Falkland Islands Tours

Falkland Islands Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Falkland Islands Tours

Covering about 4700 square miles in land area and a coastline stretching up to 800 miles, Falkland Islands is an archipelago consisting of 766 small islands and the West Falkland and East Falkland. Despite being in a remote location, Falkland Islands is a significant tourist attraction. Severed by several cruise ships and flights, many tourists come to this region during their visits to the Antarctic.
However, Falkland Islands Tours are famous for their own unique reasons, which is why you should see this place at least once in your lifetime. It boasts diverse wildlife where you can see numerous marine mammals and bird species. We recommend Falkland Islands Tours that range from twenty to twenty-three days as they include tours to other nearby countries too. These tours are available in multiple travel types that will surely make you want to explore the Falkland Islands.

Falkland Islands Tours are suitable for seniors, groups, and solo tourists. Some exciting tour types consist of fishing, hiking, mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, and climbing. The Falkland Islands Tours that we recommend might include tours to East and West Falklands, wildlife sightings, and visiting some islands.
Venturing into the East Falkland will give you a great view and experience of life in its small villages. You might want to choose a trip to Port Louis to explore outstanding scenery and more penguins! Falkland Islands Tours are the ultimate tours for animal lovers, and you can enjoy wildlife sightseeing from almost every part of this archipelago, especially Salvador and Darwin.
Constituting steep hills and coastal cliffs, West Falkland presents ultra-rich biodiversity and is very popular among tourists for its wildlife tours. Port Howard is this island’s main settlement that you can explore walking. You can visit the small museum that this place has and also explore the hills surrounding the island. West Falkland is a popular destination for mountain bikers who are on their way to Mount Maria.

Wildlife is what Falkland Islands Tours are most popularly known for. Along with several penguin species and albatrosses, you would also find elephant seals, dolphins, sea lions, about fifteen whale species, and birds throughout the islands. You would be lucky if you can spot Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck and Cobb’s Wren, the two birds unique to this land. Volunteer Point is the place to be if you absolutely adore the sight of penguins and want to witness some memorable moments. 
Besides the East and West Falklands, you can also visit some outer islands like the Jason Islands that boast rich marine wildlife and birds. Other fascinating places to visit while you are on Falkland Islands Tours include tours to Pebble Island and Sea Lion Island.
These tour highlights are some examples of the tour stops we recommend for Falkland Islands Tours. If you are interested in seeing and exploring more, you can check out the Falkland Islands vacations and trips to Falkland Islands offered by our partners for a surreal experience in the Falkland Islands.



Tour Falkland Islands

If you are thinking about where to go for your next expedition, you might want to Tour Falkland Islands. This archipelago located on the Patagonian Shelf in the South Atlantic Ocean is full of surprises for its visitors that you cannot afford to miss. Known for its strikingly beautiful islands, picturesque sceneries, and so much wildlife to explore, you can visit several places when you Tour Falkland Islands.
Consider our Tour Falkland Islands recommendations when you plan on booking your tour. They come at great prices and exciting packages that you might not find anywhere else. Enjoy cozy accommodations, great dining, and low travel expenses when you choose to Tour Falkland Islands with our partners.
You might be aware that several companies now offer similar tours, however, note that you will feel all the difference in the experience as your tour. So what are you waiting for! Get ready to have some of the best time with nature’s best at the Falkland Islands tours.



Tour of Falkland Islands

With endless tourist attractions in the archipelago, it wouldn’t be hard to convince anyone to take on a Tour of Falkland Islands. You are highly likely to fall in love with the Falkland Islands and might not even want to return home! With several options for the Tour of Falkland Islands to embark on, it is important that you consider the type of tour you want to go to and also the tour stops. As there are various travel types and numerous places to visit, you will need to select the ones you would love to visit most during your Tour of Falkland Islands.
Tour of Falkland Islands is going to be a one of a kind experience as you might never get to see penguins and other wildlife as close as when you are in one of the islands. We recommend choosing any one of the available tours to have an outstanding time with your group on the islands.



Falkland Islands Tour Packages

Check out our recommended Falkland Islands Tour Packages to find the one that excites you the most. These Falkland Islands Tour Packages include tours to various islands in the archipelago, mountain biking to the highest peaks, and intensive wildlife sightseeing that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy anywhere else. No matter your age, we are sure you will find Falkland Islands Tour Packages that are right for you. So you don’t have to search anywhere else to find the best Falkland Islands Tour Packages as they are right here. 
Together with our tour partners, we offer the best comfort, foods, travel experiences, and views of the Falkland Islands for you to enjoy to the fullest. Feel free to assess the available tour packages to find the most suitable one for you and your group who are ready to explore this beautiful place. You wouldn’t regret choosing us!



Falkland Islands Escorted Tours

If you prefer having a tour guide on your Falkland Islands tour, you can always opt for the Falkland Islands Escorted Tours. These Falkland Islands Escorted Tours are designed so as to help you enjoy the fullest tour experience and as safe as possible. Although all of the tours offered are safe and secure, you can get to focus only on enjoying the tour when you go on one of our Falkland Islands Escorted Tours. With so many tour options available, you will definitely find at least one tour that will pique your interests for your next adventure to the Falkland Islands.



Falkland Islands Group Tours

As many people prefer going on tours with their own groups, we have an amazing selection of Falkland Islands Group Tours that you might want to take a look at. Falkland Islands Group Tours allows you to explore places with your dear ones as you book any one of the packages. All you need to do is select the number of people joining the tour with you to find the available packages. Don’t worry if you are traveling solo and still want to join a group; you can simply choose a tour and join the Falkland Islands Group Tours with other groups. Those who want to enjoy special private tours can also find some great packages at the Falkland Islands Group Tours. They are available for groups of about eighteen members.



Best Falkland Islands Tours

If you want to go on the Best Falkland Islands Tours, you can check out the tour packages offered here. Since they are all unique and special, it would be hard to choose the Best Falkland Islands Tours. You can find the best ideal option for you by selecting the number of people and checking the options.