Uruguay Vacation

Uruguay Vacation

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Uruguay Vacation

Uruguay is a peaceful country in South America and is where the much-loved tango first took shape. It is famous for the lush forests and coastlines that face the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. If you’re looking for an escape from your daily routines, a Uruguay vacation would be perfect for you. The Barrio Historico, Fortaleza Del Cerro, and La Rambla are important highlights you ought to visit here. Include the sublime sandy beaches of Montevideo to keep you away from the busy crowds during your Uruguay vacation. As one of the most socially advanced nations in Latin America, giving you a proper Uruguay vacation is its forte.

Become one with nature as you participate in recreational activities like hiking, leisure strolls, exploration, and animal watching. For your Uruguay vacation, there are over five different packages available which you can freely choose from. The calm and peaceful environment is perfect for older adults and families to take an Uruguay vacation. Get a different perspective on life as your local guides educate you of their culture and livelihood. Start booking before your passion for traveling starts to dim with time.

The Colonia del Sacramento is an adored Uruguay city that hosts many beautiful attractions for keen travelers. The Barrio Historico is a listed World Heritage site that will surely add value to your Uruguay vacation. This historical site, whose establishment dates back to the 1680s, is a great spot to start your Uruguay vacation. The Portuguese fortress’s ruins there depict how the neighborhood still has a stronghold of its historical roots. Take a leisure walk down the cobblestone streets, hit the local pubs, and interact with the natives inside. Learn the neighborhood’s rich history and its culture-shaping due to outside influences over the centuries.

A lesser-known estuary is the Rio de la Plata, where the Uruguay River joins the Atlantic Ocean. Head over to this place to release your stresses while on your Uruguay vacation. Visit the crumbled ruins of the iconic bullfighting stadium, Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos. Deepen your Uruguay vacation by taking a trip to the Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse and gaze at its magnificent structure. Its first operation began in 1857 and still stands to save blind vessels wandering in the dark. And when it’s time to welcome the night, gather around and sip on the traditional Yerba Maté tea.

As your Uruguay vacation continues, it would be a bummer not to visit the country’s capital city, Montevideo. Wander around the vintage-feel streets of the old town as you look out for fantastic street arts. Hire a bike for the day to ride down the La Rambla and admire the dazzling coastline avenues. Or you can hit the local park and wait for the evening breeze to greet the town. Spice up your Uruguay vacation by hiking up to the 19th century Fortaleza Del Cerro fort. Catch a panoramic view of the city below and listen to the intriguing tales of Montevideo’s past.
With only a few Uruguay vacation days, the short-lived period may entice you for more adventure. With that in mind, you can try considering vibrant Uruguay tours or even Uruguay trips in South America.





Uruguay Vacation Packages

With over five Uruguay vacation packages available through our website, each packed with a unique experience for you. The time length of the Uruguay vacation packages stretches for about four to five days. The decision rests upon you to choose the most suitable package at your convenience. By booking the right Uruguay vacation packages through our website, get a taste of the exotic Uruguayan experience. Your dream to experience a getaway vacation with fabulous accommodations, travel, and dining experiences is not far from reach.

Learn about the interwoven race and cultures of the generous and honorable Uruguayans. Fully utilize your Uruguay vacation packages to your advantage by treating yourself with chivito and meats from an Asado. Master the fine art of tango from the professional dancers as you tango on to the tune of Candombe. Lend your ears to the noisy parakeets that wander around the Plaza Mayor. Take leisure walks to the nearby beaches and connect with the free ocean breeze.





Vacation in Uruguay

It’s natural for doubts and tensions to arise when you’re planning for a vacation in Uruguay. As it is not often that you take a vacation in Uruguay, planning, and decision-making can become tedious. What if we told you that we are here to help carry all your travel burdens and responsibilities? Satisfy your innermost desire to take a tension-free vacation in Uruguay by booking through us. Make sure that you select the most convenient package as per your comfort.

Color your vacation in Uruguay with the vibrant streets of the breezy seaside in Colonia del Sacramento. Explore Uruguay’s oldest city and climb up the stairs of its iconic lighthouse to gawk down below childishly. Experience the typical Uruguayan ranch life in an estancia by helping around with the chores and ranch works. Cut through the wind as you learn to ride a horse the Uruguayan way. Go fishing at the nearest river and treat your stomach with the locally prepared mouth-watering fish cuisine.