruins in the city, a definite must. 

You could do a lot on trips to Amalfi Coast, whether you’re exploring solo or with families or other travelers. Fun activities on trips to Amalfi Coast include cruises and strolling across the magnificent beaches. You also get to visit sites with a rich history and cultural significance. The Amalfi Coast’s stunning cascade of colorful houses blanketing cliffs is a sight to devour. 

Trips to the Amalfi coast are incomplete without a trip to Positano. This charming village is interspersed with fabulous Roman Villas and fortifications that date back centuries. While in the vicinity, visit the Church dell’Assunta, and the Museo Archeologico Romano. What better way to fall in love with your trips to Amalfi Coast than learning about its rich history?   

Your trips to Amalfi Coast must include a rendezvous at Ravello. This beautiful picaresque town is home to two very famous gardens- the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Stop by Ravello’s star quality cafes and eateries, and wander through the city’s colorful markets. You could also explore the magical lemon trails, the “Sentiero deo Limoni,” and Path of the Gods. This will do justice to your trips to Amalfi Coast. Head to one of the cafés on the hilltops of Ravello and Positano and enjoy the view with a drink and snacks. 

On your trips to Amalfi Coast, a trek through the Ravello lemon groves take you through Minori and Maiori. These two small towns offer some of the most breath-taking and less-crowded coastlines with refreshing beaches. You will also find superb cafes, antiquarians, and beach and pool clubs. Also present are gardens, castles, and quaint markets.
If gorgeous sunsets and sparkling waters by beautiful cities are what you signed up for, trips to Amalfi Coast are made for you. A seasoned tourist favorite, communicating with locals in Amalfi is no hassle. Trips to Amalfi Coast are certainly worth your while. 

Besides trips to Amalfi Coast, you can also take trips to the nearby regions of Sorrento, Pompeii, and Naples. You could visit the legendary Mt Vesuvius and a swim in the nearby city of Salerno.  
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Planning A Trip to Amalfi Coast

Planning a trip to Amalfi Coast is not as hard as you may think. We provide all the necessary information and details for planning a trip to Amalfi Coast on our website with several spectacular trip packages to choose from. No hassle, no need to panic- trust the process.
We provide a total of nine trip packages on our website. Their durations range from 1 to 4 weeks. You can choose which Amalfi Coast trip suits you best. Avoid the stress of planning a trip to Amalfi Coast on your own. 

We’re going to do all the groundwork for you. Trust us to pick the best spots you can lodge and the best landmarks to visit. We’ll recommend the best sites to explore, and the ideal transport to get there. Planning a trip to Amalfi Coast is going to be as easy as walking the beaches of the Amalfi Coast- a breeze!



Amalfi Coast Trips

Ideal Amalfi Coast trips cannot do without a visit to the sublime coastal city of Amalfi or a stop at Positano. And taking a trail through Ravello, on to Minori and Maiori is highly recommended. These are some of the highlights of Amalfi Coast trips you need to have on your bucket list on visiting the South of Italy. 
If you still can’t get enough of Amalfi Coast trips, we recommend visits to Sorrento, Praiano, Furore, and Cetara. You could also take a boat ride to the GrottadelloSameraldo Cave or swim in the ruins of Salerno.  

In Amalfi Coast trips, the possibilities for recreation and relaxation are almost endless, to say the least. If you’ve always thought of taking Amalfi Coast trips, be prepared for the rejuvenation of spirits. This one’s sure to get you to a newer appreciation of the world and all it can offer.