Netherlands Vacation

Netherlands Vacation

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Netherlands Vacation

Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe, also known as the land of windmills and tulips. It has many cycling routes, beautiful tulips gardens, unique windmills, numerous historical medieval castles, huge national parks, a tide control system also known as “one of the seven wonders of the modern world “and spectacular museums showcasing a rich heritage of artists in the vibrant capital city of Amsterdam. All these spots will definitely make anyone’s Netherlands vacation a memorable and amazing one. Some of the most famous tourist attraction spots in the Netherlands are Jordaan and Amsterdam’s canal, The Keukenhof, Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam, The Windmills of Kinderdijk, and the Van Gogh Museum.

The Netherlands is famous for many beautiful landscapes and scenery, one of which is the famous canals. It is also an important part of the city not just because of its attractive waterways but because most of the city’s beautiful tourist attractions are easily accessed by boat tours or water taxi, including most of the major museums and art galleries. One such beautiful and famous example is the charming “Jordaan”, a neighborhood built in the early 1600s with many beautiful small canals and canal-side houses and beautiful bridges. It’s definitely a spot one should not miss when in their Netherlands vacation.

When we talk or think of Netherlands vacations, immediately, one thing comes to our mind: the beautiful tulips which are the country’s most cherished and popular flower. On a Netherlands vacation, one of the most beautiful showcases of these beautiful, spectacular tulips and other spring bulbs in abundance is Keukenhof. The Keukenhof is also famously known as “ The Garden of Europe”, which is located on the outskirts of the town of Lisse. It is also known as the “bulb belt” of the Netherlands. It is also the most extensive public garden globally, covering more than 70 acres and has more than 700 varieties of tulips which is definitely a breathtaking experience for anyone who can witness it during their Netherlands vacation.

The national museum Rijksmuseum located at Amsterdam’s Museumplein, the museum square, is one of the attractions for a Netherlands vacation. It has a spectacular collection of rare arts and antiques since 1809. It is important to note that, it’s extensive collection till today amounts to nearly 7 million works of art, including 5000 painting in more than 250 rooms and a vast library with some 35,000 books. One can learn about the rich culture and appreciate the ancient culture and arts of the people in the museum collection, which is also rich in traditional Dutch handicrafts, medieval sculpture, and modern arts, which definitely makes it in the list to visit a Netherlands vacation.

Also in Amsterdam is the museums that have the collection of the work of one of the world’s greatest artists, the spectacular Van Gogh, the Van Gogh museum, which is ranked at an impressive #2 in a leading list of the top art museums globally, attracting almost 1.5 million visitors each year. Any person with interest in art and culture and history should add these museums to their checklist of places to visit on their Netherlands vacation.

Another famous tourist attraction for Netherlands vacation is the beautiful mesmerizing windmills, and the Netherlands has numerous beautiful windmills. One such is located at the famous village of Kinderdijk (children’s dike) by the river Noord between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. These beautiful giant windmills are fantastically preserved since the 18th century. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with about 19 giant windmills built between 1722 and 1761, notably the most extensive surviving windmills in the Netherlands. This is definitely an important and interesting spot that would attract anyone, and it’s a must for anyone who plans for a Netherlands vacation.

While these are just some samples of sites to visit on a Netherlands vacation, be sure to view all Netherlands vacation packages at excellent prices to find the best option for your Netherlands trip. We also offer a large variety of Netherlands tours for you to choose from at different prices and durations.



Netherlands Vacation Packages

You can get to choose around four Netherlands vacation packages. While choosing between your Netherlands vacation packages, make sure you choose the best type of trip to match the adventure you want. 
Some ideal Netherlands vacation packages would be visiting Jordaan and Amsterdam’s canal, The Keukenhof, Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam, The Windmills of Kinderdijk, and the Van Gogh Museum. There are options regarding your travel options tailored to suit your needs, whether you go there by road, sea, or air. 
Choosing a Netherlands vacation package would be the best fit if you are looking to have a wonderful experience during your trip. You’ll only get to think about where to go next and not worry about where to stay and how to get to your destinations. So do not wait any longer and start booking now. 




Vacation in Netherlands

When you’re looking for a vacation in Netherlands, some thoughts may arise regarding how you’ll get there, your lodging, and how you’ll move around the country. With us to help you out, you’ll forget about all the troubles involved and let yourself loose to enjoy every second of your vacation in Netherlands. 
You won’t have to worry about anything besides enjoying the sights, food, and culture during your vacation in Netherlands.
Your experience with the vacation in Netherlands will be free from stress, and the only thing you’ll worry about is how you’ll make the most of your time doing all the memorable, fun-filled trips you’ll get to experience with your friends and loved ones. The feeling of not worrying about the troubles involved with your vacation is certainly a perk.