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Malta is a tiny archipelago South-East European nation in the Mediterranean. The country is rich in history, and archaeological sites as many different countries ruled over it over the centuries. Though it is a small nation, there are plenty of things to do in Malta. So, if your alone or along with loved ones are planning for an archipelago holiday, a Malta Vacation will be an exceptional choice. Starting with Valletta, the capital city, you can spend your Malta Vacation exploring the country and experiencing various things. Hagar Qim, (ancient temple ruins), the Blue Grotto, Azure Window and Comino are popular attractions. Tarxien Temples, Mnajdra Temples, the National War Museum and Santa Verna are also unique locations.

We have many recommendations regarding a pleasant Malta Vacation. Some vacations may have short durations, while others have long durations. They depend on the number of places and activities included. You can have a Malta Vacation alone, with partners, family, and groups. Seniors can also locate suitable vacations from time to time. We also recommend an assortment of vacation themes like cruises, cultural activities, hiking, trekking and adventure. In between, always make time to do unexpected things, and you will see how wonderful it is.

There is no better place to start a Malta Vacation than at the capital. So, commence from Valletta and keep going. The National War Museum and Fort St Elmo, National Museum of Archaeology, National Museum of Fine Arts, Grand Master’s Palace and St. John’s Co-Cathedral are some of the sites in Valletta you could explore on a Malta Vacation.

The Blue Grotto is another splendid sight that you have to see on your Malta Vacation. It gets its name from the deep blue color in the cave. It is near Zurrieq town, which is about two kilometers. However, take a look at the weather conditions before proceeding.

You must surely visit the Megalithic Temples while on a Malta Vacation. Several places come under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are about four thousand years old. The structures are so grand and majestic that you will be awestruck by the beauty of the monuments. You can visit the Tarxien temples, Mnajdra temples, Hagar Qim and Ggantija temples, among others.

Comino is also a great place that you should go to on a Malta Vacation. The Blue Lagoon and Santa Maria Bay are two beaches where you can spend your time swimming and stroll along the beaches. You can also explore the cave while at Comino.

The Azure Window is also a unique natural structure, but sadly, it collapsed in 2017. If you still just want to view the location, you can go and enjoy the scenery.

Gozo is also an excellent place that you have to visit on your Malta Vacation. It is the second biggest island of Malta, and it has a vast number of tourist attractions. Victoria, Ta’Pinu Shrine, Ta’Cenc cliffs, Ramla Bay and Marsalforn, are some of the sights that you can enjoy in Gozo.

It will take many pages to describe all the places to see and things to do on a Malta Vacation. Some of them might be even more interesting than the ones mentioned above. So, take a look at the Malta Tours and see what you can find. You can choose your favorite vacations and themes for your next Malta Trip.




Malta Vacation Packages

You will come across a large number of Malta Vacation Packages if you take a look. So, choose any Malta Vacation Packages after considering some essential details. With a lot of things to do and see, you have numerous choices. Make your holiday more extraordinary by selecting Malta Vacation packages that have several themes. You can do multiple things in Malta like hiking, boating, cycling and many water sports apart from the usual stuff. Hence, choose vacations that offer various themes and activities. You must also try to indulge in some local activities and spend some time with the locals to feel the place’s real feel. Valletta, The Blue Grotto, Gozo, the Megalithic temples and Comino are all wonderful places. So, select holidays that include at least some of these places. When you pick the best Malta Vacation Packages, prepare yourself to halt in nice areas and wine and dine at the best sites. It is, therefore, no point in wasting time. Start making inquiries and book spots.





Vacation In Malta

As soon as you decide to Vacation in Malta, many things will come to your mind. You have to make various arrangements such as booking travel tickets, accommodations, choosing vacations, travel agency, and transportation. All these are necessary or else; your holiday may not go as planned. But it can also be tricky and exhausting. Hence, we have thought of a solution for your Vacation in Malta. Why not leave it to somebody else to take care of the arrangements? You only have to pack up and get ready to enjoy the Maltese people’s splendor and hospitality. Yes, Expedition Wild will arrange all the things, and you can just select the dates and areas. You can relax and think about how to enjoy your holiday alone or with loved ones.

With all your arrangements being taken care of by someone, your Vacation in Malta will be something that you will remember for a long time. It will also rejuvenate you and get rid of tension and stress. Thus, be ready to have the most exciting Vacation in Malta and make it a grand holiday.