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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Amazon Rainforest Tours

Organizing Amazon Rainforest tours can be a daunting task as the Amazon Rainforest covers most Amazon Basin in South America. This particular piece of land consists mainly of Brazil, Peru, and part of Ecuador and Bolivia. Also, other countries of South America belong to this rainforest region.

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s most prosperous ecosystem and accounts for about 5% of the Earth’s total surface. Covering ​​approximately 7.8 million square kilometers, the region has the highest concentration of animals and plants globally. Here you will find the richest species of trees, insects, and animals. It is this incredible diversity that attracts tourists to the Amazon rainforest. As an important area for Earth’s health, you will not regret booking Amazon Rainforest tours for your holidays.

Amazon’s tourism is growing slowly, but it is still in its early stages. Many travel companies were hesitant to offer Amazon Rainforest tours because it was an untapped region. It had a rocky start, but tourism is now looked at as preserving the rainforests and providing local communities with an alternative income source for destructive activities. There are many Amazon Rainforest tours to choose from in the Amazon basin area. So far, only a fraction offers the level of convenience and service that we have come to expect from tourism’s different industries.

On many Amazon Rainforest tours, the Tahua Lodge is the most reputed in the Tamishyaku Tahua Reserve, near Iquitos. It is located 150 kms from the city’s Amazon river. Tahuayo Lodge offers a canopy zipline, private guides, and the most comprehensive list of options for your itinerary. A major factor of Tamashyaku Tahuyo Reserve’s establishment was protecting the Uakari, the unusual looking monkey.

Delfin I and Delfin II are the best options for cruises near Iquitos for Amazon Rainforest tours. Delfin I, a cruise ship, is where you get a private spa to relax and gently watch the rainforest’s view as it passes by your room. Both Delfín I and Delfín II provide a convenient way to explore the very popular Pacaya Samirya National Park’s flooded tropical habitat during Amazon Rainforest tours.

If you are heading towards the eastern side on your Amazon Rainforest tours, you will reach the Brazilian city of Manaus, where you can take a five day Tucano jungle cruise or a seven day Tucano Amazon cruise. You can leave the boat at key junctures in the jungle to explore the flora and fauna of the Amazon with a local professional guide, which is usually included in Amazon Rainforest tours packages.

Amazon Rainforest tours usually offer three ways to view the Amazon rainforest: a cruise, an Amazon Lodge Stay, or trips to the rivers by staying in a town. A cruise is by far the most expensive and luxurious among the available Amazon Rainforest tours. They set sail from Iquitos to the Amazon river. A jungle lodge is an amazing option for your Amazon Rainforest tours. You can take high-end lodges or book budget Amazon tours to visit the extremely beautiful locations. The third option is the least recommended. Day trips from a capital city like Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos would be inexpensive. Still, human civilization has decreased the chances of sighting beautiful animals and birds.



Rainforest Tour


Deciding where to go on an Amazon Rainforest tour is easy—knowing where, when, and how you will travel on such a Rainforest tour is another thing. The number of ways to see the rainforest can be overwhelming, especially for travelers who book their Rainforest tour independently rather than using a tour company.
If you already know that you want to get up close and personal with wild creatures such as macaws, sloths, and monkeys, there are a few things to decide before booking your Amazon Rainforest tour. Firstly, decide which places to visit and for how long. Choose the means of transport you want to use to get there and finally, set a time to leave.



Tours Of The Amazon


Tours of the Amazon can be massive and can be seen from many different countries, although Peru and Brazil are the most popular locations. If you want to see the Amazon, you should visit Brazil and the northern part of Peru. Suppose you want to combine your tours of the Amazon with another great South American attraction like the Machu Picchu tour. In that case, you should travel to Puerto Maldonado in southern Peru, which is just a few hours flight from Cuzco.

The Amazon rainforest is an intense place at any time of the year, but it can be even more difficult during the rainy season. Tours of the Amazon during raining season, the rivers will be very high, places will be muddy, and there will be a significant number of insects. However, you can overcome all these things by taking the right gear on your tours of the Amazon. Boots, rain jackets, and bug spray are a few essential things to take along.