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Fiji Tours

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Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Tours With Over 6,026+ Reviews

Fiji Tours

Lying about 2000km from New Zealand, Fiji consists of an island chain of a whopping 332 islands and over 500 islets. So when you think about Fiji Tours, you know you will be visiting a place like no other. View one of the many Fiji Tours and get the chance to explore one of the “soft coral capital of the world.” We recommend Fiji Tours that last for about nine days; pretty sure you would find the ideal one among the different tour and travel types.

Fiji Tours are perfect for seniors, groups, and solo travelers. No matter what your requirements, there will surely be Fiji Tours that meet them. The Fiji Tours consists of various adventures where you would get to explore the beautiful islands, hike through the villages, and enjoy the islands’ tropical fruits and other delicacies.
Some of our recommended Fiji Tours comprise tours to Nadi, Upper Navua Gorge, Nananu-i-Ra Island, and Nubutautau, to name a few.
Since Nadi is a travel hub, most tourists prefer spending a few hours in the city and getting on with their other adventures. But if you are staying longer, there are actually numerous sights to see in Nadi. Get mesmerized by the Nadi Temple, also known as the Hindu Temple Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami, and enjoy the fresh fruits the island offers. You can also explore the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Denarau Island, and the Mud Pools and Hot Springs in Sabeto.

Rafting enthusiasts will be thrilled to be at the Upper Navua Gorge as this place, with its naturally carved rocks, is famous for rafting. You will be surrounded by the thick rainforests, towering walls, and several waterfalls. The dips on the river combined with the Upper Navua Gorge’s diverse biology make it a must-visit spot for those on Fiji Tours. 
If you need a little rest time after all the traveling and rafting, the Nananu-i-Ra Island located at Nabalesere Village will relax your senses even if you just look at its beauty. Those with more energy and enthusiasm may embark on a hike on about 1.5km to the majestic Savulelele Waterfall. There is just so much you can do when you are on Fiji Tours, and these are just a few examples.
It’s time to tighten your hiking boots again to prepare for the trekking adventure you are about to witness at the Nubutautau village. Fiji offers only the best to its tourists and locals, and a hike to his village across the grasslands of Fiji is one of the main attractions for Fiji Tours. This is the place you get to enjoy solo or with your group, away from the hotspots and crowded resorts. 
As mentioned earlier, the highlights given here are just some of the examples of the tour stops we recommend for your Fiji Tours. If you want to explore the region more and enjoy a relaxing time for a longer period, you can always opt for Fiji vacations and trips to Fiji.



Tour Fiji 

As you prepare for your upcoming adventures, whether you want to go solo or bring your entire family and friends, you might want to Tour Fiji. This Southern Pacific archipelago boasts miles of sandy beaches, undisturbed coral reefs, and several fun activities to engage in when you Tour Fiji.
When you think about Tour Fiji, you should consider taking a look at our recommended tours as they come in great deals and packages. Hand-in-hand with our tour partners, we strive to provide you the most exquisite tour experiences, which you might not get anywhere else. There is no worrying about great accommodations, fine dining, and travel expenses when you choose to Tour Fiji with us.
Our recommended Fiji tours include visits to the most interesting and adventurous places in the country, including those mentioned here. So prepare to have the most fun time with your loved ones as you book your tour to Fiji.



Tour of Fiji

Fiji consists of numerous islands and places you can visit during your Tour of Fiji. If you are wondering about how many days you should spend on your Tour of Fiji, no amount of days would ever be enough to fully explore what this island country offers! However, to make the most out of your time, our recommended tours are excellently planned and designed. So no matter how many days you choose to spend on your Tour of Fiji, you are going to love the experience and definitely want to come back again! 
With so many evergreen rainforests to visit, villages to trek, and beach resorts to enjoy, the Tour of Fiji is going to leave you in awe as soon as you reach it. Among many other attractions, you might also want to experience a day at the Pacific Coast, surf at the Frigate’s Passage, and celebrate some local festivities at Viti Levu Island.



Fiji Tour Packages

If you are ready for an adventure to Fiji, you can see our wide selection of Fiji Tour Packages, where you can find the one that excites you the most. Our enticing Fiji Tour Packages include tours to various hiking villages and serene beaches. You would also enjoy the tours that have stops in some of the most famous temples of the country. There are Fiji Tour Packages for every type of traveler seeking different tour packages.

We are proud to say that you have landed in the right place if you are searching for Fiji Tour Packages, as they are right here with the best deals. Book your tour from us to experience the best of what this country offers. You can check out the number of days, locations to explore, and the amenities to find out which Fiji Tour Packages suit your needs best.



Fiji Escorted Tours

Fiji Escorted Tours are the type of tours that comes with a guide or an escort to help you explore the country. Choosing Fiji Escorted Tours makes it easier for us too to plan the perfect tour for you and ensure that you are safe all the way, although, of course, we strive to make every tour package the best. When you book one of our Fiji Escorted Tours, you will be enjoying to the fullest exploring the country without any tension. As there are several choices when it comes to Fiji Escorted Tours, you can select anyone that you like.



Fiji Group Tours

If you are looking for Fiji Group Tours, there are several options with us. You can take your group of friends or family and enjoy exploring this dynamic place with our Fiji Group Tours. These tour options are great for people who want to travel with their own group. Book the desired Fiji Group Tours by simply selecting how many people are attending, and you’re good to go! For groups of up to eighteen members, special private tour packages are available. You can purchase these packages to have a more private, deluxe tour experience as you make your way to Fiji. 



Best Fiji Tours

With so many options available for Fiji tours, we are sure you will find the Best Fiji Tours with us. It would be hard to tell which of the Best Fiji Tours are as they are all unique according to tour stops, number of people, and other preferences. So the best Fiji tour would be the one that suits your needs the most.