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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips to Austria

Situated in the southern region of Central Europe is the landlocked country, Austria. Well-known for its castles and palaces, it almost looks like a nation straight out of a fairytale. As you take trips to Austria, witness and learn about the powerful history that the architectural structures exhibit. This beautiful landlocked country presents you with Salzburg’s manicured streets, the Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg and Hofkirche, and the Vienna Hofburg. You would not want to miss out any of these for the world while looking for your trips to Austria.

Many scheduled trips to Austria offer the chance to stay and explore the capital of Austria, Vienna. Home to the most number of palaces and tourist attractions, it is also the largest city in the country. Get a glimpse the Imperial Silver Collection and the Sisi Museum at Austria’s largest palace, the Imperial Hofburg Palace. The dancing Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School are also a sight to behold. Get a ticket to watch the famed equestrian displays, which would deeply enrich your trips to Austria.

Another magnificent palace you can take your time out for during trips to Austria is the Schönbrunn Palace. Boasting with 1441 rooms, the palace showcases the beautifully crafted artworks displaying the artisans’ skills of the past. As you stand amazed by the elegance of these palaces in Vienna, a day would seem too short. Hence, you might reconsider extending the duration of your stay, while on your trips to Austria.

Though you may arrive by buses or minivans, you can take walks or cycle to take advantage of the place. Take your time to absorb the magnificence of the past and be inspired truly. You can also choose to walk around if you have sufficient time. The lush green surroundings and bright, colourful streets only add fun. Your trips to Austria would not go in vain.

Vienna is also home to another famous highlight for visitors called the Belvedere Palace. Hence, it is no wonder that many tourists love to go on trips to Austria. Make sure that you add this spot to your to-visit-list when on your travels to Austria. The Belvedere consists of two divided sections called the Upper and the Lower palaces. Both showcases splendid feats of detailed artworks and architectural designs. With its statues, the Sala Terrena, the Marble Hall’s carvings and paintings are notable highlights of the Upper Palace.

On the other hand are the Lower palace’s first and second Marble Galleries and the Grotesque Hall. Their distinguished artworks consist of the impressive statue collections and the mesmerizing wall paintings, respectively. Such captivating highlights are sure to tempt any travelling enthusiast to look for trips to Austria.

The view of Salzburg, another city in Austria, doesn’t fall short of its charming beauty either. Set on the River Salzach’s banks, you can hear its serene and unrivalled music history. As you look for trips to Austria, you can visit Salzbur Altstadt, where lays Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter. With many other remarkable monasteries and churches to visit, you can see the Hohensalzburg castle too. Other highlights include The Sound of Music and Red Bull which are worth the stopover on your trips to Austria.

If you’re looking for trips to Austria during winters, the go-to-place would be the famed ski runs of Innsbruck. You can also choose to take a walk to Innsbruck’s Hofburg and Hofkirche. Here, the exquisite sculptures and ceiling paintings of the past still stands to amaze today’s onlookers. Mountain biking and hiking are some pleasurable activities you can take up during your time here.
As you look for trips to Austria, a day or two may never be enough to fathom the beauty of this country. Hence, you can also try searching for Austria tours or Austria vacation, when visiting Central Europe.



Planning a trip to Austria

There can be particular challenges involved for individuals planning a trip to Austria. With our professional help, we can make planning a trip to Austria seem effortless and trouble-free. More than 12 trips to Austria are accessible through our website, as you travel around Central Europe. With experts to guide you throughout, planning a trip to Austria will help you get a different outlook on life. The amazing people and the fantastic sceneries to freshen you up will make you feel alive more than ever.

A few of other key highlights include the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Krimmer Ache and the ice giant’s Eisriesenwelt. As you pass through the manicured streets of Salzburg, you can make a stop to enjoy the infamous Viennese Coffee. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break as you savour the essence of the creamy and cultured Coffee. Meanwhile, you can hop in for a taste of the Sacher Torte, to go along with the Coffee. With the guides’ assistance, listen to tales of the past and visit spots off the map. Such perks make planning a trip to Austria worth its weight in gold.



Austria trips

Instead of dealing with the hassles of planning Austria trips, get to experience Vienna’s abundance with our assistance. With top-grade accommodation and travel experiences, you will also get to have the benefit of enjoying the iconic Schnitzel. Late spring and early fall are the perfect time for Austria trips, with nature’s beauty at its peak. Learn about the rise and fall of kings and queens of the past through the Austria trips. Walk into a world of real-life fantasy as you observe the astounding marvels of the finest architects and artisans.

Apart from the mind-blowing palaces and cathedrals, Austria trips will give you a glimpse of the grand imperial cities. Not forgetting the forests’ overwhelming beauty and the mountains, the people there are amicable and welcoming too. The more you answer to the mountains’ adventurous call, the more you’ll want to live there. And to end on a good note, Salzburg is also the celebrated musical genius’s homeland, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.