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Taiwan Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Taiwan Tours 

Are you excited about Taiwan tours? This east Asian nation is the whole package where you will have no end to fun and adventure. When you embark on Taiwan tours, you will not only have an enjoyable time celebrating the glory of the natural wonders and incredible man-made structures. So if you’re wondering which country in the world to visit, we recommend Taiwan tours for the best fun-filled experience.

Taiwan tours are packed with countless attractions that range from historical buildings and memorials to stunning natural attractions like mountains, lakes, and waterfalls, among others. 

If you’re wondering whether Taiwan tours are for you, don’t worry. We provide a good range of Taiwan tours that are suitable for seniors, families, and solo travellers as well. The exciting tour types include hiking, trekking, biking, sailing, and more. So you will find your preference without much hassle. 

Some of the worthy attractions you must visit while on Taiwan tours include the capital Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Kenting National Park, Wulai, and Kinmen Islands.

Taipei is one of the top tourist destinations for Taiwan tours. After all, the capital city of the nation is packed with a myriad of exciting attractions for visitors to see and do, including vibrant art and cultural scene. You will find several interesting old and new buildings and architecture, towering skyscrapers, and delicious food. You will also be fascinated by Taipei 101, which used to be the tallest building in the world. Make sure you visit the Taipei Zoo, the temple of Hsing Tian Kong, the Botanical Garden, and the National Palace Museum, among others. 

While on Taiwan tours, would you be interested in visiting the largest water body in the nation? If you are, the famous Sun Moon Lake is an incredible destination to visit for both locals and tourists. In this place, you can choose from countless thrilling activities that range from sailing and boating on the tranquil lake to hiking and biking in the surrounding hills. You can also go on a thrilling cable car ride to get breath-taking views of the lake below. You will be glad to find several grand hotels, restaurants, and resorts along the shores of the lake. 

If you are a fan of nature, we recommend Taiwan tours to Kenting National Park, which is the oldest national park in the country. This popular tourist destination lies in the south of Taiwan on the Hengchun Peninsula. You will fall in love with a tropical climate and the dramatic beaches. The top attractions in the park are the rich flora and fauna, Eluanbi Lighthouse, and the popular annual Spring Scream festival.

Another beautiful place to visit during Taiwan tours is Wulai, a fairly new tourist town that is popular for its rich culture, pleasant climate, gorgeous scenery, and most importantly, the hot springs. This stunning town lies in the South of New Taipei City and is home to the Atayal people. The town is set amid lush green covers, so you can enjoy countless opportunities for hiking, camping, and fishing. 

The Kinmen Islands is another stunning attraction during Taiwan tours. Situated between China and Taiwan, this beautiful island is also famous for serving as a battlefield for the Nationalists and communists. Do you know that the Kinmen Islands have the nickname “park in the sea?” You will find many historical buildings, ancient architecture, 


Tour Taiwan 

When you tour Taiwan, be prepared to be amazed at the wonders this east Asian country has to offer. Taiwan is bordered by the People’s Republic of China to the northwest, the Philippines to the south, and Japan to the northwest. The nation features mountain ranges that cover two-thirds in the east and plains in the western third. The plains are where you’ll find the buzzing and vibrant modern scene when you tour Taiwan. 

This densely populated nation holds Taipei as the capital city, which also serves as an urban center. When you tour Taiwan, you will also be interested in visiting vibrant and enchanting cities like Taichung, New Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taoyuan. Taiwan is a land of diverse attractions that run from ancient temples and museums to the beautiful gift of natural scenery and landscape. So if you are undecided whether or not to tour Taiwan, we recommend that you give it a chance to surprise and amaze you. 



Tour Of Taiwan 

When you embark on a tour of Taiwan, you will find that opportunities are endless in this beautiful island nation. If you want to dive deeper into the history and culture of the nation while getting a good dose of fun and entertainment along the way, make sure you include a visit to Tainan on your tour of Taiwan. This ancient city was once the capital of the nation. Once in the city, it would be a good idea to tour the Anping District, the ancient heart of Tainan. You will be impressed by the several temples that lay scattered around the city. The top attractions in the city include Fort Zeelandia and Koxinga, and Chimei Museum, among others. 

Away from the bustling cities lies the gorgeous Alishan National Scenic Area, which is a must-visit during a tour of Taiwan. This area is home to several mountains, including twenty-five mountains that surpass more than 2,000 meters. For outdoor lovers on a tour of Taiwan, this spot is a paradise for hiking and climbing. 


Taiwan Tour Packages 

The reason why tourists can’t get enough of this enchanting country is that there are so many worthy attractions to visit in Taiwan. That’s why we offer various Taiwan tour packages that include tours to fit the needs of all types of travellers. Our tour packages include tours to the bustling cities that hold numerous attractions like skyscrapers, temples and pagodas, museums, and buzzing nightlife. If you’re fascinated by the beautiful scenery and natural attractions of the country, you can opt for Taiwan tour packages that take you to explore the vast forest covers, valleys and cliffs, national parks, beaches, and more. 

Since each of our Taiwan tour packages varies from one another, you will want to carefully consider what you are genuinely interested in. Our exciting Taiwan tour packages feature unique locations, attractions, amenities, food, and lodging. So find the most convenient one and book the interesting tours today, and have a memorable time in this beautiful nation.  



Taiwan Escorted Tours 

If you want to travel and tour the nation in convenience, knowing that you are safe at all times, our Taiwan escorted tours are made for you. Taiwan escorted tours are guided tours, which means that a tour guide leads the tour across the nation to the most important attractions. With our Taiwan escorted tours, you don’t have to go through the hassle of planning where to go and what to see when you are in the country. All you need to do is settle back and focus on enjoying the blissful nature and the top attractions in the country. 



Taiwan Group Tours 

Maybe you have a group you want to accommodate for your tour. If you want to fit a group, our exciting Taiwan group tours are there to back you up. Taiwan group tours provide an opportunity to enjoy the best moments of your life with loved ones as you travel together and visit the best attractions and share the same experience and excitement. If you have a big group you want to tour with; you’ll be happy to book our special private Taiwan group tours. Hurry up and start your memorable journey across this magical land and garner yourself an experience that will always excite you whenever you recollect the memories. 


Best Taiwan Tours 

Are you looking for the best Taiwan tours? With several tours on our list, you might find the best Taiwan tours if you look carefully. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you might also find better luck with our exciting Taiwan vacations and Taiwan trips.