Chiang Mai Tours

Chiang Mai Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Chiang Mai Tours

Chiang Mai tours are one of the most popular tours in the northern region of Thailand. With an exotic blend of rich culture and temples, lush rainforests, and buzzing marketplaces, Chiang Mai tours are a must-visit for anybody looking for a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As one of the major cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai tours attract lots of tourists to its world-class attractions each year. You will be intrigued by the exotic cuisine, historic temples, diverse culture, vibrant flora and fauna, and more. Do you want to know more about the tours? Several Chiang Mai tours range in size and length according to the tour package.

Chiang Mai tours are ideal for just about anyone who is looking for wonders and driven by curiosity. Even if you travel solo or tour with your family, you will have no shortage of the things you can do and see during Chiang Mai tours. You will find various types of Chiang Mai tours that include wildlife safaris, hiking, trekking, and culture exploration.

You will be fascinated by Chiang Mai tours that take you places like the popular Mae Taeng River valley, the beautiful Doi Suthep, the vibrant Night Bazaar, and the ancient remains of Wiang Kum Kam.

One of the top places to visit during Chiang Mai tours is the famous Mae Taeng River valley. The valley is home to various rafting projects where you can go on a rafting excursion on the Mae Taeng River rapids that lies 75 km away from the heart of Chiang Mai city. The most thrilling part of Chiang Mai tours is catching exciting Class II, III, and IV rapids right here at Mae Taeng River. Even if the water isn’t your thing, you always have the vast and green scenery with lofty mountains and thick jungles. You may also get a bareback elephant ride or get a chance to explore and marvel at the lush farmlands and paddy fields, waterfalls, quaint little villages, and others. How exciting is that!

You haven’t seen anything until you climb the ancient staircase to the hilltop of Doi Suthep. So make sure that you put this astounding destination on top of your list of places to visit during Chiang Mai tours. The temple that lay on top of the hilltop is intricately designed with elephant carvings and dragon statues, where a statue of a Buddha lay in the central shrine.

Other popular attractions of Chiang Mai tours include the famous Night Bazaar, where you can get ready to shell out some big bucks and go for a shopping spree. Here, you will find all kinds of things to buy that range from kitchen accessories to clothing and sculptures. After you’re done shopping, you may also want to check out the muay Thai boxing stadium and even catch a round of boxing fights and revel in the local culture of the city.

While touring the city, you will also want to visit the remains of Wiang Kum Kam, the famous historical site that is the lost capital of the kingdom of Lanna. This ancient town was rediscovered accidentally when residents dug to find ancient tablets buried underneath the ground. Come and explore the fascinating history of the ruins that lies about 10 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai.



Tour Chiang Mai

It can be difficult to pick a tour that’ll deliver the experience you expect, so we recommend that you tour Chiang Mai for a superior experience. Often, people who opt to tour Chiang Mai are the lucky ones who get to enjoy a more relaxed version of Bangkok. This second city of Thailand was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, and today, it serves as a buzzing tourist destination for its rich history and culture.

When you tour Chiang Mai, you will find a good deal of attractions and activities that’ll keep you on your feet. The rich culture of Thailand enables various exotic locations and structures to thrive in the city. Located in the mountains of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a hub for all kinds of tourists, especially culture enthusiasts. So, you will have an endless list of the things you want to explore when you tour Chiang Mai.


Tour Of Chiang Mai

During a tour of Chiang Mai, visitors can expect spectacular sights and wonders that both nature and man have created. From exploring the wilderness to white-water rafting, Chiang Mai has lots of enjoyment opportunities. So, make sure you don’t keep your tour of Chiang Mai on hold. It’s time to take the step and tour one of the richest biodiversity in the world.

Come and book your exciting tour of Chiang Mai with us without hassles. You deserve a grand vacation exploring what Chiang Mai is most popular for, which are the Buddhist Temples. Some of the most prominent Buddhist temples to check out during your tour of Chiang Mai include the Wat Lok Moli and Wat Umong, whose complex design and architecture greatly complement the peaceful prayer halls. Besides the famous temples, you can also enjoy nature at its best through the parks and gardens that are found in abundance.




Chiang Mai Tour Packages

Various Chiang Mai tour packages offer various tour stops, amenities, and food and accommodation. So you need to sort out your preferences before you choose Chiang Mai tour packages, which can be challenging.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place with lots of places and attractions to explore. And you can get the best out of your experience if you tour the places of interest. So, selecting the right tour package is very important. We offer a wide range of Chiang Mai tour packages to choose from. These packages include tours to top natural attractions in Chiang Mai like Doi Ang Khang and Royal Park Rajapruek. If you are fond of culture and love exploring history, Chiang Mai tour packages containing tours to the Lanna Folklife Museum might excite you. Also, keep an eye on the amenities and perks that may tend to differ from package to package.



Chiang Mai Escorted Tours

Chiang Mai escorted tours are tours that are guided by a tourist guide or ranger who takes the visitors to various attraction spots. This way, you not only get to marvel at the wonders of Chiang Mai, but you also learn about the background and culture. There are several Chiang Mai escorted tours to choose from. And don’t worry about booking your tour with us because we ensure optimum safety and satisfaction of all our clients. If you want to uncover the full potential of the tour, make sure you opt for Chiang Mai escorted tours.



Chiang Mai Group Tours

While there are options for solo tours, many visitors prefer Chiang Mai group tours for many reasons. When you’re on one of the Chiang Mai group tours, you get to share an interesting team of people with similar interests. This way, your enthusiasm and excitement can reach greater levels when you tour around the region. If you are interested in Chiang Mai group tours, you can start browsing and booking your tours today. If you want a group size to accommodate up to 18 people, you will get them on special private tours.



Best Chiang Mai Tours

Are you ready for the best Chiang Mai tours of the top attractions? If you are, don’t make any further delay in treating yourself to a grand experience with the best Chiang Mai tours. For more exciting tours to Chiang Mai, you might want to consider checking out Chiang Mai vacations and Chiang Mai trips.