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It is time to take a journey deep into the heart of the home of the Bengal tiger. These majestic animals have been the subject of stories, folklore and legends since time immemorial – and now you can experience the raw power and sense of awe from seeing nature’s most efficient hunter in the wild for yourself.


Why Visit India?


India is home to ancient mysteries and wonders unlike anywhere else on the planet. The powerful flavors, exotic sounds, and the beautiful sites of the local cultures pair exquisitely with the natural world surrounding it.  No other place on the planet can so powerfully mesmerize all your senses at once.

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Expedition Wild specializes in bringing you to the most rewarding natural locales in the Indian subcontinent. Our specially packaged Safari trips make sure that you are able to see as much of the exotic animals, plants and cultures of your destination that is possible to see in a single trip.


Photo-Safaris and other forms of ecotourism are major boons to the conservation efforts in India.

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Meet At Hotel For Welcome Orientation.

  • All Accommodations
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  • All Safari & Daily Excursions
  • Professional Guides
  • Transfers Upon Arrival And Departure
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  • Workshop Instruction By Tour Leaders

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Trip Highlights:

  • Max 12 Participants: Small Group Size
  • Two Special Full Day Permits In Bandhavgarh
  • 13 Safaris. One In The Morning & One In The Evening
  • 2 Photographers Per Jeep
  • Hand Picked Drivers For Best Chances At Finding Tigers
  • Luxurious Accommodations


What to Expect on this Expedition

While each Expedition Wild trip requires a certain standard of comfort and adventure to be one considered for our clientele, they all have their own unique offerings and nuances.


Limited Group Size

Each of our expeditions is built around you experiencing nature. This is best done with as little interference from other groups as possible. We try and limit group size in order to maximize your ability to enjoy being a part of nature.


Included With your Package:

The services of Expedition Wild’s professional tour leader(s).Trips have local guides, lodges and park staff. Included is all meals from dinner on Day 1 through lunch on the final day, airport transfers on Day 1 and final day, lodging, all activities and entrance fees, all taxes, permits and service fees.

It is an adventure you will talk about for the rest of your life and we go above and beyond to ensure everything is perfect.


Photography in The National Parks

Many of these destinations have been hand-selected by our specialists at Expedition Wild to give you the best opportunity for quality photography. You will venture into the heart of India to see some of the world’s most beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Multiple awards have been won by photographers capturing wildlife in these parks.

A true-eyed photographer is likely to find the shot of a lifetime on this trip. For those of you still learning, the photo-safari guides are not just knowledgeable about the animals and the environment, they’re all accomplished photographers as well. The guides can help you adjust your settings to the unique light ad requirements of Indian wildlife photography.


What Makes the Bengal Tiger Special?

The Bengal tiger can be found in small groupings across East Asia, but it is in India that the majority of these tigers reside. There are only about 3,900 left in the wild and India is your best chance to see them without disturbing their life cycle.

This is a predator that can grow to a size of up to ten feet and can weigh just shy of 600 pounds. They are incredibly quick for their size and have a power that is a wonder of the natural world. For millennia, tigers have been the topic of songs and stories and have embodied the aspects of royalty and power.


Other Wildlife Found in the National Parks of India

While tigers and elephants are the most beloved if India’s wild residents, the national parks are home to many other gorgeous animals worth catching site, or a photo of.
Other wildlife includes:

  • Langurs: This is a monkey relatively common in the parks. Grey and silver with black feet, these long tailed monkeys jump effortlessly amongst the trees.
  • Many other Monkey Species: The trees of India are home to a multitude of monkey species and you are likely to see multiple examples of these mischievous guys.
  • Sloth Bears: These are a myrmecophagous bear species that sport a furry coat. It eats termites and other insects and adorably carries its baby cubs on its back. The Sloth Bears are listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List.
  • Leopards: Another majestic and beloved member of the large cat family. Although a bit smaller than tigers, these predators can be just as quick and agile as any animal on the planet.
  • Striped Hyenas: These are the most ‘dog-like’ of hyenas and form monogamous family units to raise offspring. The striped-hyena is a common caricature in local folklore.

The flora of the region is also incredibly diverse, and unique. For those who love to spot trees, flowers and other plants there will be no shortage of discoveries for you to make.

Our Accommodation: Luxury Lodges
Pench National Park: Pench Treehouse Hideaway

Kanha National Park: Kanha Earth Lodge

Bandhavgarh National Park: Bandhav Vilas


About Bandhavgarh National Park

Amongst the most popular national parks in India, Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Vindhya Hills of Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh National Park covers an area of roughly 400 sq km and contains a mixture of bamboo forests, jungle, riverbanks and dry deciduous topography. The area is home to large breeding populations of leopards, tigers and the animals they hunt such as chital (spotted deer). 

