Vanuatu Tours

Vanuatu Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Vanuatu Tours 

Vanuatu tours are the top choices for travelers looking for a tropical island vacation. With so many mesmerizing beaches and resorts, including the Port Vila, Vanuatu tours are a perfect way to score yourself a serene and fascinating vacation under the warm sunshine. If you want to uncover the beauty of this enchanting archipelago, don’t hesitate to book the famous Vanuatu tours.

Vanuatu tours are nothing short of amazing. With so many natural wonders in the forms of beaches, volcanoes, coral reefs, plains, and waterfalls, this paradise is a must-visit. 

Countless opportunities await you during Vanuatu tours that are suitable for all types of travelers, from solo travelers and seniors to whole families. You can find Vanuatu tours that consist of amenities like adventure, hiking, diving, wildlife viewing, and more. 

During your visit, make sure that you include attractions like Mt. Yasur Volcano, Mele Cascades, Tanna, Champagne Beach, and Millennium Cave on your Vanuatu tours.

Best known for its significant volcanoes, a visit to Mt. Yasur Volcano is a must during Vanuatu tours. Did you know that Mt. Yasur is the most open active volcano in the world? Located on Tanna Island, you can hike as close to the lip of the erupting volcano and behold the wonder of a fascinating natural phenomenon. While some tourists are completely fascinated by this attraction, some find it frightening. Which category of tourists do you belong to?

When you visit the capital city, Port Vila, during Vanuatu tours, it would be a loss to not visit the enchanting Mele Cascades that lie in the jungle approximately 10 km from Port Vila. The terraced pools that cascade down a rocky hillside into a natural swimming hole are a glorious sight to behold. 

If you want to enjoy your vacation on an exquisite surf coast, Vanuatu tours to Tanna are your best bet. Even though a beautiful spot as a whole, there are some attraction spots that are more popular than the others, such as Port Resolution and Yewao Point that lie on the eastern peninsula of the island. You’ll also find fascinating black beaches, thanks to Mt. Yasur, with Louniel Beach as a favorite beach to many. You’ll also be excited to explore Lowakels Cove and Iwaru Beach while in Tanna. 

Champagne Beach is another must-visit during Vanuatu tours. Located on the island of Espiritu Santo, this beach is one of the world’s best beaches and regularly features on Top 50 International lists. If you’re wondering, the beach is rightly named Champagne Beach because the waters constantly froth and fizzle because of underwater volcanic activity. Another major attraction around the beach is the beautiful coastal village of Port Olry that features beaches with some of the whitest sands in the world.

Aside from coastal towns and beaches, Vanuatu tours also thrill visitors with its lush jungles, where you can find lots of adventures in Millennium Cave, the nation’s largest cave that lies on Espiritu Santo. Go for a hike through the thick jungle, engage in a thrilling exploration of an underground cave system, or marvel at the beauty of nature in the form of sparkling pools and thundering waterfalls in this thrilling destination.  You may also like a Vanuatu trip or Vanuatu vacation.



Tour Vanuatu

If you have decided to tour Vanuatu, you’ll be happy to find many things to keep you entertained while you are in this beautiful island country in the South Pacific Ocean. Consisting of about 80 islands with an area of 1,300 km, this natural attraction is a product of volcanic activity, which is one reason that fascinates tourists to tour Vanuatu. The archipelago is bordered by southern Australia and New Guinea to the east, New Caledonia to the northeast, Fiji to the west, and the Solomon Islands to the southeast. 

There are so many things to see and enjoy when you tour Vanuatu. You’ll be intrigued by ancient wrecks like SS President Coolidge, a WWII ship that lay abandoned. When you tour Vanuatu, you’ll also have countless scuba diving opportunities at the mesmerizing coral reefs and underwater caverns. You can also visit the nation’s famous Vanuatu National Museum that lies in the capital, Harborside Port Vila. 



Tour Of Vanuatu 

A tour of Vanuatu is not popular just for the significant and interesting volcanic mountains like Mt. Marum and Mt. Benbow, where you might get the chance to witness the red hot boiling lava on a lucid day. But a tour of Vanuatu can also entertain you with the beautiful sights and activities to enjoy in some of the most vibrant cities on the island. 

A visit to Port Vila, the beautiful capital city of the island, is a must when you embark on an exciting tour of Vanuatu. This picturesque city lies on Vila Bay and is home to several lagoons and beaches, in addition to the out-of-the-world waterfront restaurants, cafes, buzzing marketplaces, and friendly natives. Another must-visit city during a tour of Vanuatu is Luganville. Popularly considered as the nation’s ‘second city,’ this vibrant little city is a sight to behold. Many tourists travel to this place to enjoy the scenic beauty and to get access to a good range of world-class accommodations as they prepare to travel the nation. 



Vanuatu Tour Packages 

Vanuatu is packed with several worthy attractions, and it can be a challenge to fit them all in a single tour. That’s why we offer interesting Vanuatu tour packages to fit the needs of all types of travelers. If you’re somebody who is more attracted to the raw beauty and the vibrant culture of this island nation, you can always find Vanuatu tour packages that take you on an exploration of the rich natural attractions and the remarkable custom and traditions of the Melanesians. Or if your blood runs with a thirst for adventure, you will find suitable Vanuatu tour packages that offer exciting activities like hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and of course, bungee-jumping, among others. 

Since our Vanuatu tour packages are all unique, each of them features different aspects like locations, attractions, tour stops, amenities, food, and accommodation. Make sure you find a suitable one to have the best experience in the nation. 



Vanuatu Escorted Tours 

Win yourself a safe and convenient tour across the nation with our popular Vanuatu escorted tours. With our Vanuatu escorted tours, you don’t have to feel insecure about your safety in a foreign land since an expert tour guide will be leading you across various destinations in a seamless way. You also don’t have to worry about getting lost while exploring. You don’t even have to go through the meticulous process of planning. All you need to do is find suitable Vanuatu escorted tours and enjoy your visit to this beautiful island nation. 



Vanuatu Group Tours 

Vanuatu group tours allow you to either travel in your own group or join another group on the same tour. This type of tour is perfect for collective experience and excitement. If you wish to book Vanuatu group tours, you just have to select the number of travelers. You can also accommodate up to 18 on your tour with the help of our special private Vanuatu group tours. Group tours are one of the best ways to experience the most memorable moments with near and dear ones. Be amazed together as you explore this wonderful island nation. You will wish the tour never has to end, and you’ll always have a mind to come back for more. 



Best Vanuatu Tours 

Are you looking for a way to score the best Vanuatu tours? Jump right to our tour list and choose from the various options available. You might find the best Vanuatu tours to brighten up your life. Also, check out our thrilling Vanuatu vacations and Vanuatu trips for more selections.