Kyrgyzstan Tours

Kyrgyzstan Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Kyrgyzstan Tours

If you are undecided on your next tour, you might as well take a trip to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country with a Turkik language-speaking majority and a predominantly Muslim population. Kyrgyzstan is mountainous, and tourist attractions on Kyrgyzstan tours include amiable people, clean air and water, and alpine nature. Kyrgyzstan is one of the six independent Ottoman countries of Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan tours are filled with fun and enjoyment, but also to be in close contact with nature.

Check out one of our four Kyrgyzstan tours, and explore one of the most unique and culturally rich countries on the planet. The Kyrgyzstan tours range from nine to twenty-six days in length. Kyrgyzstan is possibly one of the most advanced countries in Central Asia. The state is characterized by excellent tourism potential and has a high development rate, making Kyrgyzstan tours a must.

One of the Soviet satellite republics before the fall of the Soviet Union is Kyrgyzstan. Despite political tensions in the country over the past decade, the current regime has cleared its turmoil in the southern regions. Kyrgyzstan is predominantly Muslim, with practically three-quarters of the population being Muslim. However, the region is not as strict as other Muslim countries, and women do not have many restrictions.

Kyrgyz food is mainly based on meat. Its merit goes back to its nomadic roots, where ancient Kyrgyz people rarely found enough space to grow their crops. If you are a meat lover, Kyrgyzstan tours are the ones for you. The meat dishes are excellent, and most alcoholic beverages go particularly well with vodka. The cuisines of the country make Kyrgyzstan tours an exciting trip for foodies.

Kyrgyzstan has many notable vacation spots. Many of these are on Kyrgyzstan tours like the Song Kul Lake, Lake Issyk Kul, Tash Rabat, Ala Archa National Park, and Burana Tower. Issyk Kul Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire region. It is situated in the mountains and is known for its crystal clear water. Lake Song Cool is a dead alarm clock for Isaak Kul; only it is relatively small and distant. The distance from Bishkek is much less accessible for holidays making it quite challenging to visit on quick Kyrgyzstan tours.

Alternatively, Tash Rabat may take a look at Kyrgyzstan’s past. It is a roadside inn that these inn travelers stop and are usually found at the crossroads. This is perfect for a quick stop on your Kyrgyzstan tours.

Burnt Tower is often a landmark on the ancient Silk Road and will be the final note for the ancient city of Balasganj. Ala Archa National Park is one of the best alpine parks in the country and is often not far from the capital. Burana Tower, Ala Archa National Park, and Tash Rabat are close to Bishkek and are incredibly accessible to visitors. These ancient monuments bring out the history of the place while on Kyrgyzstan tours.

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is at the bottom of the Kyrgyz Mountains in northern Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek was founded on the old Fort Julie; some believe that people settled here during the Bronze Age. This is a place you do not want to miss out on your Kyrgyzstan tours. Bishkek is now an economic, political, cultural, and industrial center. It has become a modern city with wide streets and impressive buildings and is the region’s greenest city.



Tour Kyrgyzstan

Considering to tour Kyrgyzstan can be a good option if you are undecided on your next holiday destination. Kyrgyzstan is a rich and diverse country located in Africa and boasts one of the oldest civilizations. 
North Bishkek contains the ruins of Fort Blacksmith and Fort Pishpek. Purana Chowk with Museum of History, Large Mausoleum in Oak Park, Abdulkasim Madrasa, Panfilov Park with Fountain, Russian Drama Theater, and Kyrgyz State Drama Theater. Many museums, including the History Museum, the State Memorial Museum, the Kyrgyz State Museum of History, the Museum of Literature and Art, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Mineralogy, and the Zoological Museum, are not to be missed when you tour Kyrgyzstan.

With so many historical and exciting places in the country, convincing yourself to tour Kyrgyzstan should come as no surprise. It will not be difficult to convince yourself to tour Kyrgyzstan again once you experience the culture and the people.


Tour of Kyrgyzstan

Central Park and Oak Park are huge green spaces. Do not skip these on your tour of Kyrgyzstan, as it has many impressive sculptures and museums in its surroundings. Another notable attraction is the Issyk-Ata petroglyphs, which depict the Buddha and were built in the 7th century. There are many recreational areas and resorts in this valley for you to enjoy on your tour of Kyrgyzstan.

Issyk-Kul is located in the northeast of Bishkek and is the most famous Alpine lake in the country. The lake’s maximum depth of 702 meters is incredible; the area covered is massive and high in the mountains. The lake water is dark blue, salty, and never freezes. Mountains surround Issyk-Kul, so the climate is relatively mild. It is popular among tourists traveling to Central Asia because of its thermal and mud treatment facilities.

If you are trying to plan how much time you will need on a tour of Kyrgyzstan, the best thing to do is check out our recommended tours of Kyrgyzstan, ranging from nine to twenty-six days in length.



Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages

With an impressive four Kyrgyzstan tours offered, you will be sure to be excited about one of the Kyrgyzstan tour packages we recommend. Kyrgyzstan tour packages provide a twist on Kyrgyzstan’s rich culture, natural beauty, and modern oddities.

Bishkek is one of the continent’s multilateral capitals, and the city is home to over 80 ethnic groups and nationalities. This is one city you cannot miss on your Kyrgyzstan tour packages. The main attraction close to Bishkek is the Ala Aracha mountain river valley. Almost the entire valley is covered by the Ala Archa National Park, protecting the jungles of raised mountains of Asia mountains. There are also many alpine camps, where many horse riding trails and hiking and begin. There are also some ski areas here. The slopes of the Tien Shan Mountains are perfect for skiing.
Each Kyrgyzstan tour package is unique, and many offer different locations, tour stops, amenities, and quality accommodations and food options. A great and enjoyable tour is guaranteed when you choose the Kyrgyzstan tour packages recommended by us.



Kyrgyzstan Escorted Tours

Except for few tours, almost all the Kyrgyzstan tours offered by our partners are guided tours that are escorted. This makes the trip more comfortable and smoother for you. Everything will be planned beforehand, and you do not have to worry about which places to visit when. Kyrgyzstan escorted tours make it safer for you, and you do not have to worry about security and be clueless after you reach your destination. A Kyrgyzstan escorted tour makes it a lot more fun to enjoy and experience the country. With four different Kyrgyzstan escorted tours, you will indeed find one that perfectly fits your needs and schedule.



Kyrgyzstan Group Tours 

Small group tours are becoming popular these days, and the tours we recommend also include Kyrgyzstan group tours. Group sizes can be up to 16 people, but 18 people may be accommodated on special private tours. The purpose of the visit of the other tourists is also similar when you pick such tours. You can make friends for life if you strike a chord with a fellow tourist. If you want the perfect Kyrgyzstan group tours, simply select from one of the four tours offered. You meet and travel with people with the same tastes and interests, making Kyrgyzstan group tours a lot more fun.



Best Kyrgyzstan Tours

It is hard to select the best Kyrgyzstan tours because of the variety of tours available to you. To choose the best Kyrgyzstan tours, the best thing to do is to decide on the number of days you want to spend on the trip and decide accordingly whichever fits your schedule.