The Park was the former hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Rewa.











More Sites Found in Bandhavgarh National Park

While the exotic animals and breathtaking natural sites of Bandhavgarh National Park tend to get the most attention, the area around the park has been home to some truly ancient civilizations. Temples, ruins and adventure await those daring enough to look for them. Some other locales can provide a nice insight into the surrounding culture and history of India.

Bandhavgarh Fort

Located on Bandhavgarh hill, sitting regally at 811 meters above the sea, Bandhavgarh Fort is a commanding site sitting at the center of Bandhavgarh National Park. While the origins of the fort are lost to history, it likely dates over 2000 years old and is mentioned in several ancient historical texts.
Stone writings, elaborate statues to deities, and coins and treasures dating across multiple empires have all been found in and around the fort.

Sheesh Shaiya

Sheesh Shaiya is the name of a giant statue of Lord Vishnu lounging at the source of the Charanganga River. The scene is like something from a storybook. The age of Sheesh Shaiya is unknown but it clearly dates back to a much earlier age.


Badi Gufa

Big and incredibly old cave whose origins deny any clear explanation. These caves once contained the guards of the area, but the method with which these rooms were constructed is lost to time.


Located near Bandhavgarh National Park is the Khajuraho group of temples. These temples have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are a very popular destination in Madhya Pradesh.
Built by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty between 950 AD and 1050 AD these temples are both Hindu and Jain. The sculptures of women are also celebrated by historians. There are a group of both Hindu and Jain temples which can be explored.


Jabalpur is a major city of Madhya Pradesh (often referred to as the cultural capital) and is said to be the founding home of snooker, of all things. This city has housed multiple empires and sits along the River Narmada.  This cultural hub and historical diversity have given the local cuisine, architecture and stories an extreme level of diversity and unique character.
One of the highlights is the boat rides that go along the Narmada River At moonlight this is incredibly romantic and slowly travels between the soft marble rock cut by the river.
There are a large number of temples and a Jain pilgrimage destination to found in and around the city as well.


About Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a large area of forests and grasslands in Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve. This park is home to wild packs of jackals and wild boar as well as a large population of tigers. The photo safari trips focus on watering holes where these animals all gather at regular intervals and you can get a large amount of time to take quality photographs.

Kanha National Park homes multiple tribes including the Gond people of whom the Gondwanas or the “land of the Gonds” was named after, Kanha national park was within Gondwanas. The Gonds are Dravidian-speaking people who number over three million and are an officially designated Scheduled Tribes.

It was also the filming site of the National Geographic documentary, “Land of the Tiger” and is rumored (along with  Pench National Park) to be where Rudyard Kipling got some of his inspiration for The Jungle Book. Journeying here can be the beginning of your exploratory journey. Maybe you will even get a novel idea out of it too.


About Pench National Park

This is another rumored site of the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.  Named after the pristine River Pence that flows through it, this is an idyllic and beautiful destination. The massive park covers an area of 758 sq. km. and is the home of a near-endless plethora of flora and fauna.

Home to the Royal Bengal tiger as well as the striped hyena, monkeys, the Indian wolf, wild boars and much more, Pench National Park has also been included under Project Tiger since 1992. Project Tiger was started by the government in India to protect and conserve tigers.

Spotting ‘ghost trees’ is also a popular activity if your lucky enough to venture out at night. These pale white trees shine through the night and give off the feeling of ghostly spots moving through the forest. In the day these trees are a lovely addition to the natural backdrop.


Safari Trip Considerations

While all Expedition Wild trips are made to be comfortable and relaxing experiences, the needs of meeting these animals in their natural habitats will require some considerations for the people booking.



In order to participate in many of the expeditions you must be able to walk unassisted and at a decent pace for up to 2 miles. Some vehicles require you to climb a small ladder. If you have a hard time getting around flat and even terrain, then you may have significant difficulty in many of the environments you will run into on safari.


Vehicle Transportation

Many of the locales require us to take vehicles on bumpy and uneven roads, Ruts and potholes are common in many places in India and can provide sudden bumps and shocks. Dusty conditions are also common.


Early Mornings, Long Days

Some of our expeditions require us to rise early in order to take full advantage of the days, which can last several hours. We want to ensure you can make the best of your time in India and we plan around maximizing your quality experiences.


The Nature of Wildlife Encounters

While our trips are built around giving you ample opportunity to see every animal you want, we are simply visitors into their home and they do not always cooperate with us. We respect the wildlife and getting a chance to see them is a privilege and truly part of the adventure.


