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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Kilimanjaro Tours

Your safari tour to Tanzania will be incomplete without going on one of the Kilimanjaro tours to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Without proper planning and preparation, decide on one among the many Kilimanjaro tours because it is not easy to climb Mount Kilimanjaro safely and successfully by yourself. The majority of Kilimanjaro tours include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You need to be physically healthy and well equipped. High altitudes, low temperatures, and weather (wind, snow, and ice) make growth difficult and potentially dangerous.

Most routes on Kilimanjaro tours take about seven days to develop and may require additional days to acclimatize yourself, as altitude sickness may be a problem. You also need to be physically ready because you have to walk up and down for a long time while breathing less oxygen than usual. Most days you have to walk for about 5 hours. The day you try to reach the top, it will take you 11 hours to reach the top and reach the next camp.

A drive through Tanzania’s grassland is offered on Kilimanjaro tours, where you get a view of the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro (5,892 m). It is considered Africa’s highest mountain and is one of the “seven peaks” that elite climbers often want to climb. If you are physically fit, confident, and have some hiking experience, you can make it to the top. Before climbing, check with a qualified tour company or trekking guide.

To climb Kilimanjaro requires confidence, physical and mental preparation. When you do some hiking or trekking training, it gives you some confidence. You can also exercise for a month or two before climbing. Determination will help you with some trekking tips and guides. Always be prepared for the worst during such Kilimanjaro tours, and do not forget to learn more about Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Most climbers experience some form of mild AMS while climbing. If you ignore it, altitude sickness can be very deadly. As soon as you experience mild AMS symptoms, you should inform your guide immediately.

Even though no knowledge or technical skills are required to climb Kilimanjaro safely and successfully, it is important to know some tips and guidelines about trekking. You will need an experienced tour operator support, so buy Kilimanjaro tours with one, especially one that runs along established routes. When selecting Kilimanjaro tours, be selective and choose wisely. Kilimanjaro tours can cost from $ 2,400 to $ 5,000 per person. Rates include guides, food, camping, transportation, park fee from Kilimanjaro. Make sure the food is included on the Kilimanjaro tours you selected and is decent. Also, make sure that the porters and guides are well trained and paid. 

The weather plays an important role in climbing Kilimanjaro. Good weather increases your chances of reaching the top safely. The best time to book Kilimanjaro tours is during January, February, and September. If you do not get any bookings during these months, check Tanzania’s season reports and visit Kilimanjaro during the hottest and the driest months. You may also like Kenya tours or Tanzania tours.


Kilimanjaro Trekking


Each Kilimanjaro trekking route has its specialty and function, and you should consider what is safe. Lemosho and Sheera are recommended, followed by Machame and Rongai. You should consider a longer route as its height gives you a better chance of reaching the top.

The Kilimanjaro trekking trails are harsh and uncomfortable. You need to pack light so that you can deal with the obstacles you face along the Kilimanjaro trekking trails. Wear the right clothing, such as shorts and a T-shirt, for walking in the scorching sun, and other clothes can help protect you from weather conditions. Good footwear is important to avoid uneven paths. The Kilimanjaro trekking experience can be tough, so prepare yourself physically and mentally.



Visit Kilimanjaro


Many tourists visit Kilimanjaro to climb Africa’s highest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is also considered the highest free mountain in the world. Tourists visit Kilimanjaro in the quest to conquer “Everyman’s Everest” and fulfill their lifelong dream. Although many enthusiasts still wonder how to climb Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro is the easiest to climb among the seven peaks. It is not as hard to visit Kilimanjaro, contrary to popular beliefs. There are regular flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro Airport.

Kilimanjaro is famous for its ancient surroundings and is synonymous with cleanliness. It is an island paradise where you can find unique life forms, including the strange Kilimanjaro tree and the subtle elephant flower. Deciding to visit Kilimanjaro is a no brainer.