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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Croatia Vacation


You have not visited Europe if you have not traveled to Croatia yet. Yes, it is that amazing. A country that did not find mention in travel magazines earlier is now one of the most popular holiday destinations. If you are thinking of going to a beautiful location this season, you should plan a Croatia Vacation. You will have the opportunity to visit beautiful places, eat delicious food, and do numerous fun and exciting activities throughout your vacation. Indeed, there are so many areas to visit that you will need a long Croatia Vacation to enjoy every place. You can select holidays with Zagreb, Osijek, Zadar, Split, Korcula, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Kornati, and Plitvice Lakes National Park in the itinerary.  

 You will find short as well as long Croatia Vacations from various places. These vacations can last from 4 days to about 30 days. You might also find vacations that are even longer in some cases. So, you can choose a Croatia Vacation that suits your plans. All kinds of travels are available like solo, twosome, group, family, elders and much more. We suggest you check out Croatia Vacations, including cruises, cultural visits, safaris, wildlife, adventure, trekking, hiking, and National Geographic Journeys. Whether you wish to enjoy your holiday in popular locations or unknown places, you will find suitable vacations.

Croatia has several nature parks across the country. Many Croatia Vacations offer Plitvice Lakes National Park and Kornati National Park in their itinerary. Hence, nature lovers can enjoy wildlife, adventure, hiking, and trekking in these places. 

If you are fond of the sea, Lokrum, Korcula, Hvar, and Split are places you should not miss. They have yachting, beaches, great bars, and swimming areas. 

History enthusiasts should visit Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Osijek and take time to go to the cultural centers, museums and visit historical monuments. All these places have something exciting to offer regarding history.

A Croatia Vacation will not be complete without tasting local food. Pasticada, Manestra, Paski Sir, Cevapi, Brodet, and Rizot are some of the dishes that you must surely try when you are in the country. Seafood is a primary ingredient in coastal dishes. So, you will definitely find many dishes that have seafood. 

Beverage enthusiasts should try local beer like Karlovako and Ozujsko. Rakija is a type of brandy that is also a popular drink. Everybody loves coffee, and so do Croatians. Hence, you must try Kava, their local coffee. If you are a fan of bitter liquor, Pelinkovac is something you must try.    

Bus, ferry, and cycling are the most preferred means of transport when on a Croatia Vacation. Cycling can be even more exciting because you can view a lot of places at your own pace. But choose the most convenient one. 

Space and word limitation forbid us to mention everything that a Croatia Vacation can offer. But believe it, there are so many hotspots and adventurous things that you can visit and do on a Croatia Vacation. There are plenty of choices for any Croatia trip. So, we recommend you to examine all the Croatia Tours that vary in length of days and places to visit. 




Croatia Vacation Packages


You will find about fifteen Croatia Vacation Packages along with a tailor-made package option for a great holiday. So, you definitely have numerous choices. Examine and compare your favorites after considering all the aspects. Choose a suitable one according to the number of people that will be traveling. Everybody loves different things. So, select Croatia Vacation Packages that offer exciting activities like wildlife, adventure, trekking, cultural, water sports, and water activities. That way, everyone will be happy as there will be something for all. Consider Croatia Vacation Packages with Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Korcula, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Kornati, and Plitvice Lakes National Park in the list. Not all packages may have all these names, but you could pick the ones that have at least 4-5 places mentioned above. If two packages have entirely separate items, take both and make it into one long tour. You can reside in comfortable locations and enjoy delicious cuisine when you choose the Croatia Vacation packages. So, don’t think anymore but get started right away.




Vacation in Croatia


As with any other visit, your planning for a Vacation in Croatia will also bring many aspects into consideration. You have to think about buying tickets, booking hotels and inns, locating the ideal vacation packages, and selecting the right company. It can be exhausting and stressful to do everything. So, how about we do that for you? You choose the places and activities, and we will get a Vacation in Croatia ready for you to enjoy with your loved ones. You can forget the stress, the little details, and everything else. Expedition Wild is here and will handle everything smoothly. Just think about going and having fun and learning about the place and people. 

With us having your back about traveling, tickets, transport, eating, and accommodation, your Vacation in Croatia is just about to happen. So, pack up and get ready for the most extraordinary holiday of your life. It is definitely going to happen with the great Vacation in Croatia, the holiday of a lifetime.