Plan A Trip

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Plan a Trip


Do you need help preparing for your trip? Maybe you’d like some recommendations before you head out on this new adventure? Don’t worry, you’ll find a lot of resources here!


Once you’ve settled on a destination for your nature and wildlife adventure, the next big step is to start making plans. It is important to plan out the details instead of just winging it. This enables you to have concrete plans and less is likely to go wrong.

What can you do to make sure you are good to go when it is time to head out on your nature adventure?


Know what is required for your trip


There are several essential items you should have with you during your travels. Obviously you have to have appropriate clothing packed. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pack a beach towel and bathing suits if you’re going to a snowy and cold climate.


Other essentials include, the proper shoes, a first aid kit, your bedding or tent (if needed), and all the right documents for travel (like your passport if you’re going out of the country). And, don’t forget all the camera equipment!


If you’re unsure about what to pack, contact our Expedition Wild team and we’ll answer your questions.


Research and learn everything you can about your destination


Yes, Expedition Wild has the best guides, but you’ll enjoy a trip more if you do a bit of research on the destination and learn all you can about it. Read up on the wildlife in the area as well as the cultural norms and history of the people you will meet.


You’ll be informed ahead of time and in a better position to take advantage of the knowledge that our expedition leaders can share.


A Few Questions


Here are a few questions you will want to think about when deciding on some of the specifics of your trip.

  • Is the trip’s itinerary to your liking?


The itinerary chosen by your tour guide is a roadmap of some of the things you’ll be doing on the trip, so make sure all the things you’ll be doing are activities you’ll enjoy.


  • Will you be staying in or near the park you’d like to check out?


Figuring out if you’ll be lodging in or near any parks allows you to decide some essential things to bring, like your tent and sleeping bag.


  • Are you going to a bigger lodge or a private camp?


Now that you know what to bring on a trip, how about plan a wildlife safari?  Check out the African Wildlife Foundation for helping preserve wildlife for future generations.

If you are going to a bigger lodge, you probably won’t need to bring anything but a backpack and a suitcase. If you’re going to be camping out, though, you will want to consider bringing your tent, sleeping bag, and any other camping essentials.