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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Nicaragua Vacation

Nicaragua is a beautiful Central American Nation famous for its dramatic terrains of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. A Nicaragua vacation would be a fun, adventurous and thrilling one while exploring active volcanoes, cloud forests, jungles, lakes and beautiful beaches. One can also explore the exciting wildlife by visiting protected reserves and witness the Jaguars, howlers, white-faced monkeys and many species of birds making the Nicaragua vacation a very memorable one. Some of the famous tourist spots for Nicaragua vacation are Islets of Granada, Masaya Volcano, Lake Nicaragua, and Granada.

You can visit Lake Nicaragua which has a huge number of small islands of about 365 that form an archipelago called islets of Granada since it’s near the southeast of Granada’s colonial city. The islets are older than 25000 years ago formed from the ashes and stones of Mombacho volcano. There are many beautiful eco-lodges to relax and enjoy the vibe of a Nicaragua vacation. One can enjoy and explore the beautiful islands by SUP board or kayaks from the Jicaro island lodge’s dock. This is a really cool and fun way of spending time at Nicaragua vacation.

The Masaya Volcano is one of the most famous tourist spots for a Nicaragua vacation. It is protected in the country’s largest national park and located just 20km to the capital Managua. One of the most thrilling experiences one can get visiting this active volcano is how close one can get to the crater’s lip in a private vehicle by driving right up to the edge. Looking down into the crater one can see a lake of molten lava which looks best when visited after dark to see the glow which the bubbling lava creates inside the pit. One can also try wooden board volcano surfing by riding down the volcano’s black ash at another similar volcano site called Cerro Negro. This alone makes a Nicaragua vacation all the more thrilling.

Lake Nicaragua is Central America’s largest lake at 177 km long with an average width of 57 km. It’s so large that when Spanish colonials first came across it, they thought it was a sea. It has many small islets as many as 365 and larger islands like Ometepe with two volcanoes in the lake’s centre. This is definitely a must-visit spot for a Nicaragua vacation. Another unique feature about this lake is that it is the only freshwater lake with ocean animals, including sharks. It is because it is believed to have been once a sea bay, but separated when a volcano erupted, trapping the marine life there. Overtime the marine life has adapted to living in freshwater.

Granada is a beautiful, old, and rich in culture city with some of the best architecture in Nicaragua, making it a favourite spot for most people with a state in culture, history and architecture to visit during their Nicaragua vacation. One can find many old beautiful buildings and architecture, including several churches and buildings constructed in Spanish colonial style. One such famous church is the Convento San Francisco, one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in Central America. One can also enjoy good food and get beautiful momentum and relax from the restaurants, shops and coffee houses, making their Nicaragua vacation a sweet and memorable one.

These are just some places for you to visit on a Nicaragua vacation. But be sure to view all the Nicaragua vacations at amazing prices for you to get the best option for your Nicaragua trip. We offer a great amount of Nicaragua tours at various prices and lengths to choose from.




Nicaragua Vacation Packages

You can choose from over sixteen Nicaragua vacation packages. So choosing a package that suits you will not be difficult at all. When selecting your Nicaragua vacation packages, be sure to choose the best type of trips and tours to match the kind of experience you’re looking for. The experiences you want could include visiting Islets of Granada, Masaya Volcano, Lake Nicaragua, and Granada.
When you’re choosing your Nicaragua vacation packages, you can select whether to get around by car, cruise ship, or travel by air. 
Booking a Nicaragua vacation package would be excellent if you like traveling and exploring the area’s tropical landscape and want to know more about the country’s culture, the lifestyle, food, and history. Do not wait any further, and book your Nicaragua vacation right away. 




Vacation in the Nicaragua

While your vacation in Nicaragua could need some prior planning, like your air travel, and lodging, with our services, you don’t have to worry about all these matters since we’ll take care of all that. We guarantee you that your vacation in Nicaragua will be one for a lifetime. 
Your vacation in Nicaragua will be stress-free since the only thing you’ll worry about is where you’ll go next up. It’s that simple. 
Imagine yourself exploring all the tropical areas all across the beautiful country with your friends and family and also getting to taste all their intriguing and delicious cuisine during your vacation in Nicaragua. Since your vacation in Nicaragua will all be taken care of by us, be ready for an unforgettable experience.