Why Travel With Us?


Epic Wildlife Tours


Planning a big adventure is no easy thing. Planning all the details of a trip (especially if you’re going overseas) can be quite the daunting task. When it comes to picking a travel company, it is important to remember that your choice can be one of the most important decisions you make for your trip.


When you first take a look at many of these other companies, they seem a little bit cheaper than their competition. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll quickly realize why going with Expedition Wild is the best choice you can make for making your trip a memorable and fun experience for everyone. We even guarantee it!


Our specialty is nature travel

Everyone has at least one thing they do really well, right? At Expedition Wild, our main specialty is nature travel. Every last one of our trips are nature adventures, which is a big factor to think about if your entire trip is based around experiencing nature to the fullest.


We are the best nature travel experts in the game, and we have the proof to back that up. Since that’s the main focus of our business, we are well equipped to provide you with an experience you will never forget; a claim not just any travel company can comfortably make.


We have unique travel plans

We have some of the best experts in the industry right by our side when we start planning out our trips. Our experts have years of experience searching the whole planet for the best natural destinations. We have many resources not readily available to other companies.


Take a look at our travel plans. We offer trips to wildlife reserves, remote areas in natural parks that are separated from all the tourist crowds, as well as camps and lodges set up in a way that enables you the best view of some of the local wildlife. 


With all of this going for Expedition Wild, it is easy to understand why so many of our guests recommend us time and time again for a fun, natural adventure that you will never forget.


Knowledgeable, professional guides really make a difference

Everyone knows guided trips are only as good as the guide at the captain’s wheel. If you choose to go on one of our photography tours, we have some of the best and most experienced guides in the industry. We painstakingly and personally background check and vet all of our guides, and then provide them with in-depth training to make sure they are good to go when it’s time for trips to begin. 


We have some of the smallest groups in our industry

Sometimes, we can get lost in a tourist crowd and not be able to fully appreciate the moment and the place that we are in. What if you were walking along a nice nature trail, taking in the wildlife and the flora, not disturbing anything around you? What if you could walk onto an island with just a few fellow travelers at your side?


Expedition Wild has made that dream a reality. Where most travel companies host many guests and tourists at a time, which can make the experience really crowded and impersonal, our workshop tours travel in small groups. This enables travelers to enjoy personalized trips, including up close encounters with local wildlife, and a smaller footprint on the natural places we visit.   


We also understand that not everyone can afford the small group trips with our high level guides.  When possible we offer a lower price option fit those whom are more independent in their style of traveling.  Great for singles or couples that are more versed in international travels and are looking for a trip that gets them to the location needed to see the best sites, while not seeking a more immersive experience our workshops offer.



Some of the best natural accommodations

Instead of huge hotels swarmed by loads of tourists, we strive to provide guests with more natural accommodations. With the small lodges and camps we prefer, we can keep the connection with nature going, along with the personal and intimate experience sleeping in nature can provide.


Instead of hot tubs and gyms, our lodging will provide you with views of scenic beauty and wildlife.



Plenty of vehicles with plenty of room

Expedition Wild offers adventures on continents all around the globe. This means we need a variety of vehicles to be able to offer a great experience for everyone.


We provide the best vehicles around and choose vehicles that are well known for safety. With our small group workshop tours, we are also able to limit the number of people in each vehicle to ensure that everyone is able to take great photographs and enjoy the ride. 



Safety is our top priority

At Expedition Wild, we care about the safety of all of our guests. All of our expedition leaders have undergone some of the most rigorous training to make sure they know all the procedures to provide a safe and fun environment for our guests.


Our guarantee to you

Travelling with Expedition Wild not only gets you an experience you will never forget, it also gets you our quality guarantee, which is our promise to you to meet and exceed all your natural travel expectations. We have all the confidence in the world that you will not go back home disappointed by your experience with us. Instead, we strive to give you the most memorable and fun nature travel experience we possibly can.


Our end goal is for you to have memories you can take back with you that will last a lifetime. We’re in this to give you an experience you’ll never forget, and the happiness of our guests makes us happy as well.


Check out our destinations for ideas on your next trip. Check out the Wildlife Conservation Network to see how you can help save wildlife.