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If you love mysteries and history, an Easter Island Vacation is what you need. Easter Island lies in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean, and it is a territory of Chile. Its local name is Rapa Nui. It is one of the most remote islands famous for the nearly 900 gigantic statues called Moai. The population of this unique Chilean territory is just about five thousand. But many tourists visit the place from all over the world. Though it is a remote island, you can have plenty of fun and enjoy the sights during an Easter Island Vacation. You can stay at Hanga Roa and visit different locations each day that you are there. Some places of interest include the Sebastian Englebert Museum of Anthropology, Rapa Nui National Park, Ahu Vaihu, Rano Raraku, and Ahu Tongariro. Orongo Ceremonial Village, Rano Kau, Ahu Vinapu, and Akivi are other sites and sights you should not miss.

We have plenty of suggestions for Easter Island Vacation. You will find vacations that combine with other locations too. But there are quite a few independent vacations available. So, these might be more suitable as you can enjoy every site without the rush. Independent vacations last about 4-5 days, so that it would be quite convenient. You can choose Easter Island vacations for seniors, solo travelers, groups, families, and partners as per convenience and preference. There are plenty of items available for Easter Island vacation. Hence, to avoid monotony, we suggest various holidays like hiking, cultural, trekking, adventure, wildlife, National Geographic Journeys, and safaris if available. Make it a point to do a different activity each day for unlimited fun and enjoyment.

Once you land in Hanga Roa, you can shower, relax a bit and get a bite. Then you can begin your Easter Island vacation. The island is most popular for the moai statues. So, you will have the chance to see the first one when you arrive in the middle of the town. To understand more, you can start with the Sebastian Englebert Museum of Anthropology. You can learn some history about the place, and it will be more exciting when you visit other locations. You may then check out some lovely sites where you will see more statues.

Rapa Nui National Park is an exciting location that offers plenty of sights and information about the society that lived here. The park covers at least 40 % of the island. Hence, you will have much to see and learn here during your Easter Island vacation.

Next up in Easter Island Vacation is Ahu Vaihu that contains eight moai statues lying prone on the ground face down. You can obtain more info about them from the guide who is with you on that day.

An Easter Island vacation should include a visit to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater, and the quarry where the ancient people used the rocks to make the moai statues. There are numerous statues in different levels of carving. So, you will get an idea of how and who created the statues. The place is beautiful, and you will learn history too.

The Orongo Ceremonial Village is another exciting place that you have to visit on an Easter Island Vacation. It is an important archaeological site, and visitors can learn plenty of stuff here. A sacred ritual used to take place at the site in ancient times. If you happen to visit at that particular time, then it will be a fantastic experience.

While you are there, you can check out Rano Kau, Ana Kai Tangata, and Vinapu too. Rano Kau is the biggest volcano on Easter Island, and it is a splendid sight. Ana Kai Tangata is a location with a cave full of ancient carvings. Vinapu is a place with a unique wall, also known as the “Inca” wall, because of the resemblance to Inca walls in several areas. Each site is impressive and connected to the history of the island.

Besides the sights mentioned above, you can do several other things too. You can check out all the Easter Island tours and see which ones you like. You can pick your favorites and make plans for an incredible experience for your future Easter Island trip.





Easter Island Vacation Packages


You will notice two types of Easter Island Vacation Packages. Firstly, some packages include other countries and locations. These can last for up to sixty-five days. There are also independent Easter Island Packages lasting about 4-5 days, as mentioned earlier. These are solely about Easter Island, and so duration and prices are lower. Hence, you can decide which to choose. We recommend the Easter Island Packages that are suitable and convenient. Even if you have only four or five days, you can see all the unique places and do everything exciting. You can visit the Rano Kau, Orongo village, Ana Kai Tangata, and Vinapu. You can also go to Rano Raraku, Rapa Nui National Park, Ahu Tongariro, and Ahu Vaihu on any independent Easter Island vacation package. Choose from among the best Easter Island Packages and enjoy outstanding accommodations and new and delicious cuisine. So, don’t ponder further but make contact today and book spots.





Vacation in Easter Island


While it is always exciting to visit new places and experience adventure, planning can wear you out. You have to consider a travel agency, vacation packages, travel tickets, means of transport, accommodation, and cost for an exciting Vacation on Easter Island. Planning all these can cause you exhaustion and even confuse you. But wait; what if there is someone to take care of all these things in advance regarding a Vacation on Easter Island? What if you only have to pack up and go? It is possible because Expedition Wild is here to help you out. You need not stress about anything at all. You can choose dates and locations, and they will arrange every detail. You can visit the beautiful places, enjoy the local delicacies and experience new and beautiful cultures and traditions.

With someone planning everything for you, it is a sure thing that your Vacation in Easter Island will be the perfect getaway for you. So, arrange your essentials and prepare for the fantastic holiday, which would be your next Vacation on Easter Island.