Arctic Tours

Arctic Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Arctic Tours

Who is interested in going on Arctic Tours? The region right at the map’s edge with grooming polar bears, ethereal northern lights, and the midnight sun is a great place for explorers and tourists. Check out the various Arctic Tours you can go to explore the Earth’s northernmost part. There are several and various kinds of tours from which traveling enthusiasts can choose. We recommend tours that take seven to thirty days in total; however, the length of your tours is entirely up to you and your level of interest.

Arctic Tours are suitable for seniors and people who prefer traveling solo or with family. The tour consists of wildlife viewing, sightseeing, and various kinds of adventures that make them unique, special, and educational too. Arctic Tours are offered in various countries like Canada, Russia, and Norway.


Unique to all the other places on the Earth, Arctic Tours can give you the lifetime opportunity of literally standing at 90 degrees North at the top of the Earth, sightseeing the majestic Arctic Ocean on a helicopter, seeing polar bears and walruses, and experiencing continuous daylight. You will be taking some special memories as you head back home.

Nothing can be boring while you are in Arctic Tours as you are traveling to a place like no other. You will be able to get the chance to stand on the North Pole on ice about six to ten feet in depth. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever! From that point, every direction you turn to will be towards the South. Another interesting thing about standing 90 degrees North on the Earth is that you are in a place without a time zone. 


Going on Arctic Tours also gives you the perk of seeing the Arctic Ocean from a whole different view. Although there are some countries that share the coastlines of the Arctic Ocean, you will never be able to get a view like that from a helicopter above the ocean. As you sign up for one of the Arctic Tours, you can expect to see and feel unique experiences. 

Animal lovers would be thrilled to see the mighty polar bears, walruses, and possibly the Arctic fox and seals, among many others. These species are native only to the Arctic, where you can view them in their natural habitats through a distance. You can spot a seal through a hole in the frozen water or an Arctic fox as it wanders on a tundra. When you are in one of the Arctic Tours, you might also catch a glimpse of Arctic birds, including Snowy Owl, Puffins, and Arctic Terns, to name a few.


While you can enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights from Alaska, Norway, and other countries in the north, you will get a better view of them when you are in the Northernmost part of the Earth. Due to shorter days and longer nights, you will see the aurora borealis in Arctic Tours more often than in other places. 
These are only a few highlights of our recommended tour stops for Arctic Tours provided by our partners. You can also take a look at the Arctic Vacations and Arctic Trips.




Tour Arctic 

While you are planning to Tour Arctic, you must be wondering about various things such as dining, accommodations, and travel expenses. We are here to tell you that our suggested tour trips include a great package where you will have the most comfortable accommodation as the ratio of the passengers to the experts is low. You don’t have to worry about dining either as only healthy and delicious meals will be served, while you pay a very reasonable amount for the travel expenses. It would be hard to find packages like this to Tour Arctic! All you have to think about is enjoyment and how much fun you will have exploring as you Tour Arctic.


If you want to Tour Arctic, there are several tours you can find in different countries. Most of these tours last from seven days up to a whole month, depending on your tour package. Besides wildlife, the view of the Arctic Ocean, Aurora borealis, and standing on the North Pole, there are some other tours that highlight kayaking excursions, visiting Arctic Archipelago, and exploring Helsinki architecture. 




Tour Of Arctic

Tour of Arctic might seem like visiting a massive block of ice at first. But when you actually research the flora, fauna, and the natural phenomenon that occurs in the Arctic, you know you’re not going to regret it a bit. When you book your Tour of Arctic from us, you would be getting a premium experience from the start to the end. From easy, hassle-free booking of tickets to having the most convenient and comfortable ride to your destination, you will enjoy every bit of your Tour of Arctic. 

During the tour, you would get to witness some of the unique habitats, find some abandoned huts of other explorers, and so many other interesting things along the journey. So don’t hesitate to book for your next tour; you‘ve got the best deals here! Just make sure you are selecting the tour that has the most stops and places to visit.




Arctic Tour Packages

We have a handsome selection of Arctic Tour Packages that you might want to look at. The tour packages range from the ones that include a helicopter ride above the Arctic, sightseeing wildlife and vegetation to others that offer a longer ride, visiting glaciers and bays, and spending some more time at several tour stops.

Finding the best Arctic Tour Packages might be a challenge as there are several companies offering various kinds of deals. However, buying one that we recommend means getting safer and convenient trips, better views, and more reasonable prices. The packages that we suggest consist of tours of different durations, amenities, stops, and locations. You can find the one that suits your needs best and easily book them now. You will surely have lots of fun and love these Arctic Tour Packages, which are great for solo explorers and those with family or friends too.




Arctic Escorted Tours

Most of the tours mentioned here are Arctic Escorted Tours, which means you will have guides. Choosing Arctic Escorted Tours makes it much easier for us to make the best plans so that you can have the best and the safest experience. As you book one of our Arctic Escorted Tours, all you have to do is sit and enjoy the experience, knowing you are as safe as can be. With several options out there, we are sure you will find the perfect one for you. As you know that safety is the top priority when it comes to tours and expeditions, you can whole-heartedly enjoy the tour without worrying about anything.




Arctic Group Tours

Arctic Group Tours are great traveling options for those who are planning to travel in a group with their friends, family, or both. All you have to do while booking Arctic Group Tours is to select the number of participants for the tour you want to book, which most likely can be accommodated. If you have a group of up to eighteen people, you might get to enjoy special private tours. For the perfect Arctic Group Tours, simply choose one from the collection of tours offered to you. And now you are all set to experience a group tour with your people.




Best Arctic Tours

Choosing the Best Arctic Tours might be a difficult task as there are several options for you. If you want to select your tour from the Best Arctic Tours available, the ideal thing for you to do is decide how many days you want to spend on the tour and then select the suitable ones from the collection.