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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Trips to Italy

Spectacular Italy needs no introduction and is certainly one of the popular destinations in central Europe. From its beautiful artwork to crumbling ruins and impressive castles and palaces, taking a trip to Italy will be a worthwhile trip! For trips to Italy, there are a number of destinations that are world-famous. Some of these highlights include the Cinque Terre, Mount Vesuvius, Amalfi Coast, Lido San Francesco, or Matera Cathedral. Whether you would like to relax on the sandy beaches or swim in the sea, trips to Italy will never disappoint you!

On trips to Italy, many tourists tend to land at the Cinque Terre, and for the right reasons! This place will provide you with open landscapes, picturesque villages, and a truly local experience! The best part about this is that you could go hiking throughout the route, provided you have great stamina! The most popular and shortest route would be Via Dell’Amore that falls between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Being one of the world’s famous mountains, Mount Vesuvius is also one of the best destinations to visit during trips to Italy. Well-known for covering Pompeii in volcanic ash during its famous eruption, you can always trek to the mountain’s crater. Consider it heaven on earth when you make it to the top as you will be able to get a breath-taking view!

Another of Italy’s most scenic spots is Amalfi Coast. During trips to Italy, you can choose to take a boat trip so that you get the best views like the Lattari Mountains, inlets, and coves! During such boat rides, you will stumble upon traditional Mediterranean villages that will give you an insight into the local life of the place! This experience of taking a boat along the Amalfi Coast will definitely be one of a kind.

If you are looking to enjoy the sea and air and soak up the sun during trips to Italy, you can do so right at the Lido San Francesco. This stretch of beach features a stretch of clear blue water and perfect golden sand. It also provides you a lot of activities where you can relax on the sun lounger, build a sandcastle, or play some ball games. Surrounding the beach is also a number of beach bars, shops, and restaurants to enjoy. This beach is one of the many spots that you can go with your family during trips to Italy.

Next on the list of highlights during trips to Italy is the Matera Cathedral. Situated on Matera’s highest point, this Cathedral stands at the point that divides the two Sassi: Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. Although visitors flock here for the breath-taking Matera view, the Cathedral itself is certainly worth the visit. Built in Puglian Romanesque style during the 13th century, it features gilded stuccoes and a Latin cross-ground plan. For those of you who are interested in archaeology, this is the place to be during trips to Italy!

The best part of taking trips to Italy is that you can also get to travel to neighboring places like Croatia and Slovenia. If you are interested, make sure that you also check out the Italy tours and Italy vacations for a lifetime memorable experience!




Planning A Trip To Italy

Have you started planning a trip to Italy? If you are at a crossroads wondering how to even get started, we have got you covered. That’s right, we have taken the liberty to provide you with the best offers while planning a trip to Italy. On our website, you will find thirty-four trips. These trips last from five days to twenty-six days. Whichever trip type you prefer- whether it is solo traveling, National Geographic Journey, hiking, trekking, or traveling with seniors- we got you covered.

You will find some of the best trips that will suit your needs and expenses. Planning a trip to Italy isn’t such a hard thing, after all! Make sure that you go through all of the trips thoroughly so that you can get the best of what this beautiful country has in store for you!



Italy Trips

Italy trips will be nothing short of amazing when you travel with your family, group of friends, or even alone. The Cinque Terre, Mount Vesuvius, Amalfi Coast, Lido San Francesco, and Matera Cathedral are only some of the few highlights we recommend during Italy trips. You can also visit Vatican City or taste authentic Italian pizzas during Italy trips!

All of the Italy trips have different duration lengths. Whichever trip type you prefer, you are certainly going to have a blast during Italy trips. To top it all, you will have the best accommodations and scrumptious food. So, there’s really nothing to worry about! Just look forward to enjoying your trip, and let us handle all of your worries so that you can have an incredible time!