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Jordan Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Jordan Tours

Jordan is a hot and dry country in the Middle East and boasts a wide variety of monuments from the past. Are you planning to go on Jordan tours? Arriving in Jordan means an immersion in history. View one of the ten Jordan tours, and explore one of the unique countries on Earth. We recommend Jordan tours ranging from eight to twenty-two days in length.

On Jordan tours, you can see Roman ruins, Crusader Castle, and the Holy Land, stroll like a cork in the Dead Sea, cross the ruins at Petra’s Pink City, and enjoy a desert safari at the stunning Wedge Rum.

Being one of Middle East’s most visited countries, Jordan’s protected sites include historical monuments and ancient cities. Jerash, the City of Columns, is known for its seventeen churches, two theaters, and many well-preserved old cobblestone streets with various styles. Other popular cities you can visit on your Jordan tours include the cities of Roman Decapolis. Mamluk Fortress and Crusader castles, caliph palaces, and many places associated with the New and the Old Testaments can be visited on Jordan tours. Legend has it that Prophet Moses first saw land in Jordan after wandering in the desert for 40 years, and he found his resting place in Jordan.

Jordan is where the baptism of Jesus took place and where John the Baptist was beheaded. King Herod the Great once looked for mineral and sulfur springs here in Jordan. The olive trees, palm trees, pine and cedar, and the mountains are unique and will make your Jordan tours worthy of the money you pay. Such unique perspectives make Jordan an ideal place to relax and visit. Tourists here often have the opportunity to visit Petra, often referred to in the media as one of the world’s wonders. Petra is Jordan’s most interesting and most visited landmark on Jordan tours and is added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Petra’s city’s remains include residential buildings, palaces, steep stairs, cobbled streets, and public buildings that leave an everlasting impression on tourists. That makes Petra a must-see place on Jordan tours. There are more than 800 different locations, most of which are completely carved from the rock. The first settlements emerged here around 4000 years ago. Petra, today attracts a large proportion of tourists on Jordan tours. This fascinating and mysterious destination has the potential to become a world-famous tourist destination.

The Vatican has recognized five Bible sites in Jordan as important sacred sites. 30 km south of Amman is where you can find Madaba. Madaba is often referred to as the “city of mosaics.” The city streets and buildings in the city center are still preserved; so, Madaba should be visited on Jordan tours. The St. George’s Greek-Christian Church in Madaba was built on the base map of the Middle East. The Dead Sea, rivers, cities, and the Mediterranean Sea all appear on the map. Apart from the ruins of churches, roads, and houses, you can also see the famous archaeological park of Madaba on such Jordan tours.


Tour Jordan

A rich, diverse country, Jordan is located in the Middle East and boasts one of the oldest civilizations. One of the main attractions when you tour Jordan, is the Dead Sea. Some tourists come here to receive a convenient and regenerative treatment for various diseases. In contrast, others stay here to swim in the medicinal oily waters on their travels across the country. One of the most visited places on Jordan tours is Moses’ memorial on Mount Nebo, which is believed to be his burial place. You can see the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley from the top of this mountain, where Moses led his people.

Coming back to tour Jordan should come as no surprise if you have tasted and experienced this great country’s history and culture. When thinking about where you want to go for your next trip, you may consider to tour Jordan. A small reason is all a history enthusiast needs to tour Jordan.


Tour of Jordan

The desert palaces castles are the remains of fortresses, castles, fortified palaces, and watchtowers. The primary role here is played by the Umayyad palaces and the Crusaders’ palaces. These are great places to visit on your tour of Jordan. They can be seen on the way to the eastern regions of Jordan or Aqaba. Shobak and Karak are two medieval castles built by the Crusaders in the 12th century. Two other palaces worth visiting on your tour of Jordan are Vueyra and Karak, located in Petra. 

During the campaign against the crusaders, Ajloun castle served as the fortress of Saladin. The Azraq Palace, made of black basalt, and the Amra Qasr castle, with its murals, are many great places with great structure and designs to visit on any tour of Jordan.

While on a tour of Jordan, experience the incredible Perseid meteor shower from Desert Camp in Wadi Rum, where you can see the stars on two nights when the meteor shower reaches its peak. 



Jordan Tour Packages

It can be challenging to find a good tour package that fits your profile and schedule. This is where we come in, as we have listed 10 of our best Jordan tour packages offered by our partners. These ten packages offer different facilities, destinations, and amenities. There will be surely one package that is perfect for you, so take your time and search thoroughly.

Combine the Perseid meteor shower event with Roman ruins, the Crusaders’ palace, swim in the Dead Sea and explore Petra’s pink city’s ruins. These are just some of the sites and destinations offered on our Jordan tour packages. Check the duration and destinations on such tours and decide. All Jordan tour packages are unique, and many offer different locations, tour stops, amenities, and quality accommodations and food options. That is why when you purchase a Jordan tour packages recommended by us that you know you are getting a great tour package. You may also like Jordan vacations or trips to Jordan.



Jordan Escorted Tours

Almost all the tours offered by our partners are escorted tours. The Jordan escorted tours offered ensures the tourists a great tour by taking them to the major attractions, regional activities, best hotels, and award-winning restaurants depending on your requirements and budget. You can choose any one of the ten Jordan escorted tours according to your personal preferences. Safety is of utmost importance, and with our Jordan escorted tours, you are guaranteed a safe and wonderful time in Jordan. The primary objective of choosing an escorted or guided tour is to ensure that you enjoy the place to the fullest without being insecure, and all these bases are covered with our tours.



Jordan Group Tours 

The main reason to pick group tours is to save time and money, as almost everything is preplanned beforehand. With our Jordan group tours, you will certainly reap the full advantages of group tours to the fullest. Our Jordan group tours are organized so that the traveler’s convenience is achieved to the fullest. The itinerary of Jordan group tours includes everything from arrival to the departure. The group sizes of such tours generally range between 8 to 12 people. You can meet different people and make new friends, as you will be traveling with people with the same interests and purposes for visiting the destination.


Best Jordan Tours

Finding the best Jordan tours can be difficult as many travel companies offer different tour packages. This is where we come in to recommend you the best tours available for different destinations. Check out the tours offered by our partners to find the best Jordan tours. You can find solo, escorted, or group tours that best fit your interests.