Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Myanmar Tours

Myanmar tours have been attracting huge crowds of tourists from every corner of the world, and with good reason. This exotic land is a relatively new tourist hotspot filled with countless natural and human-made wonders that have never failed to captivate visitors during Myanmar tours. So if you’ve been thinking about embarking on exciting Myanmar tours, go ahead and book a tour today for an experience that’ll last a lifetime.

When you go on Myanmar tours, you will be awed by the rich natural and cultural attractions the country has to offer. With several dramatic beaches and countless Buddhist temples, you will not be disappointed.

Our Myanmar tours are suitable for all types of travellers, including seniors, solo travellers, and the whole family. The various types of fascinating Myanmar tours that we offer include trekking, hiking, exploring, and lots more. So, get your gears and get ready to explore this stretch of land in Southeast Asia.

Some of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss out on during Myanmar tours include tours to Yangon, Golden Rock, Bagan, Shwedagon Pagoda, and Inle Lake.

Yangon is one of the most visited tourist destinations during Myanmar tours. After all, this is the City of Glistening Temples, which was also the former capital of the country. All around the city, you will find grand and impressive pagodas with intricate architecture and designs. But the glistening temples aren’t the only attractions around here. The city also features beautiful scenery and attractive landscapes that make your tour pleasant.

The Golden Rock is another must-visit attraction during Myanmar tours. The Golden Rock features a pagoda on top of a huge tilted rock that looks like it would fall off any moment. It is an extremely incredible sight to behold. Locals believe that Buddha’s power is what protects this religious attraction from any form of disaster.

If you’re a religious enthusiast, you are going to love Myanmar tours that take you to Bagan, the temple hub of Myanmar. Get ready to be impressed. Bagan is home to the largest numbers of stupas and pagodas in the world, with a staggering amount of 13,000 temples, which is something you won’t find elsewhere.

The holiest site to visit during Myanmar tours is undoubtedly Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Also called Greater Dragon Pagoda, it is a 25-century-old growing pagoda that has grown from 8 meters to 99 meters. It is said that the pagoda holds a strand of Buddha’s hair, making it the most sacred and holiest place in Myanmar.

Aside from the various attractions of Buddha and grand pagodas and temples, the nation also boasts of beautiful natural attractions, which can be best seen in the quaint and beautiful Inle Lake. Myanmar tours to this destination will grant visitors a feeling of serenity and tranquillity as well as amazing sights of the Intha stilt houses. You can also enjoy boat riding activities.



Tour Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia with over 100 ethnic groups, making it one of the most diverse lands in the world. It shares borders with China to the northeast, Bangladesh, and India to the northwest, Thailand and Laos to the east and southeast, and the Andaman Sea to the south and southwest. Tour Myanmar and see what the largest nation in Mainland Southeast Asia has to offer. You will be rewarded with remarkable wonders such as the impressive Taung Kalat, among others, when you tour Myanmar.

As a fairly new tourist destination, you can expect a lot of unexplored wonders and forests when you tour Myanmar. Some of the paths have never been trodden before, and it is this fascination of the unknown that drives more and more people to tour Myanmar. Get ready for a real adventure in the wilds of Myanmar.



Tour Of Myanmar

Buddha, temples, and pagodas may be a popular sight during a tour of Myanmar. But the country is also filled with plenty of natural sights and wonders and offers various engaging activities like diving, fishing, hiking, and more. A tour of Myanmar to Ngapali will fulfill your desire to explore and enjoy the stunning coast of the Bay of Bengal. You can also check out the Ayeyarwady River, which is the longest river in Myanmar, with its source high up in the Himalayas. This river is a popular site for cruising, which is another reason why tourists flock to this destination.

A tour of Myanmar is a great way to enhance and uplift your mood and temperament. This natural-abundant land is a little piece of heaven on earth. So if you’re thinking about a tour of Myanmar, don’t delay anymore. Start booking your tours with us and prepare to have a thrilling adventure in this unique and exotic land.



Myanmar Tour Packages

Myanmar is a gorgeous land to explore, with so many attractions dotted around the country. That’s why we recommend Myanmar tour packages to narrow down the choices and help you conclude which attractions fascinate you enough to visit. The Myanmar tour packages that we offer are all different with unique aspects. Each package features different locations, tour stops, attractions, activities, and other aspects.

Our Myanmar tour packages range from tours around the towns and cities where you can marvel at the captivating temples and pagodas to tours that take you deep into the wilderness where you can either enjoy the pleasant natural beauty of Myanmar or engage in thrilling sports. No matter what Myanmar tour packages you choose, the bottom line is that you get the most out of it. So, stop dreaming about it and start doing something to make your dream come true. You will not have a second to regret this thrilling and awe-inspiring tour of this beautiful Southeast Asian country.



Myanmar Escorted Tours

If you’re curious about our Myanmar escorted tours, there are guided tours where you travel around the nation with a guide who skilfully takes the group to the prime attractions in the country. Since Myanmar is one of the newly opened tourist destinations with so many vast unexplored areas and foreign lifestyles, it may be hard to find your way around to get to the top attractions without Myanmar escorted tours. So, with safety and convenience in mind, we recommend Myanmar escorted tours to get around the nation to get the best experience.


Myanmar Group Tours

Myanmar group tours are a great way to experience the wonders of the nation together with friends and family. If you want to book our exciting Myanmar group tours, you can choose the number of people you want to book the tour for. Or you can also join existing groups that are undertaking the same tour as you. They say the more people you travel with, the better experience you get. So if you want to accommodate a group of up to 18 people, you can choose our special private Myanmar group tours for a satisfying experience.


Best Myanmar Tours

Find the best Myanmar tours from us today and get ready for a thrilling experience touring this exotic nation. With several options that we offer, you might be able to find the best Myanmar tours that will garner you a lifetime memory. Don’t forget to check out the exhilarating Myanmar vacations and Myanmar trips too.