If you feel that an adventure into the heart of India to come face to face with the Bengal tiger and the mysteries of that land is something  that sounds like something you are ready for, then contact us today and we will start planning your dream trip to Pench, Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks.


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Jorel Cuomo

I’ve spent thousands of hours in the field trying to capture the moments I hold most dear to me. From the blistering heat of the Kalahari Desert, the relentless humidity of the Terai lowlands of Nepal, to the constant rain of the mountains of Madagascar each experience is unique in its own right. Wildlife and habitat worldwide is under threat from massive deforestation, poaching and from overwhelming human activity. Join me as we take a journey to the last remaining wild places. My work has been featured/ awarded in:

BBC, Natures Best, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Scholastic Books, Bauer Media, Welt der Wunder, iD Magazine, Travel Guide Magazine, Shutterbug, Mercury Press, Caters News, Sanctuary Asia, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSN News, VOX, Mashable, Gear Junkie, Desert News, CNET, New York Post, Business Insider, Daily Local News, National Park Service, Daily Star, Explore.org among many others.




Lance Carter

Co-founder, explorer, and photographer. Well known for having an adventurous spirit and drive to explore all parts of the world with six of the continents traveled including over 35 countries. He loves to explore the natural world and is an avid promoter of admiring the wonders that mother natural allows us to glimpse while helping them survive. Lance grew up on a farm with animals and a countryside setting creating an unbreakable attachment to nature. He is a master photographer and winner of numerous competitions with the honour of having his work in the Smithsonian on three different occasions and loves to share his knowledge.




Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the single supplement cost?

Unless otherwise noted our single supplement cost is $900 and will show up during the check out process.


  • Is the full amount due when booking?

No.  We will collect your payment info only.  However, we will contact you to review your itinerary before processing the payment.


  • What if I have a large group?

We can handle groups of many sizes.  If you have a larger number of people than you can select than please put choose the highest number, then include in the “Additional Request” section during checkout the number of people you would like to book.


  •  Is this trip appropriate for children?  If so, which ages?

Most of our tours are good for ages 14+ accompanied by an adult.  However, we offer options for family trips for all ages.  Contact us directly and we can provide you with some great options.


  • Can my children stay in the same room with us?

Yes this is possible, depending on the room size or setup at the hotel.  Please put this note in the “Additional Request” section and we will make sure to tackle this on our follow up with you.



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Day 1: Delhi, India

Arrive in New Delhi and transfer to the Radisson Blu Delhi Hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner in the evening and an orientation to our India tiger safari by our expedition leaders.

Day 2: Nagpur / Pench National Park

Transfer early morning to the Delhi airport for our flight south to Nagpur and continue by road through the countryside of Madhya Pradesh en route to Pench National Park. Check into Pench Tree Lodge, surrounded by wild natural forest just outside the park boundary.


Day 3-4 : Pench National Park

Over the next two days, we explore Pench’s varied habitats on morning and afternoon wildlife drives.  Predominantly covered with sal and mixed deciduous forest, thickets of bamboo and expansive grasslands that line the stream valleys, the park’s hilly terrain harbors a dense tiger population

Day 5: Pench/ Kanha National Park & Tiger Reserve

After an early morning wildlife drive in Pench, we continue to Kanha National Park after lunch and check into Kanha Earth Lodge. Situated in central India in the Satpura Hills, the park covers 750 square miles of rich and varied wildlife habitat. It’s lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines provided inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous collection of stories in The Jungle Book. Kanha was established as a national park in 1955 and forms the core of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, created in 1974 under India’s Project Tiger. 

Day 6-7: Kanha National Park

Spend two more morning and afternoon wildlife drives in search of Bengal tigers and other wildlife on excursions in open 4×4 vehicles. 

Day 8: Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Park & Tiger Reserve

We take a morning in Kanha followed by lunch then drive to Bandhavgarh and check into the Bandhav Vilas.

Day 9-11: Bandhavgarh National Park

We spend the next two days on special full day permits followed by morning and afternoon wildlife drives the next day in search of magical shots of tigers.

Day 12: Bandhavgarh National Park & Return To Delhi

We take one more morning safari, then drive to Jabalpur for our afternoon flight back to Delhi.

A transfer is included to the international airport to meet departing flights later this evening*

*Many international flights leave late at night.

Please Note: National parks in central India are closed on Wednesday afternoons. Should a portion of our visit to Kanha or Bandhavgarh fall on a Wednesday, we will have alternate afternoon activities planned in place of a wildlife drive.


Physical Rating: Easy to Moderate

Interested in adding a few days to your trip? See our extensions:

Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and contains a central area of 105 sq km (with a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km). The land is a mix of forests, meadows, valleys, and ridges.
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$5,995.00 From $5,995.00 /person