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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Switzerland

Quaint villages that ooze storybook charm and ravishing alpine scenery- these are things that remind you of Switzerland! From the soaring peaks of the Alps to the emerald valleys, glaciers, glittering blue lakes, and picturesque lakeside hamlets, trips to Switzerland are always going to be amazing! If you have trips to Switzerland in mind, Mt Pilatus, Swiss National Park, Interlaken, Zurich, or Peter and Paul Wildlife Park are some of the places you could visit. Whether you want to venture into the wild or pause to take in the scenic beauty, trips to Switzerland are sure to leave you awe-struck!


Among the many highlights during trips to Switzerland, Mount Pilatus is one of them. This tiny paradise of Lucerne is certainly the greatest hiking destination here. If you are looking to hike during trips to Switzerland, this is a good place to start. This place consists of many beautiful peaks, out of which the highest is Tomlishorn. On reaching Mount Pilatus, you will find the most amazing sight awaiting you, and that’s Lake Lucerne comfortably nestled right into the Swiss Alps! While here, you can gaze at the beautiful Swiss Alps or even drop in to one of the restaurants or bars you will find almost everywhere!


When it comes to trips to Switzerland for a wildlife experience, there is none like the Swiss National Park that will thrill you. Founded in 1914, this park is the oldest reserve in the Alps. It covers more than 170 square kilometers of fast-flowing rivers, flower-dotted hollows, and limestone crags. Visiting this place during the winters will allow you to feast your eyes on dramatic sceneries. The view from the cross-country ski trails is equally stunning! Home to as many as 5,000 species of wildlife, you can hike through the network of trails here during trips to Switzerland.


Interlaken is one of the country’s best summer holiday resorts you will stumble upon during trips to Switzerland. In the center of this town lies Höhematte, with 35 acres of urban space and is a marvel of urban planning. From hotels to flower gardens and cafés surrounding the Höheweg, it provides you a breath-taking glimpse of the mountains. If you want to go climbing, hiking, kayaking, or abseiling, the mighty peaks of the Mönch, Eiger, and Jungfrau tower will provide opportunities for the same.


Being the largest city of Switzerland, Zurich is a transportation hub and also the starting point for people taking trips to Switzerland. With a host of cultural treasures, you can begin your trip to Switzerland here by embarking on a walking tour along the cobbled streets of the Old Town with its cafés, shops, and galleries. In this city, you will also find Kunsthaus Zürich Museum, Swiss National Museum, and Rietberg Museum. The Zurich Zoo could be your last stop where you will find a penguin parade, elephant park, and Madagascar pavilion.

Peter and Paul Wildlife Park is a local park you could visit during trips to Switzerland. With to Lake Constance, this park is a free animal attraction where you will find a number of Alpine animal species. Some of these include the red deer, wild boars, wild cats, fallow deer, marmots, Alpine ibexes, and lynxes. One of the best things about this park in St Gallen is the educational and reflective tone it sets for careful detailing of the behavior and biology of this species.


When you embark on trips to Switzerland, you might also want to take a sneak-peek at Switzerland tours and a Switzerland vacation for the most incredible experience.





Planning A Trip To Switzerland

Planning a trip to Switzerland with your family? If that’s the case, we are always here to help you. You may be well aware of the different hassles you are likely to face while planning a trip to Switzerland. From gathering outdated information to paying unbelievably high prices, everything could just go wrong. If you let us help you in planning a trip to Switzerland, you will certainly be making the right move. That’s because we have a total of nine trips that range from seven days to twenty-six days available on our website. You can choose the best trip that suits your liking from among these trips so that you can rightly say that you had the best trip ever!



Switzerland Trips

When you look at Switzerland trips, some of the highlights include Mt Pilatus, Swiss National Park, Interlaken, Zurich, or Peter and Paul Wildlife Park. While you will find a lot of activities to do here, hiking up the Matterhorn taking a cable ride to Mt Pilatus are some of the other activities that you will find delight in. Whether you want to go hiking, biking, skiing, or tobogganing, you have the choice to choose the best Switzerland trip. It is safe to say that Switzerland trips will leave you enchanted and spellbound to the very core!