Trips To Jamaica

Trips To Jamaica

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips To Jamaica

Whether you picture yourself hiking up a mountain, dozing off on the beach, or exploring underwater worlds, there is no dearth of activities when in Jamaica. Most fantastic for active travelers, trips to Jamaica will get your heart pumping and allow you to have one of your most active and soul-searching trips yet! When in this island nation in North America, there are a number of places that you can opt to visit. Some of these include Rick’s café, Blue Mountains, the Luminous Lagoon, Dolphin Cove, and Dunn’s River Falls. Whether you want to taste the famous Jerk Chicken or go rafting on the Rio Grande, the choice is yours!

Trips to Jamaica wouldn’t be worth it if you don’t visit Rick’s Café. Although this is a café and bar, this is not the only reason why tourists flock to this place! At the edge of this café is a 35-foot cliff that allows you to view one of the beautiful sunsets in the whole of Jamaica. If you feel an adrenaline rush, you could climb atop the trees above the café and dive 80 feet straight into the water as well!

During trips to Jamaica, make sure to visit the Blue Mountains as well. Being the country’s longest mountain range, it features a lush forest and majestic scenery. This is also the top spot in Jamaica where locals and tourists alike camp and hike. If you’d like to stay the night here, you will find hostels and inns. This way, you can take in the beauty of nature while checking off your list of hiking up the beautiful Blue Mountains during trips to Jamaica!

You won’t stop marveling at the Luminous Lagoons during your trip to Jamaica. This lagoon stretches along the Trelawny wetlands from Rock to the Falmouth. The specialty of this lagoon was discovered by scientists in the 18th century- glowing microorganisms in the waters known as dinoflagellates. These organisms thrive in the layers where fresh water and salt combine. During the night, the lagoon glistens and sparkles when disturbed, thus allowing for a glow in the dark effect! You will find plenty of boat tours at night lagoon where people get to swim here.
If you are thinking about trips to Jamaica with your family, then the Dolphin Cove won’t disappoint you. Being the island’s number one marine attraction, Dolphin Cove is part of the Marine Park. During trips to Jamaica, you will get the chance to swim and interact with dolphins, stingrays, and sharks in their natural environment. What’s more, the dolphins are trained to showcase water stunts and tricks that are surely going to delight you and your kids as well!

Trips to Jamaica will definitely be special every time. It will be even more special when you combine it with other trips to places like Haiti and Colombia that are nearby. Either way, don’t forget to look up Jamaica tours and Jamaica vacations as well for an even more adventurous journey!




Planning A Trip To Jamaica

Have you been planning a trip to Jamaica for long? If yes, you would be well aware of the tedious amount of time it takes only to surf the web and get information about places as well as the prices. If planning a trip to Jamaica is taking a toll on you and delaying your whole trip, we’ve got it covered for you! You can find a number of trips via our website that is sure to cater to all of your needs. Whether you’d like to go on a solo journey, hiking, surfing, or even on your honeymoon, you will find the right trip that you are looking for with us!

These trips will vary in duration and could be short or long. So, make sure that you plan your trip accordingly so that you can have the most awesome time of your life! Planning a trip to Jamaica is surely the right thing to do when it comes to feeding your adventurous soul with all the right activities!




Jamaica Trips

One thing’s for sure, Jamaica trips will allow you to step into a world of fun and excitement all the way through! From Rick’s café to the Blue Mountains, the Luminous Lagoon, Dolphin Cove, and Dunn’s River Falls, you will always find many activities to do here. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the highlights we have recommended for your Jamaica trips. From hiking the Blue and John Crow Mountains to playing golf at the White Witch Golf Course, the list of activities during Jamaica trips is endless. Therefore, stop pondering over how you can’t arrive at a decision and head straight to our website to find the best deals and accommodations for your Jamaica trips. You will certainly find a trip or two that will be close to exactly what you’re looking for!