Namibia – Sossusvlei, Etosha & Beyond

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Namibia Photo Tour | Sossusvlei Tour | Etosha National Park | Etosha Tour

12 days / 11 nights (price based on double occupancy)

Max 10 Participants – Tour Leaders: Jorel Cuomo & Lance Carter



Unlike the game parks of South and East Africa that are being visited by more tourists every year, Namibia is one of Africa’s hidden gems. With the right determination, true adventurers can unlock the real potential of this far away paradise.

Amid one of the greatest landmarks in the world, the Namib Desert, this is a locale unlike anywhere else on the globe. The unique plants and animals you will discover are uniquely adapted to this region and may not be found anywhere else on earth.


This is an adventurer and photographer’s trip of a lifetime.


From the large expansive rivers to the flowing dunes, and the beaches and rocky mountains -there is no shortage of breathtaking scenery. Travel the path less taken and find yourself on a journey like no other.


Wildlife, landscapes, ghost towns and memories await you when you travel Namibia with Expedition Wild.

Sossusvlei Dunes

Sossusvlei Dunes

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Elephant In Etosha

Elephant In Etosha

Lions In Etosha National Park

Lions In Etosha National Park

Windhoek (Google Map)

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What to Expect

Wildlife and Cultures in Namibia (Click Image)


What Makes This Expedition Wild Trip Amazing?

This is not your normal vacation. This is a journey that is built to provide you the best opportunity to experience the wild power and majesty of nature with as little interference as possible.


Giraffe In Etosha

Giraffe In Etosha

1.     Limited group sizes on each encounter

Each Expedition Wild trip is geared around helping you get as close as possible to nature without disrupting your experience with the needs or noise of a large group. 

This allows you to get to more remote areas and have a much more personalized experience. This also helps reduce the environmental impact on the developing area.


2.     Specially selected photo safari guides

Our naturalist guides are specially trained to provide you the ultimate experience. These group leaders will be with you from start to finish and can provide tons of advice and guidance on the area and how to take the very best photographs. All guides are accomplished and knowledgeable photographers on top of their other skills.

3.     Experience Africa on foot

For those who desire to get even more up close and personal with the land, there are guided bush tours you can join in on. Climb the sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the tallest in the world or walk amongst the brush of Namibia. See a whole world that those confined to the vehicles can never see.


4.     A one-stop destination with endless encounters

Namibia is one of the most diverse countries in the most diverse continent. This not only applies to the tribes and cultures you may encounter but the landscapes as well.

Each location in Namibia has its tastes, sights, and sounds for you to discover. You will really see how new experiences are endless in Africa are when you take a trip to Namibia. 

Red Sossusvlei Dunes

Red Sossusvlei Dunes

5.     Nature to yourself

Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. This is due to the expansive tracts of desert and other natural phenomena that limit the spread of humanity. This means your group can find somewhere where you really feel like you have space to breathe.


6.     Celebrate a land of conservation

There is so much of Namibia worth preserving that it is no surprise that they are the first on the planet to incorporate environmental protection into its Constitution. Help support and bring more money into a system deserving of our help.


7.     The Road Less Traveled

While most people will take a trip to Italy or London at some point in their life, others desire to venture somewhere a little less tame, something with a little more adventure to it. Namibia is both a comfortable destination and one very few outside of the well researched really have on their radar.

This is an opportunity to present something entirely new to your social sphere through photography and stories. Maybe you will even start a trend back home.


Elephants at Dusk in Etosha

Elephants at Dusk in Etosha

A Thrilling Journey With a Photography Safari

For many, the chance to take rare and beautiful photos of exotic animals and locales is the highlight of their trip. An African safari built around giving you the best photo opportunities possible can ensure you will have photos and memories to remember for generations.


The driver-guides that will accompany you on these journeys are specially trained and passionate about both the animals, but also photography. These experts can help you adjust our camera and find the perfect light and angle for that ultimate photo.


A photo safari allows you to venture into the landscape and view it with a whole new purpose. No longer simply seeing the sights, you are now examining and focusing on them.

Get a whole new view on the world by seeing a piece of the continent rarely visited by the outside world, and take the time to truly capture it in photo form for yourself and others.



Start Your Adventure Today

Africa calls. Your adventure into Namibia begins with Expedition Wild. We will help you find the coolest and most memorable places to visit in the country. Find exactly where you want to go or discover something totally new. We are here for you.

Your first trip to Africa can be an intimidating experience but we ensure that you have all the support and help you need. We will make sure that your trip to Namibia is both relaxing and a story worth telling.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the single supplement cost?

Unless otherwise noted our single supplement cost is $500 and will show up during the check out process.


  • Is the full amount due when booking?

No.  We will collect your payment info only.  However, we will contact you to review your itinerary before processing the payment.


  • What if I have a large group?

