Zanzibar Vacation

Zanzibar Vacation

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Zanzibar Vacation

A few miles off the coast of Tanzania is the Zanzibar Island or the Unguja Island, as its inhabitants call it. It belongs to the Zanzibar archipelago and is approximately 56 miles long and 25 miles wide. If you are looking for an escape from your busy schedules, a soothing Zanzibar vacation is your way out. Some popular highlights of Zanzibar include the Northern beaches, spice plantations, Joseph’s Cathedral, and the Old Fort. With its dark history of slave trading to when merchants started exporting fruits, a Zanzibar vacation never disappoints.

More than twenty-six Zanzibar vacation packages sit on our website for enthusiastic travelers yearning to explore Africa. As an island famous for its exotic beaches and spices, wander around and learn about its rich history and people. A Zanzibar vacation is the ideal landing place for short breaks, wildlife, and exploration themes. It provides a calm and peaceful environment for enthusiastic senior citizens, solo travelers, and even families. Be careful not to judge this island by its size. Though small, the island is a gift box packed with mysterious candies waiting for you to open and explore.

As Zanzibar’s central city, Stone Town holds many fascinating attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss. Make your first Zanzibar vacation stop at this town. Wander around the noisy markets, holy mosques, and grand courtyards by foot. When the sun starts to shy away, why not enter a local bar and grab a drink for fun. Get yourself lost in the maze-like streets of this town, and make your Zanzibar vacation more fun. Jump from stall to stall and gather some souvenirs or have a taste of the island’s exotic seafood.

Head over to the iconic Joseph’s Cathedral, located in Stone Town’s Baghani area. This historic building exhibits its marvelous architectural designs and is still in use. Gaze up at its towering twin spires and be in awe of the stunning interior murals. If the time serves right, you might get a chance to attend the mass with the town’s Catholic community.

Put on your Zanzibar vacation’s walking shoes and go for a guided tour to the island’s vast spice plantations. Interact with the natives and learn about the town’s spice trading history and how they operate it. Surprise your nose and tongues with thrilling sensations as you smell and taste unique indigenous spices. Some of the common spices grown in the area include ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla. Hit a nearby restaurant and order an exotic octopus meal before you proceed with your Zanzibar vacation.

Your Zanzibar vacation would only be complete after you run and explore the island’s brilliant beaches. Tread on top of the warm white sands as the cool ocean breeze blows your mind away. Connect with the marine life as you go snorkeling in the clear waters away from the shore. You can also choose to laze around the beach in a hammock and sip on a cold beverage. Or else, chomp on exotic grilled seafood as your Zanzibar vacation continues.

Another important attraction of the island that will add zing to your Zanzibar vacation is the historic Old Fort. Stroll around one of the oldest buildings on the island, whose construction dates back to the 17th century. Be in awe of its unwavering structure and the fascinating history that surrounds it. It was once a defense structure, then a prison for local criminals, and now a recreational, cultural center.
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Zanzibar Vacation Packages

There are about twenty-six Zanzibar, Tanzania vacation packages accessible through our website for booking. The period of the Zanzibar vacation packages ranges from about three to four days. The call is yours to select the most suitable package from the wide range of collections. Book your Zanzibar vacation packages via our website to experience the best of Zanzibar. With excellent accommodations, travel, and dining experiences, you’ll wish for your stay to last much longer.

Add zest to your Zanzibar vacation packages by strolling through the white-sand beaches and cruising in the turquoise water. Explore the historic Zanzibar City’s Old Fort as you admire the magnificence of the sturdy structure. Visit the vibrant bazaars and engross yourself in the cultures and food habits of the natives. Learn of the island’s dark past, its glorious days, and analyze its present commercial standing. Go for orientation walks with your local guides and taste the varieties of spices produced by the merchants.




Vacation in Zanzibar

In these modern times, it is never easy to plan and prepare for a vacation in Zanzibar. Your everyday obstacles, stresses, and time constraints can wear you down. Hence, it is best to seek reliable assistance if you wish to take a vacation in Zanzibar. How fun would it be to travel without single stress? By booking for a vacation in Zanzibar via our website, make your escape into the unknown without care.

Color your vacation in Zanzibar with a wide variety of spices as you taste them and understand their importance. Feel the salty ocean breeze blow through you as you sail the traditional dhows along the sandy shores. In your leisure time, relax beneath a coconut tree while you sip on a chilled cocktail like a boss. Get a glimpse of the island’s shady past by taking a boat trip to Prison Island. Soak up the evening sun rays and take a walk to the Forodhani market to devour the freshly grilled fishes.