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Tibet Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tibet Tours 

Wouldn’t a tour to the Roof of the World be fascinating? With Tibet tours, you can make this interesting adventure come true. Tibet tours take you on a wild exploration on the highest altitudes on earth. Join Tibet tours today and enjoy the plentiful sights and activities across this tranquil and breath-taking nation.

Tibet tours offer its visitors a myriad of both natural and man-made wonders that range from lofty mountains to ancient and religious structures that will leave you impressed. 

If you’re excited about Tibet tours, you’ll be glad to know that we offer various Tibet tours that are suitable for the bulk of travelers ranging from young solo travelers, seniors and families. You’ll find several tour types that consist of hiking, culture exploration, trekking, wildlife viewing, and climbing, among others. 

Some of the best destinations to visit during Tibet tours include tours to Potala Palace, Sakya Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, and Yangbajing Hot Springs.

The famous Potala Palace is one of the top destinations to check out while on Tibet tours. Situated over the city of Lhasa at 3,750 meters above ocean level, this historic castle holds some of the most interesting culture and history. When you visit this palace, you should check out the other major attractions, including the Red Palace, the White Palace, and the Golden Roof Group.

When you embark on Tibet tours, you will be impressed with the huge number of monasteries which are one of the major attractions in the nation. One of the most prominent ones is Sakya Monastery which is highly popular among tourists for its grand collection of Tibetan wall paintings, thangkas, droning ministers, and more than 40,000 ancient parchments, including the precious Burde Gyaimalung. 

During Tibet tours, make a visit to Jokhang Temple to marvel at the divinity of Buddha. Also known as the ‘Place of Buddha,’ Jokhang Temple lies in old Lhasa city and is the seat of the Gelugpa Branch of Tibetan Buddhism. It is considered the holiest place for all Tibetan Buddhist missionaries. You’ll be fascinated with the attractions like the enormous statue of sitting Buddha, Lhasa Mosque, Barkhor Street, and Ranoche Temple.

You’ll also be excited to include the remarkable Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon on your Tibet tours. This dramatic canyon is 496.3 meters long with an average depth of 5000 meters. However, some profound spots drop to 5,382 meters, thereby overtaking the Grand Canyon in Colorado as the most profound canyon in the world. You can also enjoy the various sights of many rare plants and animals in its rich forests. In fact, you can spot almost all kinds of wildlife here; no wonder it is called the Gene Pool of Biological Resources.

Yangbajing Hot Springs is another interesting destination to visit during Tibet tours. Situated northwest of Lhasa city, the town of Yangbajing is a wonderful sight to behold with green rolling valleys with yaks and sheep on them. With a high elevation of about 4,500 meters, a visit to the Yangbajing Hot Springs field is truly a memorable and unique experience. 



Tour Tibet 

This lofty land in East Asia has a lot to offer when you tour Tibet. As the highest region in the world at more than 5,000 meters, everything from the climate to the terrain and people will prove to be a truly unique experience when you tour Tibet. Situated in the Himalayas, it is also home to Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on earth, which stands at a lofty height of 8,848 meters. Lhasa, the capital city of the nation, is a must-visit when you tour Tibet. It is home to the famous Potala Palace as well as the Jokhang Temple which contains a golden statue of Buddha and is the nation’s most sacred site.

With an area spanning over 2.5 million km², Tibet is a highly diverse nation and is home to several ethnic groups such as Tamang, Monpa, Sherpa, Qiang, and Lhoba. You will also find a good number of Han Chinese and Hui people when you tour Tibet. Secure yourself an adventurous memory as you explore ‘the Roof of the World.’ 



Tour Of Tibet 

As a diverse region, there is plenty to see and do when you embark on a tour of Tibet. While many tourists visit the region to marvel at the sights of the ancient cultures, temples, and buildings, for instance, the Potala Palace, a tour of Tibet offers so much more than religious and cultural attractions. You can also find great excitement shopping at the bustling Barkhor Street where you can buy all kinds of goods and souvenirs to take back home for your near and dear ones. 

A tour of Tibet also treats you to the beautiful natural scenery and attractions that lay scattered around the region. A visit to the gorgeous attractions like Namtso Lake and Lake Yamdrok during a tour of Tibet will surely take your breath away. You can enjoy various amenities like bird watching, hiking, photography, camping, and more. 



Tibet Tour Packages 

Given that Tibet is a beautiful green nation with so many popular destinations to explore, we offer various exciting Tibet tour packages to narrow down the vast options to the best ones. However, keep in mind that each of our Tibet tour packages differs from one another in attractions, destinations, amenities, food, and accommodation. So you should carefully select from among the exciting tour packages. 

There are Tibet tour packages that take you on an exploration of the wild and lofty mountains, including Mount Everest, and the rich and beautiful landscape and scenery the nation offers. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to book tours that take you to the forests and mountains rich in animals. You can also find exciting Tibet tour packages that treat you to the sights of the revered temples and monasteries that are dotted across this bountiful nation. 



Tibet Escorted Tours 

You might want to consider our Tibet escorted tours when you’re touring to crowded places, for instance, Barkhor Street, where a huge crowd is always present. This way, you don’t have to deal with the problem of getting lost, literally and figuratively. Our reliable Tibet escorted tours are perfect if you want to have a hassle-free experience touring the nation. You may also have a greater chance to experience the nation better with Tibet escorted tours as you’ll be guided by a tour guide throughout the duration of the tour. 



Tibet Group Tours 

Tibet group tours are recommended for people who want to travel in groups and share their experiences together. If you want to join one of our exciting Tibet group tours, you just have to choose how many people you want to tour with. You can even join other groups who are taking the same tour as you. Tibet group tours offer one of the most enjoyable and satisfying adventures as you get the chance to view this stunning nation collectively and feel excited together. You can opt for our special private h if you want to fit a group of up to 18 people.



Best Tibet Tours 

If you want the best Tibet tours, you will want to start browsing through our tempting list of tours today. You just have to choose the length of the tours and find the best Tibet tours to embark on. Make sure you also check out the exciting Tibet vacations and Tibet trips as well.