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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips to Arctic

The Arctic Circle is the grand polar circle at the North Pole. As the Arctic Ocean surrounds the Arctic, eight different nations share the lands within the circle. Those eight nations are Iceland, Greenland, Norway, the United States, Russia, Finland, Canada, and Sweden. With distinctive touches of their beauty, these nations’ diversity will enrich your trips to Arctic. The choice is yours to get a glimpse of just one country or more while taking trips to Arctic.

One favorite location of many adventurers on their trips to Arctic is Iceland. It is also known as the Land of Ice and Fire. The blended nature of the terrain consisting of both glaciers and volcanoes shapes the Icelanders’ unique culture. As you take trips to Arctic, the infamous Golden Circle and the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall are a must-see. The place’s unrivalled beauty makes every spot worth exploring. Hence, it is a dream for every photography enthusiast to visit it on their trips to Arctic. Even after you leave, the raw and untamed splendor of Iceland will make you want to come back for more.
Canada’s High Arctic includes the nation’s northernmost and the world’s tenth largest island, the Ellesmere Island. Your trips to Arctic will lead you to the natives of the region, known as Inuit people. They have roamed the place for thousands of years with their exceptional survival skills and knowledge.

You can learn about their ancient cultures, livelihood, and food habits from the Inuit guides. These guides have sound knowledge of the people, history, wildlife, and terrains. To make it to the remote islands, you will need to traverse the Nanayut area and the Hell Gate. You can always catch a scenic view of the Arctic and reach inaccessible spots through helicopter flights on board. With new experiences every day, this region will surely spice up your trips to Arctic.

Apart from cruising and land excursions, you can visit the Inuits settlements on your trips to Arctic. Kayaking and wildlife watching experiences are some activities you can enjoy as you continue to explore the Arctic. Get the chance to view exotic northern animals like the polar bear, walruses, seals, caribou, rare bird species, etc. Important historical sites and ancestral buildings at the top of the world are indeed a feast for the eyes. While cruising, familiarize yourself with fellow explorers by sharing some laughter over a few drinks. During your trips to Arctic, the experts and specialists will enlighten you with fascinating facts about the North.

Another highlight you need to look in on your trips to Arctic is Greenland’s twin peaks which towers over Uummannaq. The archaeological site of Qilaqitsoq and the grand Eqip Sermia glacier are also some of Greenland’s hotspots. Noyaua Zemlya is another highlight of Russia which you can check out on your trips to Arctic. It is Eurasia’s largest Arctic Archipelago. Within it lies the most scenic glacier Inostrantseva, notorious for stealing the breath away of any keen observer.

If you plan to take trips to Arctic soon, you may also look for Arctic tours and an Arctic vacation. With each trip, you will get a different experience and a distinct feeling too.




Planning A Trip To The Arctic

With various weather and time-related issues, planning a trip to Arctic is not easy. The inaccessible routes and the passage to uninhabited areas make planning a trip to Arctic a lot more complicated. However, with our guidance, we can make planning a trip to Arctic a dream come true for you. With more than thirty different trips available on our website, the journey’s duration may range from 4-22 days. You can choose the most suitable option as you desire for the journey.

Our supervision will allow you to have the best specialists on board. As a result, you will be able to witness the peak hotspots. Booking through our website will give you an edge over other exploring enthusiasts. That is because you will receive a more fulfilling and satisfactory experience. You may indulge in cruising activities across the water bodies, helicopter and foot expeditions, kayaking, and wildlife viewing. The dining, accommodation, and transportation experience will be top-notch if you’re planning a trip to Arctic.



Arctic Trips


With all the planning and schedules for your Arctic trips taken care of, your burden will lighten by heaps. All you have to do is trust our recommendations and get ready for an experience of a lifetime. As your Arctic trips will comprise of challenging adventures, likewise, comfort will define your leisure hours. With guides to teach and tag along throughout your Arctic trips, the knowledge and experience you gain will seem ethereal.

Imagine living your dream every day during these Arctic trips. That would mean experiencing the cultural elements, the beauty of wildlife, glaciers, waterfalls, beyond your wildest hopes. With a new experience every day, no other moment would be able to hold a candle to these Arctic trips. The guides take you back in time through their stories, legends, and histories of the ancient ruins. With your comfort always put first, you are on a ‘natural high’ the whole time. With a stroke of luck, you may even get to see the magnificence of the northern lights.