I’ve spent thousands of hours in the field trying to capture the moments I hold most dear to me. From the blistering heat of the Kalahari Desert, the relentless humidity of the Terai lowlands of Nepal, to the constant rain of the mountains of Madagascar each experience is unique in its own right. Wildlife and habitat worldwide is under threat from massive deforestation, poaching and from overwhelming human activity.

Join me as we take a journey to the last remaining wild places.

My work has been featured/ awarded in:

BBC, Natures Best, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Scholastic Books, Bauer Media, Welt der Wunder, iD Magazine, Travel Guide Magazine, Shutterbug, Mercury Press, Caters News, Sanctuary Asia, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSN News, VOX, Mashable, Gear Junkie, Desert News, CNET, New York Post, Business Insider, Daily Local News, National Park Service, Daily Star, Explore.org among many others.