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You might also consider looking at our recommended packing list for one of our trips to understand even better some of the things you should think about bringing with you on your adventure.

Preparing for safari last fall, I wasn’t really concerned about the animals like elephants and lions. I was more worried about fitting everything I’d need into one 30 pound duffel bag. My things include my camera gear, binoculars, clothes, boots, and the like.

If you, like me, are a chronic over packer who overthinks everything I put into a suitcase, you know how the experience goes. I debated and worried about some of the items I was putting into my luggage, and I finally made it all work, with a whopping 3 pounds to spare.



One of my other concerns on safari (and one perhaps shared by others) is looking out of place. There aren’t a lot of fashionable clothing items out there for safari wear, as any safari veteran can tell you. There’s a ton of bland options, like elastic waistbands, pleats that are rather unflattering, and those “patented anti wicking fibers” that have all the texture of a Ziploc bag.


Surely there is some other option? Surely something exists to make those with a love of safari and looking good happy? Turns out, they do.


Companies like Craighopper make clothes suited for the safari. They are lightweight and durable, easy to care for, and quick drying. They’re almost kind of stylish. A bonus is that some of these clothes are UV-protective and treated with insect repellent, which can reportedly survive up to 70 washings.


A final safari tip: Don’t wear anything blue, as it attracts those biting tsetse flies. You’d be better off avoiding bright colors altogether, as well as blacks. Go with something earth-toned or green.


You may consider visiting the Wildlife Conservation Society to help preserve wildlife.