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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Belize

Once a homeland to the Mayan civilization, Belize is a colorful country on the eastern coast of Central America. The Caribbean Sea shoreline stretches up to 386km in the east, and thick tropical forests cover the west. Though a small nation, there are numerous hotspots you wouldn’t want to miss on your trips to Belize. When looking for trips to Belize, be sure to explore highlights like the Caye Caulker, Lamanai, and the Great Blue Hole. No words can explain the rare experience of getting in touch with the exotic nature on your trips to Belize.

As the only English-speaking nation in Central America, you can wander around Belize City and chat with locals. Before going on trips to Belize, it will do you well to brush up on your Spanish. It will help you break the ice with the locals and carry out warm and wholesome interactions. Take a 66 km road trip from Belize City to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary for wildlife spotting. Bizarre creatures like the Central American river turtles, Jabiru storks and, the Mexican black howler monkeys color-up the sanctuary. The lagoons and creeks create the perfect setting for viewing nature’s stunning works.
To its east, Belize has a cluster of islands, termed as ‘Cayes,’ totaling up to more than 450 in number. Spice up your trips to Belize by exploring these spectacular islands. The largest one among them is the Ambergris Caye, the ideal place to party and interact with fellow visitors. Other popular cayes are the Half Moon Caye and the Laughingbird Caye, which are both national parks. Being conserved wildlife areas, you can find more than 80 species of birds and diverse marine species. Every second on these islands will make your trips to Belize so much valuable.

From Belize City, while on your trips to Belize, you can pay a visit to the popular Caye Caulker. With a water taxi, it will take just an hour to get there. Your trips to Belize would not be complete without visiting this spectacular island. Known for its wild night parties, you can surely grab a beer and chill during the day too. With the magnetic bars and restaurants, you can spend half of your trips to Belize drunk, and none would mind. If you’re a nature lover, there’s no better spot to put a smile on your face. Visit the marvelous Hol Chan Marine Reserve, spot the rare manatees, and admire the lush Turneffe Atoll.

Your trips to Belize don’t end there yet. Hidden in the jungles of Belize are the infamous archaeological sites that will blow your mind. The Lamanai, with its peculiar figurines and pottery artworks of the ancient Mayans, will only drive your curiosity. The High Temple and the Mask Temple are two notable temples of the site. Take a ride to San Ignacio to explore ruins like Xunantunich and caves-turned- museums like the Actun Tunichil Muknal. Be in awe of the artistic and scientific advancement of the Mayas who lived there a thousand years ago.
Within Belize City, you can rent bicycles and wander around the local markets. On your trips to Belize, experience the thrill of snorkeling as you witness the beauty of the coral reefs. Go for sunset sailing to relax or a kayaking tour to revitalize your adventurous spirit.

Once you take trips to Belize, a few days will seem too short to relish the stay. Therefore, you might want to consider Belize tours or even a Belize vacation in the near future.




Planning A Trip To Belize

Can’t find the right agents? Yes, planning a trip to Belize can still be a hassle in this day and age. However, with the proper assistance from us, we can ease your burdens and, in the process, save your time. With more than ten trips to Belize available through our website, the duration varies from 2 to 8 days. If you are planning a trip to Belize, you can choose that which suits you most. While planning a trip to Belize, remember to put on the adventurous heart. Experience what it means to be a free bird as you stand atop the ruins of the High Temple.

Ready your tongue to taste otherworldly flavors of all the exotic food varieties of the coastal region. Imagine sleeping without a care in the world under the roofs built for comfort with a traditional touch. Get to witness the nation’s various attractions, which are as diverse as the Belizean people, through our assistance. With expert guides to help you, planning a trip to Belize becomes a whole lot easier for you.



Belize Trips

Explore and see the marine ecosystem up close as you snorkel around the coral reefs on your Belize trips. Visit the magnificent Blue Hole, one of the world’s largest, measuring 304.8 meters across and 125.6 meters deep. Stroll and treat your eyes with the wonders of the Barton Creek Cave and the Chiquibul Cave System.

Perk up your Belize trips with the exotic local cuisines and the seafood of the place. Beans and rice, stew chicken, Hudut, and Gibnut are some of the exquisite local foods you need to try.
Seize the moments of your Belize trips with all your planning, accommodation, dining taken care of. With experienced guides to assist you throughout your Belize trips, all you have to do is take your chances. Feed your curiosity as you survey and learn about the cultures and lifestyles of the Belizeans. Engage yourself with exciting activities like canoeing, cave tubing, and visiting the butterfly farms. Otherwise, you can choose to relax with a local firewater coke and enjoy the view.