We can handle groups of many sizes.  If you have a larger number of people than you can select than please put choose the highest number, then include in the “Additional Request” section during checkout the number of people you would like to book.


  •  Is this trip appropriate for children?  If so, which ages?

Most of our tours are good for ages 14+ accompanied by an adult.  However, we offer options for family trips for all ages.  Contact us directly and we can provide you with some great options.


  • Can my children stay in the same room with us?

Yes, this is possible, depending on the room size or setup at the hotel.  Please put this note in the “Additional Request” section and we will make sure to tackle this on our follow up with you.


Jorel Cuomo

I’ve spent thousands of hours in the field trying to capture the moments I hold most dear to me. From the blistering heat of the Kalahari Desert, the relentless humidity of the Terai lowlands of Nepal, to the constant rain of the mountains of Madagascar each experience is unique in its own right. Wildlife and habitat worldwide is under threat from massive deforestation, poaching and from overwhelming human activity. Join me as we take a journey to the last remaining wild places. My work has been featured/ awarded in:

BBC, Natures Best, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Scholastic Books, Bauer Media, Welt der Wunder, iD Magazine, Travel Guide Magazine, Shutterbug, Mercury Press, Caters News, Sanctuary Asia, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSN News, VOX, Mashable, Gear Junkie, Desert News, CNET, New York Post, Business Insider, Daily Local News, National Park Service, Daily Star, Explore.org among many others.



Lance Carter

Co-founder, explorer, and photographer. Well known for having an adventurous spirit and drive to explore all parts of the world with six of the continents traveled including over 35 countries. He loves to explore the natural world and is an avid promoter of admiring the wonders that mother natural allows us to glimpse while helping them survive. Lance grew up on a farm with animals and a countryside setting creating an unbreakable attachment to nature. He is a master photographer and winner of numerous competitions with the honour of having his work in the Smithsonian on three different occasions and loves to share his knowledge.


Day 1: Nov 7th Windhoek  (Sunday)  

Your stay begins at the beautiful Hilton Windhoek hotel where we kick of the trip with a sunset on their rooftop bar and lounge.     There is even a pool to take a little dip into after your long journey to Namibia.  Afterward all are invited to join your group leaders to Joes Beerhouse for a renowned delicious meal as you get acquainted with your new travel friends or you choose to relax in this wonderful hotel. 

Day 2- Nov 8th Quiver Trees Forest 

Off we go down south to witness and photograph the rare clusters of alien-like trees at Quiver Trees Forest.   They grow almost exclusively atop medium-to-large rock formations in small pockets, creating a forest-like landscape. This is one of the only known naturally occurring places of such sites in the world.  Sunrise, sunset, and night time photography opportunities await you.     

Day 3 & 4- Nov 9-10th Kolmanskop ghost town  

Next stop we are off to the infamous abandon buildings of the Kolmanskop ghost town where we search for which treasures are to be found buried in the sand.  Most likely there won’t be real diamonds like the old days in this town’s history, but photography gems of plenty.   The town offers a rare glimpse into how Mother Nature can take over a scene and turn into a photographer’s wonderland. 

Day 5 & 6  Nov 11-12th Sossuvlei

This is a favorite destination for photographers and tourists of all kinds. There are several attractions around Sossusvlei for us to explore, including Dune 45, Big Daddy (sand dune not a rock star)Sesriem Canyon, Dune 45, Hidden Vlei, and the infamous Deadvlei.  Whether it’s walking up the tall dunes or through the sands to trees frozen in time from long-departed waters we will get you there.  

Day 7- November 13th Swakopmund 

To the coast, we go!  This leg of the trip will bring us to wild horses, dunes, and flamingos in the morning light to view and photograph.  Leisure evening time can be spent walking the historical German-influenced town of Swakopmund with its fine restaurants and establishments.    

Day 8–  Nov 14th  Spitzkoppe  

A morning with flamingos and cape fur seals then next we are off to Spitzkoppe, as this is one of the most photographed mountain motifs of Namibia. We will see the Rock Arch, a well-known formation, that has been featured as backdrops in numerous films and is seen in many calendars, photographic competitions, and Instagram pictures.

Day 9,10, 11  Nov 15-17th Etosha National Park  

Our final stretch of the journey brings us to Etosha National Park where we focus more on wildlife than landscape.  Lions, zebras, rhinos, elephants, and many more big game and smaller critters can be witnessed in their natural habitat.   Our travels will bring to various water holes to watch as these wonderful creatures live their lives before our eyes.  Bring your large lens or even your small one.   

Day 12   Nov 18th Windhoek  (Thursday)

Dust off your clothes, clean up your nose and get ready to depart home.  After a wonderful sunrise search for animals in Etosha, we head out to Windhoek with an afternoon arrival allowing for later afternoon or evening flights. 


 Call Center: +1-307-363-1644
$4,995.00 From $4,995.00 /person